Ain’t No Thing But A Chicken Wing

Season 3 Ep 52/23/2015

Ceaser and Dutchess have returned from Paris as a couple and the crew wonders what this means for the future of the shop. Puma is shocked when O’S**t reveals that he’s ready to get clipped! When the guys go to see Dr. Fisch, the good doctor questions O’S**t promiscuous ways. Quani tells Puma that she wants a career and is pissed when Puma laughs it off. Just when it seems that Sky is beginning to take Bobbe seriously, Ted swoops in for the kill. On a dark and rainy night in Harlem, Ceaser throws a party to celebrate the shop’s grand reopening. Puma comes in hot, making fun of the remodel. Heads roll when Puma drops a chicken wing on the floor of Black Ink, ending the truce between Ceaser and Puma.