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Justin Bieber

He’s the richest and most famous kid on the planet. With over a hundred million dollars to his name and no curfews holding him back, Justin Bieber is pop’s real life Richie Rich.

aired 03/19/2014 · 41:10

CROWD: (CHANTING)We want Justin!We want Justin!

NARRATOR: He's one of the most famous kids on Earth...

PAPARAZZI: Justin!Justin to your right!

You have to knowhow to handle it.

NARRATOR: With some of the deepest pockets in the galaxy...

Being the world'sbiggest pop staris not cheap.

♪ I got money in my hands that I'd really like to blow ♪

NARRATOR: In the Bieberverse, everything is over the top.

Justin Bieber isrolling in the dough

and he is not afraid to show it.

NARRATOR: Justin doesn't just play with toys, he rides in them.

And even basic necessities get bedazzled to the max.

DOMINIC CHAMBRONE:It took 24 hours straightto put on each rhinestone.

NARRATOR: You better Belieb it.

When you're young, famous, and filthy rich,

life's one big party.

Welcome aboard.

NARRATOR: So call the doctor, stat.

♪ I'm like, baby, baby

NARRATOR: Because you're headed for a case of Bieber Fever.

The Bieber Feveris really serious.

NARRATOR: This is The FabulousLife of Justin Bieber.

Most teens burrow in their couch cushions for loose

to buy their first jalopy.

But not Justin Bieber.

This pint size phenom has a garage

bursting at the seams with 10 hot rods

worth $1.4 million.

And whether he's speeding around and getting into trouble,

or just heading to the studio,

each ride is hotter than the next.

I think that peopleare gonna respondwell to it.

We call him like a hip-hopversion of Richie Rich,

because there's so much excess in his lifestyle.

If there's one thingthat Justin Bieber likesto spend his money on,

it is cars, cars,and more cars.

The cars are definitelypart of his swag.

He wants the best, he wants the most extreme.

Justin Bieber doesn'tlike to just buyexpensive cars.

He likes to really do them up big.

He spends a lot of money to customize them,

and he makes them his own.

♪ Swagger, swagger

NARRATOR: Because a factory standard luxury car

just isn't fab enough.

Want proof?

A chrome-wrapped Fisker Karma worth $100,000,

two Ferrari's worth over $200,000 each,

and a $110,000 Audi R8,

custom painted in leopard spots.


These cars are costingupwards of hundreds ofthousands of dollars,

and that's before the customization.

I want to make itdifferent and better.

NARRATOR: And this super sexy $200,000

white Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder didn't even cost him a cent.

JO PIAZZA: What do you get the kid that has everything?

P. Diddy got hima Lamborghini.

Get ready to have a good time,jump in the back of the car.

NARRATOR: It was a Sweet 16 present.


Thank you.

Justin Bieber has teenage boytastes with big boy money.

NARRATOR: So instead of playing with toys, Justin builds his own.

Like this real life Batmobile,

which he got tailor-made right after getting his license.

It's worth over $180,000.

It was originally a red Cadillac CTS-V Coupe.

It has doors that openfrom the front,

a JB logo in steel,

and crystal detailing everywhere inside.

NARRATOR: And it became the Batmobile.

That is crazy!

You won't seeanything like it.

No, are you serious?

I feel like I'min the Batmobile.

This is definitelythe coolest car I own.

If Justin wants a Batmobile...


DREW: He can make it happen.

For a guy his age,it's a hell of a wayto make an entrance.

This is nuts!

I am in love, man.

NARRATOR: Bieber's $1.4 million car collection

is more than the weekly wage of 1,800 Americans combined,

and has enough seats to fit three dozen Beliebers.

All aboard.

Still paying off that mortgage?

Or even worse, still renting an apartment?


The Beebs became a first-time homeowner

at the tender age of 18.

Yes, I did.

Justin Bieber is apint-sized guy, but he hasa lot of square footage.

NARRATOR: 10,000 square feet, to be exact.

Bieber's starter home is a $6.5 million palace in Calabasas, California.

♪ You won't ever want for nothing ♪

The Calabasas neighborhoodis super exclusive.

