Julian Lennon: Behind the Music #73

Season 1 Ep 734/25/1999

Born into one of the most recognizable music legacies in history, Julian has struggled with the world's expectations of what his life should be. His life began in the public spotlight as the first child born into Beatlemania. As a young boy Julian watched his famous father, John Lennon, abandon him and his mother, much like John's father did when he was young. Publicly John was a symbol of peace and love but Julian says there was little peace or love in his house while growing up. After John divorced Julian's mother Cynthia, he fell in love with an artist, Yoko Ono, which caused further emotional separation between John and Julian. By the time Julian became a teenager he found his talent as a musician/ songwriter. As a young man Julian and his father began to reinvent their relationship. But on December 8th, 1980 John Lennon was brutally murdered, leaving Julian with unresolved feelings and emptiness. Julian Lennon: Behind The Music explores Julian's fight for individuality in his life and career through in-depth interviews with family, friends and business associates. Julian's mother, Cynthia Lennon, reveals the pressure Julian faced growing up to be similar to a father he barely knew. World renowned record producer Phil Ramone describes how Julian exploded on to the music scene only to struggle with personal and professional hardships in the process. And Julian speaks out about his strained relationship with John's second wife Yoko Ono with his belief that Yoko has pillaged the Lennon family. Julian also explains why he put his career on hold after he made a splash in the music industry. After seven years off, Julian has re-emerged with a new album Photograph Smile. Julian says he has finally found this own voice on Photograph Smile and has come to terms with the legacy of his father.