Wild World of Online Dating

Ep 1018/26/2003

People everywhere are using the Internet to search for their perfect partner. According to the online dating industry, 18% of all Internet users have gone online to look for a mate. VH1 News goes inside the wild world of online dating. For this news magazine-style hour, we examine a myriad of online dating stories - from the sordid & to the sublime& to the instantly sexual.We go inside the world of Casual Encounters, an online personals site (run by the not-for-profit Craigs List) that services the instant gratification needs of its million customer base.Next, we examine the increasing trend of online niche dating. There are thousands of sites that cater to individual whims and needs. We look at two sites - IndianDating.com and Gay.com, which cater to the ever-increasing online dating subsets of Indian Americans and gay men.But there is a dangerous side to the mainstreaming of online dating culture. As more and more people use the sites, there are greater chances that some users may be deceived. We investigate the story of Colonel Kass Saleh, a US Army colonel who used online dating services to propose to 50 different women while stationed overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq.Online dating enables groups who normally would exist in the outer fringes of society to meet and date. Were following a group of fetishists called pony players (people who dress up as ponies and ride around on each others shoulders.) After meeting one another on the internet, our group of pony players come together for the ultimate pony rodeo.Throughout the hour, VH1 host Rachel Perry experiences the world of online dating firsthand. After setting up a profile and flirting with dozens of online suitors, Rachel - through the use of hidden cameras - goes on a series of blind dates.

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