It's home to Kris Jennerand many of the Kardashians.

FOX-DAVIS: Justin's house is not a house, it's a compound.

It's something thatmost people willnever experience.

NARRATOR: Chateau Bieber, which has become a bad boy bachelor pad of late,

sits on 1.3 acres in a gated community,

and has seven bedrooms,

eight bathrooms, a movie theater,

and a six-car garage,

which can fit half his car collection.

He has a nice backyard,a gym, a guest house.

FOX-DAVIS: You can walk to one point in his property

and see all of Calabasas, and the Rolling Hills,

and it's very grand.

FAN: What's up, Justin?

NARRATOR: When Justin's tooling around town,

his wardrobe gets as much attention as he does.


Justin is most famousfor the drop crotchpants.

Drop crotch pants.

The drop crotch pant hasbeen around for a while,

but Justin Bieber brought it back, made it groovy again.

NARRATOR: And the only thing bigger than Justin Bieber's inseam,

is his closet.

His wardrobe is estimated to be worth nearly $100,000.

Do I feel like a diva?

That boy is a style icon.

Justin Bieber's style is unique

because he takesall these high-endbrands like Givenchy,

Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta,

and he mixes them inwith street style,

baseball caps, oversized T-shirts.

When it comes toJustin's style, I mean,he's into spending money.

NARRATOR: Take this cool casual outfit

Bieber wore while partying in London.

That leather jacket costs $5,000

and is made by famed fashion house Saint Laurent.

Saint Laurent is a kindof tough biker chic,

but at a very high price point. Luxury price point.

It might look likehe's just wearingjeans and a T-shirt,

but those are somereally expensivejeans and a T-shirt.


NARRATOR: Justin Bieber's wardrobe is a sight to behold.

And a source of employment to many.

NARRATOR: The stylists who put the clothes on Bieber's back

are going to show you how it's done.

Justin can break the bank.

We did one jacketthat was 6 grand.

He says, "No, I want three."

And I said, "Okay, but you know that's gonna be 18 grand?"

And he was like,"Yeah, I said I want three."

Everything Justin woreon tour was custom-madefor him.

He was spending anywhere between 40 and 50 grand.

FOX-DAVIS: I remember getting phone calls at two and three in the morning and he's like,

"I texted you a picture of my idea for a tour jacket, see what you think about it."

I'm half asleep,but we gotta get upand be ready to go.

We have the signatureBieber on the back.All of these are hand stoned.

So, altogether, thisoutfit was about $3,500.

It took, like, four daysjust to get the crystalsand the studs.

NORTH: $3,500 for the shoes.

The jacket was around $3,500.

FOX-DAVIS:This look was about $5,000.Probably about 6 grand.

NORTH: Total cost forthis outfit, $5,000.

And worth every penny!

FOX-DAVIS: So, Justin was actually introduced to drop crotch pants in a funny way.

We were having a fitting, and Ashley came in and had a pair on,

and he was like,at first makingfun of them, like,

"Oh, Hammer pants,your Hammer pants."

But, I swear, two dayslater we got a phone callthat said,

"I want some customHammer pants."

It was probably a two or three inch drop, and now he's wearing five or six inches.

So, everything isextreme with him.

The swag. Swag.Swag.

Basically, "swag"was anything cool.

It was swag.Swag.

It's a great word.

NARRATOR: But Bieber's absolute favorite item?

His sneakers, and he's got hundreds of pairs to prove it.

Justin has a sneakercloset in his Calabasasmansion.

He's got top of the line designers from Saint Laurent to Supra.

Justin has a largershoe collection thanCarrie Bradshaw.

NARRATOR: But these aren't your beat-up gym sneaks.

Many are one-of-a-kind kicks made only for Justin by Dominic Chambrone,

a.k.a., "The Shoe Surgeon."

And lucky for you, the doctor is in.

When Justin Bieber wantsone of a kind shoes, he comesto me, the shoe surgeon.

I turn a pair of sneakersinto a piece of art.

Every shoe that I makeis one of a kind andnothing is replicated.

