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Kim & Kanye

From their private jet adventures, to their sparkly jewels, to their jaw dropping living spaces, the Fab Life of Kim and Kanye will take an inside look at how this power family spends the millions that they’ve made.

aired 03/05/2014 · 40:55

Because, you know,I'm a princess.

And Kanye West.

And I really do (bleep)I wanna do.

♪ Pardon me I must sayI'm kind of like a big deal ♪

Where bulletproofchariots await.

(woman)Ye reportedly addedcustomizations to make this

truly a tank.

(announcer)And day spasrun by Dracula.

It combines your ownblood with an old

techniquecalled needling.

(announcer)We're taking you inside theglitz, the glam and the

grandiose lifestyle ofAmerica's newest power couple.

It will be unlike anythingthat Bel Air has seen.

Very glamorous,just how I like it.

(announcer)Where the parties couldpay off a mortgage.

That's like the thing thatwe do every night.

(announcer)Security rivalsthe president's.

We're almost likea private CIA.

(announcer)And the bling canbreak the bank.

(man)Does that weigh yourhand down, like,

is that the sizeof a baby's head?

(announcer)With Kim and Kanye's powerscombined, they've created an

over-the-top mega empire.

It can't get anybetter than this.

(announcer)And what's an empire without anheir to the throne?

North West is one of the mostexpensive toddlers to be walking

around Hollywood today.

(announcer)This pop culture royalfamily is ready to rule.

We're about to takeover the world.

Prepare yourself for aninsider's look into the Fabulous

Life of Kim and Kanye.


(announcer)San Francisco's AT&T Park holds41,000 people and costs $357

million to build,

making it the perfect placefor Kanye West to pull off

an over-the-topwedding proposal.

Yeezy booked the entire stadiumand was backed by a 50-piece

orchestra anda fireworks display

while the giant Jumbotron poppedthe million-dollar question.

(woman)Kim and Kanye live in a big way,they spend in a big way,

of course they're going to getengaged in a big way.

A lot of people proposeat baseball stadiums.

Kanye West rented outan entire baseball stadium.

(announcer)Reportedly, renting out thestadium set Kanye back a mere


The orchestra costa reasonable $5,000 per hour.

The fireworks show came in at acool 25K and to make sure his

grand drop to one knee had anaudience, Kanye provided his VIP

guests with the finesttransportation money can buy.

Kanye flew the entire Kardashianfamily up to San Francisco

from LA on a private jet.

It cost probablyup to $20,000.

Well, it's all abouther right now.

(announcer)But the real guest of honor wasthe 15-carat diamond that Yeezy

presented to his babymama-turned fiancé.

Price tag, anestimated $8 million.

(man)$8 million.

Like, does that weighyour hand down?

Like, is that the sizeof a baby's head?

Kanye's vision was that hewanted it to look like it was

floating on air.

(announcer)Believe it or not, this ring isone carat smaller than Kim's

previous engagement bling,

but unlike that ring,Kim didn't have to pay for

this one herself.


For Kim and Kanye, huge,expensive parties are

a priority,

especiallybirthday parties.

Fresh off the heels of herengagement in 2013, Kim threw

herself a chic party for her33rd at the 10,000 square foot

Tao night club in Vegas.

She showed up in this gorgeouswhite lace dress that she had

purchased in Paris from adesigner, valued at around


(announcer)And if you like the outfit,you'll love the nightclub.

From Jay Z to Madonna toRihanna, Tao is an A-list

celebrity clubhouse and theperfect nightlife institution

for a badass birthday girlto hold court.

Kim Kardashian has been comingto Tao Las Vegas

for about seven years.

When Kim decided to do herbirthday here at Tao,

it actually ended upbeing a birthday party

and an engagement party.

When she arrived at the club,she had a huge section for 30

people and soon as she cameinto the table and sat down,

33 bottles of Ace of Spadeschampagne came into her section.

(announcer)With a price tag of 1,600 bucksa bottle, Ace of Spades makes

Cristal looklike Milwaukee's Best.

$1,600 a bottle, 33 bottles,you're looking at around 50-some

thousand dollarsworth of champagne.

Kim always dines ina private dining room.

This is reservation onlyand preferably VIP.

(announcer)But a birthday party isonly as good as its cake

and this one was a doozy.

