Whitney Houston - The Untold Story

Ep 10310/3/2003

At one time she was one of the world's best selling recording artists, but in recent years Whitney Houston has made more headlines for her personal life than her professional career. Her behavior has raised a number of questions and in a special one-hour exclusive airing, "Dateline NBC's" Hoda Kotb goes in search of the answers, talking to people who know her and looking back on the turbulent career and life of the singer.Houston was in the headlines again this summer, when she traveled to a tiny desert town in Israel to meet a group called the African Hebrew Israelites. "Dateline" obtained exclusive footage of the strange journey, which shows a very different side of the pop diva. But was the trip was a spiritual retreat or some sort of rehabilitation to clean up her lifestyle?These days, one of Houston's problems may be the man who claims to have "saved" her career. Kevin Skinner, who was partners with Houston's late father, is suing the pop diva for $100 million dollars. He says he was instrumental in getting her latest lucrative recording contract. But Whitney's lawyers deny Skinner has any personal or business dealings with the star or her contract, and they refer to him as another "hanger on." In an exclusive interview with "Dateline" he reveals for the first time what he knows about the star, and her past drug use. (She has acknowledged using drugs, but denies being an addict.)