Season 3 Ep 11/26/2015

With Dutchess doing her own thing and bonding with new bestie, Sky, Ceaser focuses on the shop and all of the drama that comes with it. An already crazy mixxxy party gets even more interesting when the new shop apprentice, Donna, and O’S**t are caught in the bathroom together. O’S**t isn't the only one in the doghouse...Puma's world begins to collapse around him when Quani tells Puma that she is unhappy in their marriage. Dutchess, who is trying to turn over a new leaf in her life, invites Sky to join her for a once in a lifetime opportunity. O’S**t, who has been spinning out of control, finally goes in for a routine check in with his bail bondsman. The visit goes south when his bail bondsman finds drugs in his pocket.