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  • Season 2, Ep 8

Playing Dirty

Sloane and Raquel’s investigation of Oscar hits a nasty roadblock. A vengeful Ahsha targets Jelena, Lionel and Pete’s relationship takes an unexpected turn, and a shocking kiss turns someone’s life upside down.

aired 07/14/2014 · 40:17

Why are you targeting Oscar?


Jude, you'rebeing dramatic.


"We're still goingto take Oscar down"

is just cocktail partyconversation.

I love Jude.The idea of someone who is

constantly wanting, constantlytrying to get

somebody's approval,

and it's just not coming,but his--

Jude's attitude about hisupbringing, his life,

is Oscar was this wayfor a reason.

He was basically justwildly neglected,

and it's damagingand it's hurtful,

and it's psychologicallyscarring and it's awful.

And rather than deal with that,it's kind of like,

well, this way here, I knowI've earned his respect.

So he's got a--He's got a huge blind spot

when it comes to Oscar that,

you know,he's got a red envelope.

Does that blind spot contributeto that?

How far would he go for Oscaris the question.

But at the same time, you do geta little bit of a peek

behind the curtain with Judewhen he says, you know,

he has a soft spot for singlemoms with young sons.

There's something there thathe knows about his past

that was completely screwed up.

but it's just a hair beforehe goes back to,

"I'm gonna go tell Dad."

I had a conversationwith the agency.

Talked to the partners,made it official.

My agent doesn'ttool around in a crapbox.

Your agent?

You know, it's because of Judethat Zero came to L.A.

He basically saw thatthere was opportunity here.

Jude is an opportunist.Zero's a schemer.

This sort of juicy sort of,

"we're gonna come here and stirsome stuff up."

And Zero kind of workedhis angle,

Jude was working his angle,and you know,

Jude's basicallya junior agent,

and he makes him his mainnumber-one guy.

And a lot of power goeswith that, a lot of money,

and clearly, a very expensivePorsche.

And it's what is sort of--

It's the validation that Jude isnot getting from his father.

It's somebody basically sayingI see you,

you're awesomeand thank you.

And Jude-- I don't think Judeis necessarily

consciously aware ofany sort of attraction,

but after Jelena pullsthe rug out from under Zero,

we see Zero in that limo ina place we've never seen him,

which is completelynot in control.

He's been leftwith absolutely nothing,

and it breaks Jude's heart.It's kind of--

When you see someone who'sin pain, Jude,

as morally questionableas he is, he has a heart.

And to see Zero this way,it compels him,

and I don't think Judenecessarily understands

what's compelling him,

but there he goesand there he went and--

We'll see where that goesin the next episode.

Have you taken me down yet?

I was pissed.Still am.

But I don't haveany Jelena in me.

Jelena is aboutthe long game.

Jelena is somebody who thinkssix steps ahead,

and really, that whole thingstarted with

that photo of Sloane.

She knew she wantedto set Ahsha off,

but really, it was aboutstarting this sort

of boulder effect with Ahsha.

Sure enough,it pissed her off.

She wound up, you know, hidingthe iPad behind her back

and putting it in her lockerand making a show of it--

slamming the lockerjust hard enough,

and she knows that Ahsha'sgonna be watching her.

She couldn't have left itin more obvious places for her,

as far asJelena's concerned.

When she decided to use itagainst Zero

is another question.

I think this was really--This was really about Ahsha,

and the minute thatZero became a problem,

Jelena decided to killtwo birds with one stone.

When he basically threatensto throw the season,

it's in that momentthat she's like,

"I-I have to really--

I need to blow himout of the water."

And the fact that she was ableto do it with Ahsha,

and have Ahsha take the fallfor it--

I mean, she's Jelena.I mean, oh, she's so terrible.

I love it.

Hi, I'm Charlie and welcometo "Inside the Arena,"

where we take youbehind the scenes

and gossip with the peoplewho run the Devils Nation.

Today I'm chatting withthe general manager

of the Devil Nation'shottest hangout,

the Devil's Playground.

Now, Raquel, it is just suchan honor to be here with you.

I mean, you used to bea Devil girl with us.

Do you miss it?

Oh, my gosh, yes,of course I miss it.

But honestly, I get to seeyou guys all the time

and you guyswere like my sisters,

so I get the bestof both worlds.

Well, what's yourfavorite memory with us?

Oh, God,there's so many.

The first thing that came tomy head when you said that

was making the squad.

I mean, that first timejust was unforgettable,

and my baby shower.

Oh, so much fun,oh, my goodness.

That was so sweet.

So top twofavorites.

Would you ever come backto the dance floor with us?

Oh, wow.

I'm really, really happywhere I am right now,

but you know,never say never.

Well, tell us a little bitabout where you grew up.

Here,in Los Angeles.

I grew up here,been here for a while,

and this is definitelywhere I call home.

If you could travel anywhereoutside of the country,

where would you go?


I don't, I don't--I don't know.

Honestly, traveling would bekind of a luxury right now,

so, um--but maybe one day.

Well, how did you get the jobhere at the Playground?

I got the jobthrough Olivia.

She, um, knew I hadto take care of Miguel,

and I would doanything for him.

Anything,so, um...

she helped me out.

Well, we'll let youget back to work, then.

Thank you so much for beinghere tonight, Raquel.

Thank you.Thank you.

I miss you.I miss you, too.

Make sure youtune in next week

as the Devil owner's son,Jude Kincade,

spillsall of his secrets.