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  • Season 2, Ep 4

Full-Court Press

Ahsha’s spot with the Devil Girls is in jeopardy, with help coming from an unlikely source. Jelena’s caught by her own moves, Kyle and Beau near the finish line, and Sloane’s investigation suffers a setback.

aired 06/16/2014 · 41:19


A photographergot pictures of us

at the overlooklast night.

He sold them to TMZ.

Is this a joke?

No, he hit me upfor a quote.

This isn't a joke.

Look, I got them tohold off 'til noon, but...

I'm going to be kicked outof the Devil Girls.

When Jelena sets Derek and Ahshaup to be very publicly outed,

they have no time atall to really react

and they have to do itquick, quick, quick

and Lionel steps in and comesup with this really sort of

Machiavellian sort of plan tohelp Ahsha keep her job that,

hey, gets hercloser to Pete

and hey, gets, you know, all theDevils at her event and things

tend to also benefitLionel when things happen,

but so this whole plan is forthem to come out as a public

couple and really own it,so it's basically

acceleratedtheir relationship.

The question is,has it--

has it acceleratedit too quickly?

So we're gonna see with themwhat it actually really means.

It's all well and good to beDerek Roman's girlfriend,

but that comes with actuallyphysically having to be

Derek Roman's girlfriend andis she strong enough for that?

He's loaded.

When I get it up,he'll give it up.

Wait a minute--You're gonna wear that?

We're 96 grand fromthe finish line.

I need to finish this.

200 grand.

I found a broker this morningthat will take the ring.

(James)Is Beau - Kyle's match?

I don't know anyone isreally Kyle's match,

but Beau is-- they're cutfrom the same cloth.

They basically--

They don't get attached,they get into these situations

to get what they needand they move on.

As Beau starts to do things thatare uncharacteristic for him,

here he givesher the ring,

he's sort of pulling the firealarm for Louis Jason in that

scene, our fellow who hasa less than magic Johnson.

He starts to getthreatened.

The fact the Beau winds upbasically letting her off

the hook, paying offthe rest of her debt,

giving her her freedom and herdivorce papers is the nicest

thing that probablyanyone's ever done for Kyle

and she appreciates it tothe top of a building

where they-- where they finallyget to give into the attraction

that they wouldn't letthemselves really give

into and is that thelast we see of Beau?

You know, who knows?

Olivia's estate defers toChase, with one exception.

Her 10% ownership ofthe Devil Girls.

She left that to me.

No, but I was toldyou would know where

to find the personshe did leave it to.

What we wanted with Olivia inthis mystery is a storyline

that really reached out andgrabbed multiple characters

and showed them ina way that you're like--

It makes sense,but you're like, what?

Those red envelopes areeverything this season.

They are--

What's inside isextremely explosive.

It's extremely juicy andthrough each of those,

we learn somethingabout our characters

that is completely new andshocking and ultimately,

extremely shocking.


Hi, I'm Arelly

and welcome to Insidethe Arena where we go

behind the scenesto gossip

with the people whorun Devils Nation.

Tonight, joining me isDevil Girl Kyle Hart.

Hey, y'all.

Now, after a gruelingweek of rehearsals,

we finally gota day off

before we startour next routine.

Any big plans?

You know, for thefirst time, not really.

What about you?

Oh, I'm definitelygoing to Derek Roman's

club opening,for sure.

Uh, I didn'thear about that.


But I'll go, too.

All right,next question.

So you're not gonna spend yourfree time with anybody special?

You know, honey,I am recently divorced,

that means I am single.

S-I-N-G-L-E, single.

Well, I've recentlyseen you around here

with a certainbearded cutie.

Who is that?

My accountant,that's my accountant.

Dealing with a lot of moneyand the divorce papers

and all that stuff,yeah, mm-hmm.Okay.

So how is it thatyou're newly single

and I've never met a husbandor seen you with a ring?

Child, let's just sayI was legally bound, okay?

And now that thatis all handled,

I'm focusingon my dance.

It is veryimportant to me.

My dance.

Okay, so where exactlydid you grow up dancing?

Vicksburg, Mississippi,and I started off with

ballet,'cause we all do,

'cause we have toget that technique,

so we don't fall allover the place.

But then, that horizontalpole, which is ballet,

turned intothe vertical pole.

And I workedmy way up.

I know I'm going down,but I worked my way up

to thatcommunity chest.

I miss y'all, I do,if you're watching.

So your accent.Mm-hmm.

Where are you from?Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Mint juleps.


That's it.

And what was it likegrowing up there?

Hot, humid.

And people are nice.Oh.

I think I found out moreabout you in this webcast

than I have dancingnext to you all season.

Kyle Hart, why areyou so secretive?

What you seeis what you get.

Okay, y'all,good night.

Thank you for comingto watch us.

See y'all later.

Thank you, Arelly.You're welcome.