Mary J. Blige: Behind the Music #167

Season 1 Ep 16711/18/2001

This episode let's us take a look from how Mary J. Blige transformed from a feisty tough girl from Yonkers to the dazzling queen of hip-hop soul. While most hip-hop artists sing about glorified relationships, Mary sings about abusive relationships and drug addiction stemming from her own life. Her quick temper flared as she dealt with a quick rise to celebrity status. Mary's story is told by her peers such as Elton John, Method Man and her one-time producer, Sean "Puffy" Combs, as well as her family and friends. Her father speaks for the first time about why he left the family when Mary was a little girl. And Mary shares openly, for the first time, about the common bond that she and her father have despite his absence. Although Mary proclaims her end of bad vices and relationships with the title of her new album "No More Drama", she shares her past dramas with us on VH1's Behind the Music: Mary J. Blige.