Bieber likes zippers, he likes really shiny things.

The shoes can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

Justin Bieber has probablyspent about $70,000on shoes from me.

What I did to them wasadd purple lamb leather.

If you were to watch them on stage they would actually glow, like a light bulb.

It's about a $3,000 shoe.

This isn't easy work.You actually, like,break your back.

These shoes I ordered$1,000 worth of rhinestones.

It took 24 hours straight to put on each rhinestone one by one.

But, for Justin Bieber,I had to get them done.

NARRATOR: Because when Justin says "jump," we all say "how high?"

Coming up, bling that's more than child's play.

This particular piecetook over 60 man-hours.

NARRATOR: And it's wheels up, Bieber style.

She will prepare any mealyou'd like by hand.

NARRATOR: And later, see how Justin unloads his cash on his friends.

Justin Bieber's friends wantto die and then come back asJustin Bieber's friends.

NARRATOR: When The Fabulous Lifeof Justin Bieber returns...

Jewelry is a big statussymbol, and the more diamondsyou wear, the richer you are.

NARRATOR: For Justin Bieber, diamonds are a boy's best friend.

When it comes to jewelry,Justin Bieber does nothold back.

He likes the moreconservative stuff,you know what I mean?

Kind of nice, but classy,conservative, you know?

NARRATOR: Um, conservative? Sure, if you're the Queen of England!

And if she were into thick gold chains, diamond ID bracelets,

and even a diamond encrustedFamily Guy necklace.

Justin Bieber has a veryplayful sense with hisjewelry, his accessories.

So he has a sense of humorand a bit of panache.

NARRATOR: The crown jewel in his crazy cool collection is J. Bieb's Ode to Stewie.

Justin Bieber lovedthe TV show Family Guyso much

that he actually commissioneda diamond encrustedStewie necklace

for him to wear onthe red carpet.

It's time that, you know,I add something new.

NARRATOR: Meet the king of bling who made Justin's diamond encrusted Stewie

a reality, Jason of Beverly Hills.

One thing about being acelebrity jeweler is you

constantly getspecialty requests.

Celebrities want theirpiece different,and they want it now,

and that's exactly whatwe specialize in.

Welcome to my private,appointment-only showroom.

This particular showroomhere, houses over $10 millionof diamond jewelry.

Justin has a very unique taste in jewelry.

Justin wants piecesthat other peoplesimply don't have.

Justin was amazing towork with. He knewexactly what he wanted,

which always makesmy job a lot easier.

ARASHEBEN: We started witha drawing of the Stewiependant he wanted.

With outlining each section,and what color diamonds weregoing to go on it,

and how it was going to be made.

We had four different color of diamonds. Rubies, black diamonds,

white diamonds set on yellow gold and we really copied the piece to a T.

A piece like thisis very difficult.

It took us a long time to make sure all the diamonds matched perfectly.

Justin needed itin three to four days.

This particular piece took over 60 man hours to do.

We had over seven differentcraftsmen working, and itcost over $25,000.

From there, I flew all the way to London to make sure

I personally delivered it to him while he was on tour.

And I saw the biggest smilein the world once I deliveredthat piece to Justin.

♪ You smile, I smile

NARRATOR: And his iced out jewels don't end there.

Justin never has an excuse to be late, thanks to this $50,000 Rolex.

It's made of 14 karat yellow gold with a champagne diamond bezel set dial.

Everyone loves it.

NARRATOR: And what's better than one flashy watch worth more than a down payment

on most homes? Two!

I mean, hello?You might lose one.

NARRATOR: Watches worth $100,000 just sets the bar for Justin's travel budget.

There aren't too manythings that are moregangster than

being able to fly private.

I go anywhere I want.

NARRATOR: You said it!

Now, hop on board the Hawker 4000.

And find out for yourself how it feels to travel like Justin Bieber.

STEWARDESS:Welcome aboard.

As long as it'ssafe and legal,we'll get it done.

And that's whycelebrities flyprivate.

It costs $6,000 per hour,

to fly from New Yorkto LA, or approximately$30,000 dollars.