Made by luxury confectioner"Gimme Some Sugar,"

this towering $1,200 four-tiercustom-made creation

was a replicaof what else?

Her massiveengagement ring.


Kim isn't the only one in thisrelationship known to drop

a fortune in thename of a good time.

We gotta get thispress out the way,

then I'm gonna have a party.

(announcer)The Louis Vuitton Don became thefirst to completely shut down

his namesake's 20,000square-foot flagship

Manhattan store so that he andhis super-famous BFFs

could sip bubbly and partyto the sounds of DJ Q-Tip.

Louis Vuitton Don!

There was a long listof stars at Kanye West's

30th birthday party.

Mariah Carey, Rihanna,Jermaine Dupri, Travis Barker.

He spared no expense and everystar wanted to be there.

(man)Kim, Kanye!

(announcer)If Kimye spends the GDPof a small nation

for their regular parties,

just wait 'til thesecrazy kids tie the knot.

This wedding could very wellstimulate the entire US economy.

Kim already had one over-the-topwedding when she married

Chris Humphries

in an estate in Montecito,California, and that wedding

cost a reported$20 million,

so we might guess that Kimwould want to make her wedding

to Kanye more low-key.


Are you serious right now?

Not a chance.

Kanye will not be outdone.

It's going to be over-the-topand they're not going

to spare any expense.

(announcer)When Kimye are in betweenmillion-dollar soirees,

they each have their choice ofpalatial refuge for retreat

and recovery.

From Bel Air to SoHo to Paris,this couple takes

its shelter seriously.

with more than $12.4 millionin top shop real

estate between them.

(woman)SoHo isn't just one of NewYork's swankiest neighborhoods.

It's one of the poshestneighborhoods in the entire

country, so it's no surprisethat Kanye would make his 2,300

square foot purchaseof a home there.

Compare that to theaverage apartment in Manhattan,

which is around400 square feet

and the bath tubis usually in the kitchen.

♪ You can see theygot it all ♪

♪ They got thecars the boat ♪

♪ And the beautifulhouse by the shore ♪

(announcer)Not to be outdone, Kim hasher own 4,000-square foot

castle in the hills.

Thanks to its featured role inher hit reality show, Kim's Bel

Air bachelorette pad developedits own die-hard fan club.

Kim Kardashian's lifestyle is sopopular that someone reportedly

spent $5 millionfor one of her homes

that had everything still in it,so this fan can go into that

home and livejust like a Kardashian.

(announcer)And if you thought Kim and Kanyelived large on their own, you'd

better believe that once theirreal estate powers combine,

the result will be amega-mansion supernova.

They're building a one-of-a-kind$11 million mansion in Bel Air

that will be so over the topand fabulous, it will be unlike

anything thatBel Air has seen.

(announcer)Complete with a private movietheatre, a bowling lane and

gold-plated toiletsworth $750,000,

this palace is fit fora pop culture king and queen.

It's located right by JenAniston, so what better neighbor

to have than Jennifer Aniston?

We just lucked out.

It's been reported thatNorth is going to have

at least five rooms.

The nursery, dressing room,probably at least two playrooms

and another room justfor the nanny to live in.

(announcer)Yes, this tiny person has morespace than most adults would

know what to do with.

For North West, things arereally looking up already.

Coming up, learn the age-oldsecret to no-fuss child labor.

(woman)A little-known fact is thatbirths actually hurt the women

less the more money thatyou spend on them.

(announcer)And we'll show you howtop shop security keeps

the stalkers at bay.

Plus, we'll take you insidethe world of a real life

million-dollar baby.

Baby North is a huge fanof neutral color clothing.

When "The Fabulous Lifeof Kim & Kanye" continues.


(announcer)With all of the lavishglobetrotting during their

courtship, it's amazing that Kimand Kanye found time to be

alone, but they did and theproof came in the form of

a bundle ofjoy, little North West.

Reportedly, the product of onenight of unprotected passion

near the Vatican in Rome.

Oh, yeah.

He wined and dined her andthen, next thing you know,

there's a baby on the way.

It's really kind ofa cute story.

If somebody could get to yourheart, then it's no way to--

it's no way toovercome that emotion.

