Season 1 Ep 37/29/2007

Bret loves motorcycles, so he challenges the twelve remaining girls to put the pedal to the metal in a motocross relay race. But first the girls have to learn how to ride and it's not as easy as it looks. They fall, nearly run people over, and even lose an acrylic nail or two in the process. Then they divide into three teams for the race. The team that wins the race gets the dates. Tensions from the race lead to two of the girls going at it heavy back at the house. Later things get awkward when two girls from the winning team compete for Bret's attention on an intimate drive-in movie date in the backyard. The next day, the other two girls enjoy a bikini date with Bret as the Good Girls and Bad Girls continue to avoid each other back at the house. When Bret gets wind of the battle that occurred between the two girls post-motocross, he decides he might have to do something before they kill each other. Will one of them be going home before the night is over?