Styx: Behind the Music #125

Season 1 Ep 1258/13/2000

"Styx: Behind the Music" traces the rise and fall of what was once America's most popular band. The first group to ever have four consecutive triple platinum albums (not even the Beatles or Stones did that), Styx was a crowd-pleasing favorite. But their fans loved them more than they loved themselves. The band began to split into two different directions: tugged one way by the melodic, theatrical, ballad side of keyboard player / composer / singer Dennis DeYoung, and pulled the other by the rhythmic, hard rockin', kick out the jams side of Tommy Shaw. The band hit rock bottom in 1984 after a disastrous tour that favored an anti-censorship dramatic spectacle instead of straightforward rock n' roll. The band regrouped in 1996 and recaptured some of its success, but also some of its old tensions, and now Dennis DeYoung has been forced out of the band he founded.