(announcer)This bun in the celebrity ovensparked a headline bonanza,

with news outlets chroniclingevery detail of Kim's mission

to preserve her fabulousnessthroughout the nine months,

including these five-inch $1,600heels she wore in her third

trimester, and this $6,000Valentino maxi dress.

It looks like Kim wasexpecting... to look amazing.

Spending more than an estimatedmillion dollars

on maternity couture.

That's more money thanwomen spend on clothes

their entire lives.

As long as you can feel reallyconfident in what you have on,

you'll feel sexy.

(woman)She wore Givenchy,Lanvin, Valentino,

and of course, she had KanyeWest by her side, who is very

much in fashion himself, helpingher every step of the way.

(announcer)Papa Kanye's help includedspending a reported $600,000 on

maternity clothes to ensure thathis boo and her baby bump were

always breathtaking, includingthis estimated $50,000 custom

couture creationby Kanye's bestie,

Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy.

Ricardo Tisci from Givenchy isone of Kanye's best friends and

Kanye knew that if Kim was goingto be on his arm at the Met Ball

in front of all of the fashionelite, like Anna Wintour,

she had to lookher most fabulous.

Because, you know, I'm aprincess.

(announcer)Kim's scientific formula forremaining red carpet ready

throughout her pregnancyincluded not only a closet to

die for, but also an extensivepersonal upkeep regimen with

a massive price tag of up to$25,000 a week.

Her glam squad included everymorning, a blowout, a manicure,

a pedicure,prenatal massages

and a personal in-houseyoga trainer.

(man)Kim and Kanye!

(announcer)Little baby North was so excitedto start her own fab life, that

she said tata toKim's well-attended belly

a full five weeks early.

Kim's diva delivery went down ina privileged $4,000-a-day corner

of Cedars-Sinai and camewith catered gourmet meals,

a flat-screen TV and a separatewing so that Papa West could get

in his beauty rest.

If you're a wealthy, richcelebrity, this is where you

went to have a baby.

Jessica Simpsongave birth there.

Britney Spears,even Victoria Beckham.

(announcer)But Kimye took thetricked out birthing

suite tounprecedented levels of fab

by adding thousands of dollarsworth of white roses,

a-thousand-dollar-a-dayphotographer and a full-time

glam squad,

totaling $1 million ofadd-on labor luxury.

Well, it's okayto indulge.

The total cost to bring NorthWest from womb to world?

Nearly $1 million.

(woman)But a little-known fact is thatbirths actually hurt the woman

less the more moneythat you spend on them.

(announcer)And just like that, baby North"Nori" West entered this world

with silverspoons galore.

Waiting for her, a reported$25,000 in baby clothes,

at least two Lucite cribstotaling $8,000

and a newly-renovated nurseryat Grandma's house rumored

to cost $40,000.

Not bad forage zero.

North West is amulti-million-dollar baby.

I mean, if you look at whatthe parents are worth alone,

that puts her as probably oneof the most expensive toddlers

to be walkingaround Hollywood today.

(announcer)To help adorn her baby withnothing but the absolute best

that money can buy,

Kim registered at the über-poshwest Hollywood maternity

boutique Bel Bambini.

Bel Bambini is the go-tostore for expectant mothers.

Jessica Alba has had registriesthere and so has Adele,

just to name a few.

announcerLet's meet the baby luxuryexperts who provide the stars we

want with everything fromsilk-woven Pampers

to artisanal formula.

The Kardashians and JessicaSimpson, Adele and Halle Berry

have all been seenleaving our store.

To cater to our elite clientele,Bel Bambini offers a wide-range

of customer service, includingwhite glove delivery and we even

offer personalshoppers.

This is the Bel Bambinistroller show room.

This is where all of Hollywoodcomes to buy all of their

strollersand car seats.

This right here isthe Orbit Baby G2 stroller.

This has been seen out andabout with Kim Kardashian

and her newbaby North.

It has a 360-degreerotational seat.

If you are taking the babyto the museum,

the baby caneasily see everything.

It also has a very coolpaparazzi shield.

Instead of having justa simple sun canopy,

you can completelycover your baby,

you know, forthose nasty paparazzi.

Your baby iscompletely covered.

This Orbit Babystroller costs $900.

At Bel Bambini, we have a hugevariety of top designer

clothing, all ranging from Chloeto Fendi to Roberto Cavali,

all the wayto Baby Dior.

