Bobby Brown

Season 1 Ep 2059/24/2009

Growing up in the tough, poverty stricken projects of Roxbury, MA, Bobby Brown was a bad boy from the start. He experimented with drugs and idolized the gang leaders who ruled the neighborhood. He was also enormously talented. A naturally gifted singer and dancer, he became a child superstar with New Edition and lived the good life, travelling the world and enjoying the spoils of success. But Bobby quickly grew tired of New Edition's squeaky clean image and began to rebel. He wanted a tougher image, more control, and to be the undisputed lead singer. Tensions soon boiled over and Bobby was kicked out of the group. This hardly slowed him down. He thrived as a solo artist and behind the smash single, "My Prerogative," took his success to new heights. Bobby lived life fast, spending his money on women and a growing cocaine habit. And then he met Whitney Houston. When the Bad Boy of R-n-B married America's Pop Princess, it became instant headlines. Bobby soon retreated from the spotlight, deferring to his wife's career, and found himself mired in an increasingly nasty drug habit, feeling "alone." His well documented and turbulent relationship with Whitney quickly deteriorated and when they divorced, Bobby was left with nothing. His life continued to spiral out of control; the low point coming when video vixen Karrine Stephans filmed him passed out on her couch and released the clip on the internet. Humiliated, Bobby slowly began to pickup the pieces, got clean and sober, and resurrected himself with a stirring performance on the CMT reality series, "Gone Country." Inspired to be on stage again, Bobby is now back together with former New Edition members Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gil in a group they call Heads of State. Bobby also has a new romantic interest, welcomed a baby boy into the world in 2009 and, perhaps most importantly, is at peace with himself.