PILOT: As a child, everyone wants to get in the cockpit

of an aircraft and see what's going on.

As a private jet client,you get to do that.

But if that $20 million hotel in the air is

too snug for Bieber and his entourage,

he upgrades to this.

The Gulfstream IV SP.

ST. LUCIA: It's the epitome of luxury. Every single component

was hand selected, and handcrafted.

From the custom hand-stitched seat,

to the individual touchscreen monitor atevery single seat,

this jet has it all.

Every aircraft in Talon Air's fleet,

is stocked specifically to each and every passenger's personal preference.

A guy like Justin,he wants everything on board,from Doritos to Dentyne Ice.

She will prepare any mealyou'd like, by hand.

A guy like Justin, he prefers the burger.

A roundtrip fromNew York to LA,

10 hours, that's$75,000, round trip.

It's not cheap,but it's worth every penny.

NARRATOR: And after touching down, Justin can only rest on the finest pillows,

inside the poshest hotels.

Justin travels in style.He ain't staying at a Motel 6.

Justin Bieber will only stayat the most luxurious andexpensive hotels.

NARRATOR: Wouldn't you?

Bienvenido a Miami!

Bieber's Florida crash pad is the Mandarin Oriental.

The Mandarin Oriental isthe top of the line hotel.

Royalty stays there. Massive celebrities stay there. Politicians stay there.

It is only for the ultra rich.

NARRATOR: And inside the 2,400 square foot oriental suite,

he can play piano, watch movies in the media room,

or just kick it on his wraparound balcony with an ocean view.

All for a piddly $7,500 per night.

What's it like? I don't know.You better ask Justin Bieber.I haven't stayed there.

No hotel? No problem!

The 'luxe Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio,

which rents penthouses for up to $2,800 per night,

wouldn't let Justin bring all his pals back.

Bieber's solution?

Rent an over-the-top crib nearby.

I mean, can't stay in onehotel? You just go out andrent a mansion.

He can drop a ton of doughon doing that and doesn'teven think twice.

NARRATOR: Coming up, Justin's so flush with cash,

he even employs a swagger coach.

He told Justin where toshop, what to listen to,how to walk.

NARRATOR: Then, meet Justin's monkey middle man.

MALL: Justin said he wanted one.

I fell in love with himbecause he's like alittle human.

NARRATOR: And, how Justin went from this...

To this.

And got super rich.

When The Fabulous Life ofJustin Bieber returns.


NARRATOR: Justin Bieber truly lives in the lap of luxury,

but if you think he's rollin' solo,

you've got another thing coming.

The hottest accessory for any superstar is his entourage.

The people that yousurround yourself withis really important.

Justin rolls super deep.

He has a giant posse of guys and girls surrounding him at all times.

What's up guys?MAN: It's good!

The Prince of Pop has a loyal legion of footsoldiers,

up to 20 people.

I have a great teamsurrounding me thatkeeps me humble.

NARRATOR: Justin's got every staffer you can imagine on his payroll.

Bodyguards? Check. Stylists? Check.

Swagger coach? Double check.

Yes, this mini mogul is so loaded that he pays this guy,

who's acted as his road manager and creative director,

to teach him how to be cool. A-ha.

When Justin was coming upas a big star, he told Justinwhat was cool in every way.

Where to eat, how to walk,where to shop, what tolisten to.

FOX-DAVIS: Justin can put something on and look at Ryan,

and if Ryan is like"No, that's not you,"or, "That's whack,"

I mean, Justin will wantto try something else.

But the list of bizarre job duties Justin's posse performs doesn't end there.

Bieber has guys around himwho will throw him parties,get him girls,

get him food, get him drinks.

I actually saw him at aNew York City nightclub

where he had a bunch of his friends stand in front of him

to create a human wall,and if anyone triedto take a picture,

they would immediatelyraise up their hands.


NARRATOR: But Justin takes care of them right back.

The Beebs doles out five star vacations to his nearest and dearest.

DREW: Justin takes his friends with him wherever he goes.

When he goes on the road,he takes them along with him.

But always VIP level,all the way.