As we all know, baby Northis a huge fan

of neutral color clothing.

This unique Baby Dior dressis completely hand-knit,

made out of lace.

It retails forabout $1, 200.

And North will be too big forit in less than three months.

They grow upso fast.

Our customers are always goingto spend thousands of dollars on

their little ones' outfitsbecause they want the absolute

best for their baby,

even if they're goingto outgrow them soon.

If they're gonna buy Marc Jacobsor Fendi for themselves,

why not buy it fortheir little one as well?

(announcer)Like Mommy, like bambini.

When you have a million-dollarbaby on your hands,

you need airtightsecurity to match

and Papa West has soughtout the best protection

that money can buy.

(woman)It's been reported that Kanyehas been hiring four security

guards to accompany Kim andNori everywhere that they go.

And Kanye's security guardsaren't just any security guards.

The people he hires areformer Israeli army agents.

(announcer)Celebrity security has itsown special set of protocols

and trainingprocedures.

Meet the guys who train thehired guns who keep the

beautiful people safe frompaparazzi and stalkers alike.

(man)At SOS Security, we handlebusiness titans

of fortune 50 companies

and many of the people thatyou watch on television

at the AcademyAwards or the Emmys.

We've done security for some ofthe biggest acts in the country

that include Lady Gaga,Katy Perry and Madonna,

Tim McGraw andFaith Hill.

Take a celebrity like KimKardashian and Kanye West.

They're outin the public.

They have a new people.

People are veryinterested in seeing them.

Paparazzi are following them.

They should have professionalsthat can make sure

that they're safe.

Go, go, go, go,go, go!

For Kim Kardashian and KanyeWest and their baby to be

protected for a periodof a year,

the spend would beapproximately $1 million.

If we have to resort to gunfireto mitigate that attack,

we would do it.

We're almostlike your private CIA.

Look at all the people in andaround your world, your nannies,

your housekeepers,your drivers.

We make sure that they're vettedand that they are not leaking

informationto the paparazzi.

Our celebrities are paying goodmoney to be the only ones

in the photograph.

They're paying bigmoney to be seen.

Yeah, they're also payinggood money to be protected.

(announcer)Coming up...

Find out how you shop forthe girl who has everything

and then some.

I love clothes.

(announcer)And later, find out aboutKim Kardashian's unquenchable

thirst for blood.

It combines your own bloodwith an old technique

called needling.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Life & Kimand Kanye" returns.


Kim makesit look so easy.

But maintaining that signatureKardashian look is anything but.

Kim's typical beauty regimen,including whole-body laser hair

removal, 24-karat gold facialsand $2,500 a session laser

cellulite removal costs hundredsof thousands per year.

And that's just the expensivetip of this glamazon's


(woman)Have you ever seen a picture ofKim Kardashian running to the

supermarket looking bad?

This girl does not leave thehouse without looking like a

million bucks.

Because she's reallyspending a million bucks

on looking that way.

(announcer)Reportedly, Kim can spend up to$25,000 a week on the crack team

of glamour imagineers that keepher looking picture perfect

every single time shesteps out of the house.

(woman)She has her hair person Clydewho is absolutely amazing,

and then she likes to alternatea couple different make-up

artists betweenJoyce Bonelli or Mario,

but they are alwaysthe best and

the best of the business.

♪ It's amazing ♪

(announcer)At $1 .3 million a yearfor such gifted hands,

Kim's personal glamor--

might be an economyin and of itself,

but her well-manicuredRomeo is also no slouch

when it comesto personal pampering.

Kanye is such a perfectionistwhen it comes to his hairline

that he offered to pay hisbarber Ibn Jasper a huge salary

to move with him and cuthis hair whenever he wants.

I just give propsto people I like.

Kanye drops big bucks tomaintain his personal style,

but it's nothing compared tohow far Kim is willing to go.

(woman)Kim will do anything to staygorgeous, even getting the

$1,100 vampire facial.

(announcer)You heardthat right.

A vampire facial.

Meet the skin expert of thenight that taps into the

fountain of youthrunning through Kim's veins.

At the Miami Institute, we dealwith a lot of celebrities.

The price ranges at the MiamiInstitute can vary, but the most

expensive, glamorous treatmentwe have is the encore package.

