After The Storm

Season 3 Ep 62/17/2013

The women wake up to a borough wrecked by the wrath of Sandy -the largest Atlantic hurricane in history. Overwhelmed by the harrowing devastation in their hometown, the women rise to the challenge by helping each other and neighbors in distress. Meanwhile Renee, still in rehab, battles the urge to reach for a pill to make all the pain go away. As Sandy recovery efforts continue, Love gets an unexpected proposition from one of the exes she stabbed. With Lee's release from prison coming soon, Drita starts recalling his obsessive controlling tendencies. AJ visits Renee in rehab and his revelations leave Renee devastated. Ramona begins to start a new life in a new home but is still keeping her engagement to her incarcerated fiancé Joe a secret. Drita is left speechless when she opens her front door and comes face to face with someone no one expected to be there.