Rick Springfield: Behind the Music #54

Season 1 Ep 541/17/1999

Rick Springfield was the Wonder from Down Under, who lathered up his fans with his songs and his soaps. Before finally breaking through, Rick was perpetually on the verge of stardom. In the early 70's he was set to steal David Cassidy's teen idol crown. Girls plastered his picture on bedroom walls, he romanced Hollywood starlets, and he even had his own cartoon series. But a runaway rumor concerning the validity of his record sales derailed Rick's race to the top, and the once hope-filled '70s became a lonely decade of despair.In the 80s, Rick received an incredible second chance, and at the age of 32 he was a teen sensation all over again, thanks to songs like "Jesse's Girl." He played to packed stadiums around the world, had 15 top 40 hits and released 4 platinum albums in just four years. Rick had money, fame, adoring fans and a loving family, but he was miserable."Be careful what you wish for, because it was not what I thought at all."When the dreams he'd pursued all his life failed to bring him happiness, Rick abandoned his career to face a chronic depression he'd battled since childhood. "Rick Springfield: Behind The Music" includes interviews with his mother, Eileen Springthorpe; former executive producer of "General Hospital," Gloria Monty; former managers Robie Porter and Steve Binder; his best friend, Doug Davidson and former girlfriend Linda Blair.