It includes surgery, lasertherapy, wellness and that

is a $250,000 package.

Kim Kardashian came to see us inthe fall of 2012 and quite

honestly,she was a delight.

The blood facial is a minimallyinvasive procedure which

combines the healingand restorative powers

of your own blood

with an old techniquecalled needling.

What we do is drawthe patient's blood.

It gets centrifuged ina special machine to separate

the platelets.

Within the platelets are sevendifferent growth factors

and those growth factorsstimulate the body to make its

own collagen elastic tissueand to heal itself.

In other words, he injectsher own blood back

into her face tomake her look pretty.

Hey, whatever works.

We're gonna washoff the blood now

and then it's gonnabe a little pink.

That will go away ina day or two.

Don't use any productsor make-up tonight.

And then tomorrow, you'regonna go about your business.

You're gonnalook beautiful.

(woman)Thank you so much.

(announcer)In addition to blood, lookingKardashian beautiful also

requires planetof sweat.

Luckily, Kim has the drive andthe world-class team to make

sure everydrop counts,

five times a week for a reported$1,000 each session.

I'm just here to tryand look good in a bikini.

She worked out during herpregnancy with her trainer

Gunnar Peterson so that shewould lose her baby weight

quickly,and as we saw,

she lost it very fastand she's smoking hot now.

(announcer)True that.

Check out the tricks of thetrade from one expert who makes

a living keeping A-listers likeNick Cannon, Matt Perry and J.

Lo right and tight.

Based on my zip code,I see a lot of people in

the entertainment industry.

The best way to get in shapefor the red carpet is to stay

in shape for the red carpet,

so if you're workingout year-round,

you just have a couple of tweaksto do prior to your event.

We increase the intensity anddecrease the rest periods

and everybodycomes out looking great.

The way people work in here,they get the results they want.

I write every workout the nightbefore, different from every

other one anddifferent for every person.

If they're in herefor 60 minutes,

they're probably workingfor 54 of those.

There's a little warmup,there's a stretch at the end,

but other than that,they're putting it down.

If you want to look like thepeople you see in the magazines

or the people you see ontelevision or the silver screen,

you should look at the amountof work they do.

The people that come inhere three, four, five,

six times a week, they're makinggood decisions outside of here,

they're getting their rest andthey're doing additional cardio

on the days thatthey skip the workout.

Come on, man.

(announcer)And all theKardashians pursue

looking their bestlike it's their job,

because it is.

(woman)The entire Kardashian familymakes their money off looking

fabulous all the time.

Kim has denied getting anyplastic surgery, but her mom

Kris Jenner is a lotmore open about it.

I've had this happena few times in my life.

At this point, Kris Jenner hasprobably spent upwards of

$1 million onplastic surgeries.

(announcer)Even Bruce Jenner has gottenin on the nip-tuck action

to step up his glam game.

You do it, you know, kind ofin a fun way, so for me,

I think it's just great.

(announcer)But the cash the Kardashian clandrops to keep their bodies

looking good pales in comparisonto the amount they spend on

the fancy dudsthat cover it all up.

Think you'rea fashionista?


One look in Yeezus'closet will embarrass you.

(man)Kanye West is notafraid to drop

some major dollarson looking good.

He's spent up to $10,000on a single outfit.

announcerKanye's expensivewardrobe includes $1,100 --

sweatshirts, an $8,000 fur coat,a custom Givenchy leather kilt

and over 450pairs of sneakers.

If he's dressing to benoticed, it's working.

Mr. West has twice been crownedbest dressed by Vanity Fair.

You know, I reallycare about clothes.

And Kanye is hardly the onlyone in this well-dressed

relationshipobsessed with clothes.

His better half hasbeen shutting down

red carpets for years

while wearingnothing but the best.

(woman)Kim has alwayshad amazing style,

since she cameinto the public eye.

She's always worn very high-enddesigners, Christian Louboutins,

things of that sort.

I'm wearing Gucci andChristian Louboutin.

And Loren Jewels.

(announcer)Kim can drop the equivalent ofa four-year private university

tuition on her mostcasual of shopping days,

as indicated by her $100,000Hermès shopping spree in Paris.

Who needs a diplomawhen you look this good?

(woman)It's been reportedthat Kim Kardashian

is obsessedwith Birkin bags.

