Reality TV Secrets Revealed 2

Ep 11410/11/2004

Popular reality shows are rewarded with a second season and in that spirit, so comes VH1 News Presents: Reality TV Secrets 2. Like its predecessor, this news show investigates the world of so-called "reality" TV to find that these shows rely more on fiction than fact. Editing out of sequence, written lines and overt acting has become commonplace for this genre, which once advertised raw, unscripted programs. As for reality shows that feature contests or voting, the final tallies on American Idol and Last Comic Standing are evoking controversies similar to the 2000 presidential election!In this one-hour documentary, VH1 will reveal more secrets that reality TV producers don't want you to know. Here are just a few of the top scoops in this hour:The Apprentice: It's actually filmed on a set rather than Trump's real office where he cuts his multimillion dollar real estate deals. Thin walls allow other contestants to hear what's actually going on in the boardroom...and how ultimate winner Bill Rancic still had to talk the loser's walk to the cab.American Idol: First season contestant Kristin Holt was promised a co-hosting job for season two, only to have the position disappear on premiere night. And despite producer's claims, not all the votes were counted in the third season American Idol finals.The Restaurant 2: Drew Abruzzese, aka "Drew the Intern," became an instant anti-star by delivering such lines as "Captain Douchebag's on the phone." But he says it was largely a character he was playing, and he's not quite like that in real life. He says he was hired only after NBC demanded that restaurant owner Jeffrey Chodorow add someone to his consulting team who was good on camera.Survivor: The tribal councils actually take hours to complete, rather than just 15 minutes.Average Joe Producers tried to manipulate the Joes into changing their appearances and directed the action rather than just film it.Other features of this show include a report on how reality shows are cast. VH1 illustrates all the steps between the audition tapes and the final casting call, including the intrusive personal examinations into each candidate's past. Finally, VH1 also finds out how some reality contestants are fighting back against the producers, figuring out ways to get a moment's peace and quiet away from the prying cameras.Among the reality stars who tell these unreal stories in candid interviews are:American Idol contestants Kristin Holt and Nicole Tieri ("Scooter Girl")Apprentice entrepreneurs Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Heidi Bressler, Ereka Vetrini, Nick WarnockThe Restaurant's Drew Abbruzzese and Carrie KeranenThe Surreal Life's Tammy Faye Messner and Ron JeremySurvivor: Amazon's Rob CesterninoAverage Joe's David Daskal, Dennis Luciani, Tareq Kabir and Kathy Griffin as well as assorted behind the scenes players.