The Secret World of Swingers

Ep 1086/3/2004

Swinging, "play", "the lifestyle" call it what you will but a new sexual revolution is emerging in the US today. With its roots in groups like the Sexual Freedom League of the 60s, and Platos Retreat during the 70s, swinging is back on the map. Scores of swing clubs are popping up across the country and conventions are drawing thousands. However, unlike the old notion of swingers as sweaty, middle aged men, and women with outrageous hairdos, the new swingers are young, hip self-described sexual pioneers. Clearly, couples are swapping partners and in this hour well explore a variety of new alternative relationships.While swing clubs dominated the sexual landscape during the 60s & 70s, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases brought the culture screaming to a halt by the 80s. Today, though, new breeds of swingers have re-emerged. In NYC, an underground scene has risen. Meet Grego, whos exclusive play parties cater to a younger, prettier crowd. Well go inside one of his loft parties parties to see the behind-the-scenes action and follow the couples who participate in these underground liaisons. From the seasoned veterans to the newbie swing virgins, well gain insight into the motivations and impulses behind these uninhibited couples.While hip urbanites prowl the scene in clandestine clubs, small town couples go on couple dates. Holding normal 9-5 jobs during the day, these couples spend their nites on the prowl and engaging in "the lifestyle" They might look and sound like you and me but their nightlife is way more exciting than most.