Kim has over 50 Birkin bagsat more than $10,000 apiece.

(announcer)That's half a milliondollars in Birkin bags.

For the non-famous coveting ahandcrafted Hermès Birkin bag,

get in line.

The waiting listcan span years.

But being Kim Kardashian meansyou can always cut the line

and snatch up the rarest ofBirkins like a kid collecting

Beanie Babies.

(woman)She's actually been spotted atthe gym with the Birkin bag.

I don't know who getsto do that, but Kim does.

(woman)Kim just got a $40,000Birkin bag customized with

a one-of-a-kind painting fromartist George Condo.

His paintings sell foras much as $1.5 million.

I love clothes.

(announcer)When it comes to jewelry, noone's collection of bling shines

as bright as Kanye's.

He sports a $15,000 Jesus Piecedesigned by Jacob the Jeweler

and a $300,000 customlink chain depicting

the Egyptian God Horus.

But don't worry, we didn'tforget about Kim.

He bought her a diamondencrusted love bracelet from

Cartier valuedat nearly $10,000.

Kim also sports a "Nori" pendantand a pair of gold and diamond

earrings withher Yeezy's initials.


And like mother, like daughter,the newest member of the West

family has been quick tohop on the Bling bandwagon.

North West reportedly has a rubypendant valued at $200,000

and a shiny tiara forher little princess head.

(announcer)Kanye makes sure that bothof his special ladies are

perpetually iced out,

while making sure not to neglecthis own unique permanent shine

reportedly worth $60,000.

Kanye suddenly shows up on thescene with a grill made of

diamonds in his lower teeth

and everyone was wondering,are they over his bottom teeth?

He tells Ellen, he actuallyhad his lower teeth taken

out to havediamond teeth put in.

(announcer)Now that's how youmasticate with style.

Coming up, Kim and Kanyemake the friendly

skies even friendlier.

(woman)When you fly private, you'realways on time, because the

plane literally waits to takeoff when you're ready.

(woman)And later...

Explore the layers of Kimand Kanye's plans

for total global domination.

It can't get anybetter than this.

When "The Fabulous Life ofKim & Kanye" returns."


(announcer)Like any self-respectingmega rapper,

Kanye has animpressive fleet of autos,

one for every dayof the week.

Rappers love cars so muchthat they rap about them all

the time, Kanye included.

(announcer)Kanye's pimped-out fleet ofritzy rides includes a $200,000

Aston Martin DB9,

a $380,000Mayback 57S,

a $450,000 MercedesG500 wagon,

a $750,000 LamborghiniAventador courtesy of Kim

and the ultra-rareMercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss.

It might not have a windshieldor a roof, but it does have

a price tag of$1 .7 million.

♪ Pardon me I must say ♪

♪ I'm kind of likea big deal ♪

Kanye's collection of luxuryrides is worth

a whopping $6 million.

Most new fathers feel compelledto trade their hot rods in for

minivans once their littlebundles of joy arrive,

but Kanye don'tdo no minivans.

To make sure that baby Norirides in secured luxury,

Yeezy purchased not one buttwo Prombron Iron Diamond

armored vehiclesby Dartz Motors

in customized hisand hers versions.

This thing makes the Popemobilelook like an Audi.

The stock version ofthis vehicle is $400,000,

but Ye reportedly added $800,000of customizations to make this

truly a tank.

(announcer)Yeezy's tricked-out version ofthis armored car to the stars

features upgrades that makeit resistant to bullets,

bombs, carjacksand kidnap attacks.

It was those thingsthat made it fun.

(announcer)Yeezy isn't the onlyone riding high.

For Christmas 2013, baby Northreceived a baby Lamborghini

to match Daddy'sbig boy wheels.

And Kim also has a tastefor premium transportation.

From a $250,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost

to a $300,000 Ferrari458 Italia

to an exclusive advanced modelof the Mercedes G63 AMG.

Oh, yeah.

(woman)Kim definitely has somenice exclusive rides.

She was one of the first todrive the 2013 Mercedes G63 AMG

when she received hermodel before anyone else

on the market.

(announcer)Add up all the rides and Kimand Kanye's fabulous fleet

of hot wheels andyou have more than

seven milliondollars in horsepower and steel

taking this power couple frompoint A to point Yeezy,

and if youthink that's fab,

wait 'til you seethem take to the skies.

