First Annual Bret's Mudbowl

Season 1 Ep 58/12/2007

Eight girls remain and Bret wants to see who's willing to get down-n-dirty for him in the First Annual Bret's Mudbowl! With a one-on-one date on the line, Bret's sexy girls literally shed blood, sweat...and even their clothes, trying to score for their man. But when the girls take the tackling up a notch, unsuspecting players suddenly find themselves on the injured list and watching the rest of the game from the bench. That night, the game MVP is treated to a one-on-one date like we've never seen before as Bret whips out his guitar and a sweet ballad in the hope of making a rock-n-roll connection. Meanwhile, losers of the Mudbowl challenge join forces in a scheme to target girls for elimination. Their tell-all letter to Bret ignites a wave of backbiting and suspicion that ultimately lands two girls at risk for going home.