Episode 1

Season 1 Ep 110/20/2008

Ten aspiring actresses begin their quest to become the next Scream Queen and win a breakout role in SAW VI, one of the most successful movie horror franchises ever. They are immediately thrust into competition when they have to beg for their lives in front of a chainsaw wielding maniac. Later, the claws come out when the women begin to size up their housemates. Will Lindsay, the former child star, prove to be tough competition? Will Kyla, a former Lingerie Bowl model, show that she has depth as well as looks? Will Tanedra, the self-taught actress, stand up against those with years of training? Will Jessica, a waitress who can never hold onto a job, calm down enough to stay in the competition? And how will Michelle, the former pageant queen, manipulate everything to her advantage? Series judges Shawnee Smith (the SAW franchise), James Gunn (writer/director of SLITHER and writer of DAWN OF THE DEAD), and John Homa (acting coach to the stars) determine who will stay and who will get the ax.