Spoiler alert:

They don't fly coach.

Because in theuniverse of Kimye,

only privateluxury flights will do

at a per-trip cost of$20, 000.

Well, we slept on theplane coming over here.

When you fly private, there's nowaiting in the TSA line or

slogging your luggagethrough an airport.

Your meal comes cateredfrom a five-star restaurant

and you'realways on time

because the planeliterally waits to take off

when you're ready.

(announcer)In short, it makes firstclass look like peanuts

and it's a good thing it'scomfy, because Kim and Kanye

love to gettheir passports stamped

in the most exotic and glamorousdestinations.

When Kim and Kanyetravel to Paris,

they stay atthe Four Seasons.

(announcer)The swanky Paris edition of theFour Seasons franchise boasts

a one-of-a-kind HermèsRolls-Royce Phantom

for car service,

a two Michelin star-rewardedrestaurant on the Champs-Élysées

and 9,000 fresh flowers flown infrom the Netherlands every week.

A royal suite at the fourseasons can cost up to $25,000

a night.

Oh, my God, Ilove it so much.

Sources say they spent aweek in Cannes for $250,000.

When they got there, theysailed on a $38 million yacht.

(announcer)Kim and Kanye aren't the onlyones who love to travel

in mind-numbingluxury.

The entire Kardashian clan'sversion of the family vacation

is first class all the way.

Your typical American familygoes to Disneyworld or

the Grand Canyon.

(announcer)But when the first family ofreality TV decided to visit

Greece, they did it right.

They made a home away from homeon the island of Mykonos

at the Mykonos Retreat Villas

at a cost of upto 80, 000 a week.

While they were in Mykonos,the entire Kardashian family

chartered a $200,000a week yacht

to sail aroundthe Greek islands.

It's fun to be ableto come together.

(announcer)Of course it is, Kim.

Private yachts, privatevillas and private jets.

That's how you kickit like a Kardashian.

The cost of thisfabulous family estate?

An estimated $300,000.

Coming up...

You'll see the many hats worn bythis renaissance Yeezy.

(woman)Long after Kanye West stopsrapping, he's still going to be

bringing in millions fromall of his creative projects.

(announcer)And see how Kim has turned hername into a personal ATM.

And she has built her ownmulti-million-dollar brand.

When the fabulous life of Kimand Kanye returns.


(announcer)If you want to spend it,you've got to earn it

and few couplesdo more earning

through more avenues than KimKardashian and Kanye West.

Since 2004, Kanye haswon 21 Grammys,

sold over 30 million albums

and performed on 400 differentstages around the world.

♪ No one man should haveall that power ♪

For an artist in any genre, pop,rap, R&B, winning over 20

Grammys is a huge feat.

It's really a testament toKanye's artistry and genius.

Any opportunity I get to expressmy music, I try to take it.

Kanye is not just a rapper,he also produces and finds new

artists, so he's not just makingmoney from selling singles,

he actually hasa business as well.

(man)He writes and produces massivehits, for not only himself

but loads ofother people,

from Beyoncé to Jay-Z to evenKim Kardashian herself once.

And he still makes royalties onall of that, so he makes a lot

more than justyour average rapper.

(announcer)Kanye's recent Yeezus tourbrought in a healthy $25

million, which means that themegastar generated an estimated

$1 million every timehe touches the stage

and in addition to his musicmillions, Yeezy has turned his

passion for show-stopping styleinto a second source of serious

$10 million income.

Kanye actually got to do a shoeline with Giuseppe Zanotti

that was ultra-exclusive.

(announcer)Kanye also had sneakerheads in afrenzy after the release of his

super-limited AirYeezy sneaker,

a special Nike collaborationwhich sold for as much as

$93,000 on eBay.

Kanye had a huge deal with Niketo design sneakers, and after he

was done with that, hesigned a deal with Adidas

for $10 million.

Long after Kanye West stopsrapping, he's still going to be

bringing in millions fromall of his creative projects.

(announcer)And he's puthis considerable money

where his considerablemouth is,

investing an estimated $35million into his yet-to-be

released clothing line.

I'm just gonna do what I want todo and people gonna love it.

