I bet you can't cooklike that.

My friends call meChef Boyarsleaze.

Tonight's my date withthe schoolteacher Charise.

She's naughty and she's nice,

which is the perfect antidoteto the Puerto Rican Princess,

and it's a great way tojump back in the dating game.

I appreciate you letting metake you out.

You look beautiful.

You look like you should beon the cover of a magazine.


Be serious.For real,I am serious.

I ain't been on a datein a while,

I'm rusty,so I feel like, you know,

I don't know what to say,you know.

Don't worry, I'm gonna takegood care of you, okay?

So far, so good.

I'm feeling her,she feeling me,

and maybe we'll be feelingon each other.

What do youwant out of life?

Where do you see yourselfin five years?

I'll tell youwhere I don't see myself.


I don't see myselfat that schoolhouse

with those kids anymore.

That's notwhat I want to do.

What you wanna do?

I want to do what I wasdestined to do.

Stevie, I'm a star.

Yeah, I wantto be a singer.

I encompass that.I am that.

You remind me of somebody.


You know, I've been workingon this song

and I just know it's special.

You wanna hear it?Go for it.

You gonna listen to it?


I thought I was outwith a sweet,

hot kindergarten teacher.

I got a bad feelingabout this.

(throat clearing)

♪ I need you to come

♪ Bang onmy drum ♪

♪ Go downtown

♪ All night long

♪ I maybe sweet ♪

♪ On my feet

♪ But thatall changes ♪

♪ When I'm on my knees

♪ This (bleep)be incredible ♪

♪ This arrangementis edible ♪

♪ Berries so freshmake you blow your gasket ♪

♪ Come slide inmy banana basket ♪

Banana basket?

My banana basket.

Ooh, uh-huh, yeah.

Banana basket?

Sweet Jesus,this girl is insane.

How did I manage to go fromKutty Kat to banana basket?

I should haveseen this coming.

When I met you, I just--

I just felt like it wasa great opportunity for my life.

I just really hopeit works out.

Do you believe in destiny?

Savannah was right.

I did what I always doand I got what I always get.

I'm sure Charise is a nice girland all that,

but I can't be with anybodywho remind me of my last girl.

Look, beautiful.

You have a lotgoing on for you, right?

This right here,what you doing?

I did this before.

I saw this movie alreadyand it was a horror flick,

and I don't want to relive that,you know what I mean?

So I'm just gonnapay for dinner, Ma,

you know what I'm saying?

And, you know,look, singing lessons, baby.

I forgot my glasses.