Caught on Tape

Ep 1183/31/2005

Our culture's fascination with celebrities has created a marketplace for any image that takes us inside the world of the rich and famous. Paparazzi - lured by the escalating market for a celebrity `exclusive' - are becoming increasingly aggressive. And in turn, when their privacy is violated one too many times, stars fight back. From naughty outbursts, to bawdy sexploits, to hilarious gaffes, Caught On Tape captures it all.For as long as there've been celebrities, fans have craved images of the stars' private lives. But as more and more magazines and TV shows compete for eyeballs, the paparazzi, or "stalkerazzi", just keep getting bolder - doing anything and everything to get that money shot. When - if ever - are celebrities entitled to their privacy? In this hour we'll watch A-Listers like Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson & Sarah Jessica Parker struggle on camera to keep that privacy. We'll also deconstruct some of the more infamous celebrity fighting back moments including Tommy Lee assaulting a photog, Mark McGrath berating a fan and most recently, Cameron and Justin duking it out with a couple of paparazzi on the streets of West Hollywood.VH1's Caught on Tape also digs deep into some of the juiciest sex moments of record. We'll relive the celebrity sex tape revolution beginning with Pam and Tommy, through Paris Hilton, and into today with former wrestling star Chyna Doll. Also see how a former Reality Star got busted when it was discovered, after playing the victim, she was profiting from her own sex tape. Sex tapes are the ultimate "caught on tape" moments. But are they career-ending disasters, or simply great publicity?We live in a culture where the cameras are beginning to outnumber the people. In the post 9-11, technology crazed world, Big Brother is truly watching. And he seems to really pay attention when a celebrity screws up. Whether it's Mike Tyson attacking a couple of fans in a hotel lobby, Prince Harry donning a Nazi outfit, or Ron Artest turning an NBA game into Wrestlemania XII, the cameras always seem to be rolling.We finish with some of our celebrities' most bizarre on camera and unscripted moments. From a "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl to the King of Pop dangling his baby over a 30-foot balcony, celebrities never cease to surprise us.