(announcer)Daddy Kardashian mayhave left his family

a healthy$100 million estate.

This is my bedroom.

But this massive birthrightdid not dampen Kim's

entrepreneurial spirit.

Kim has been steadily billingher account with her own

hard-earned cash.

Kim's made 4.5 million from herreality show plus another five

mil in endorsement fees.

Oh, and that sex tape youmight have heard of?

She settled her lawsuitover that faux pas

for a cool five million.

Very glamorous,just how I like it.

Kim Kardashian is an empire.

She started out as afriend of Paris Hilton's.

I've been friends withher for years.

(woman)And she has built her ownmulti-million-dollar brand.

Kim's family's franchisesinclude the DASH stores

and theKardashian Collection.

The Kardashian Collectionfor Sears, they collected--

$300 million a year.

(announcer)With a large portionof those proceeds

going right backto Kim and co

and with Kanye at her side, Kimis positioned to earn even more

do-re-mi from her constantlyexpanding list of enterprises.

Not bad for the girlsome say does nothing.


And when it comes to keepingbank accounts nice and fat,

Kim has certainlylearned from the best.

For Kris Jenner, a healthyfamily is one that cherishes

the time spent together

and never misses a chance toshake a buck from the endless

money tree that is theKardashian family name.

Kris Jenner may be the biggestevil genius when it comes to how

to maximize yourvalue in Hollywood.

(man)She has made her entire familysuperstars and wealthy beyond

their wildestdreams.


(announcer)With the profits fromhis investments,

Bruce Jenner isworth $100 million.

Scott Disick has made $12million in venture

capitalist earnings

and Khloe and Kourtney havemade a combined $38 million

from their reality TV feesand retail fashion exploits.

Kris' daughters have been ableto brand absolutely everything

in their lives

and they're sitting on an empireworth around $300 million.

(announcer)Not a shlubamong them.

So amazing, so happyand they're--

I'm really proud of 'em.

It's divine.

(announcer)Coming up...

Find out just how much cash thisprosperous pairing

has in the bank

and how they shareit with the world.

Anything we can do to lendtheir name to a good cause,

we gladly do.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Life of Kim& Kanye" concludes.


(announcer)With Kim and Kanye's powerscombined, they make for one

filthy richcelebrity couple.

What separates Kim and Kanyefrom the average person

is millions andmillions of dollars

that everyone elseprobably is never

gonna see in their wholelifetime.

It can't get anybetter than this.

(man)Kim and Kanye make alot of money.

Kim's worth areported 40 million.

Sources say Kanye's worth100 million.

And the fortunesare only getting bigger.

Because this is something I wantto do for the rest of my life.

(announcer)And even in the world ofthe disgustingly wealthy,

Kimye is a financialforce to be reckoned with.

They're the fifth-highestearning celebrity couple out

there today.

When you combine the brand powerof Kim Kardashian and Kanye

West, the skyis really the limit.

Together they have a networth of around $140 million.

(announcer)And that's enough scratch tofill their new pool with 411,000

bottles' worthof champagne

and host a game of boozy MarcoPolo for every Kardashian,

Jenner and West everyweekend for six months.

And when Kim and Kanye aren'tbusy raking in the dough

or spending it fabulously,

they're finding heartwarmingways to pay it forward.

Kim and Kanye, yeah, they spenda lot of money on their everyday

lives, butthey also give back.

These are two people who reallydonate a lot of million,

in the millionsof dollars, to charity.

(announcer)Even while living a life cutfrom the stuff of dreams,

Kim makes sure to take timeout to donate up to $200,000

to theDream Foundation.

After her wedding to ChrisHumphries, Kim actually donated

double the value ofthose wedding gifts

to the Dream Foundation.

Anything we can do to lendour name to a good cause,

we gladly do.

(announcer)Kanye has used his musicalwizardry to escape Chi-town's

troubled streets,

but his eye is stillon the shy.

Instead of asking for babyshower gifts, Kim and Kanye told

their friends and family to justmake a donation to the Chicago

Children's Hospital.

(announcer)Yes, Kim and Kanye are asgenerous as they are rich,

and they'repretty stinkin' rich.

But behind all themulti-million-dollar homes,

the clothes and the cash,

they've become each other'sperfect accessory and it doesn't

get more fabthan that.