Last Days Of Left Eye

Season 1 Ep 28/12/2006

"My life represents change." In the days leading up to her tragic death on April 25, 2002, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was on a spiritual retreat in Honduras. She had gone to her home away from home in order to distance herself from her problems, escape the chaos of the media and to face her inner demons. With the aid of a video camera and the support from those closest to her, she documented what would become her final days in journals and private home movies.Often viewed by the media as outspoken and controversial, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes is posthumously given the opportunity to silence her critics and set the record straight in VH1's newest Rock Doc, "Last Days of Left Eye." Produced and directed by Academy Award nominee Lauren Lazin, "Last Days of Left Eye" is filled with exclusive and never before seen footage all captured in the final month of Lisa's life. With the full support and cooperation of the Lopes family, VH1 was granted unprecedented access to Lisa's film archive and most private journals. What emerges is an intimate and surprising journey into the soul of a beautiful, talented and still-provocative artist.