They're on the jet with him, they're in the clubs with him.

Justin Bieber's friends wantto die and then come back asJustin Bieber's friends.

He's very generous, like,"Hey, Let me take youto an island,

"let me take you, jet skiing,let me take you to go,you know, to Indonesia."

NARRATOR: J.B. took his homies, including rapper Lil Twist,

on this mind-blowing trip to St. Lucia.

They stayed at the all-inclusive resort, the Bodyholiday,

where penthouse suites cost up to $1,400 per person, per night.

That's 10 grand for the whole crew,

every night.

Best friends for ever? Indeed.

♪ If I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go ♪

The bromantic trips continued in Hawaii, the Bahamas, and Miami.

But even the best tropical island vacation is fleeting.

Now a house, that's forever.

I'm chilling.

When you'reJustin's friend,

you not only roll into the coolest parties,

but you get touse his cars,

you get to livein his house...

NARRATOR: Yes, these coat-tail riders, like Lil Twist and Lil Za,

live rent-free in Bieber's mansion,

saving them about $20,000 a month.

Justin Bieber is essentiallyoperating a dorm for hisentire entourage.

NARRATOR: And they get to zip around in Bieber's high-priced hot rods.

Justin had his friendLil Twist staying withhim and using his cars

while he was out on the road on his Believe tour.

Same thing withTyler, The Creator.

He was often buzzing aroundJustin's housing complex.

I'm doing all right.

NARRATOR: It's not just the footmen and the servants

that receive the spoils of the Bieber kingdom.

Justin's parents are treated like royalty, too.


I'm just wantingto be with myfamily, that's all.

DREW: Justin is incredibly loyal to his family.

They've been there withhim from the beginning.

It's because of his mother that he's famous.

He'll buy them cars.He'll buy them homes,

and he'll take themon lavish vacations.

NARRATOR: The generosity also extends to his grandparents.

He bought hisgrandparents a car.

He bought hisgrandparents a house.

So, he made sure his grandparents and his family were totally taken care of.

NARRATOR: And Justin brings his family along for his very wild ride.

DREW: He always wants them around.

Justin bring along so many relatives when he flies

that it's like theBieber family jet.

NARRATOR: From $12,000 first class flights

to hotels that are drop dead gorgeous.

Like this opulent Ritz in Madrid that hosted the Bieber clan.

The Royal Suite, which goes for $7,000 a night,

even comes with a private butler.

Madrid is really pretty.

That was like somethingout of the movies.

But be careful.

It's so posh, it's even decorated with a vase from the Ming dynasty.


Justin wants to make surethat everyone is having justas fabulous a life as he is.

I like to be young.

NARRATOR: Here's to wishing we're long-lost cousins of the Bieb.

Coming up, the inside scoop on Justin's costly chimp.

MALL: I've never seen amonkey bond with anybodylike that.

NARRATOR: Then, extracurriculars that are out of this world.

Someday, I will bean astronaut.

If Justin Bieberwants to go to space,he can go to space.

NARRATOR: And later, no such thing as a little trim.

Justin's hair isbig business,

so he has to spend top dollar on it.

NARRATOR: When The Fabulous Lifeof Justin Bieber returns...

NARRATOR: Bieber's blessed with good genes,

but it still costs serious coin to look so fly.

It's the 'do that sparked a worldwide craze.

We loveJustin Bieber!Woo!

It feels great.

Bieber's hair is part ofwhat really made him famous.

NARRATOR: When J.B. turned into a superstar in 2009, his hair did, too.

PIAZZA: Teenage boys across the country were running to their stylists

to ask them to cut their hairjust like Justin Bieber.

You have to knowhow to handle it.

NARRATOR: And when he cut those majestic tresses two years later,

it stopped Beliebers in their tracks.

When he changed it,it caused ooh's and aah'sall around the world.

WOMAN: I love you, Justin.

NARRATOR: And maintaining Bieber's coif ain't cheap.

Justin flies out high-end hair stylist Vanessa Price for $750 per cut...

Every two weeks.

That's approximately $20,000 a year.

Oh, yeah.

Justin's hair is bigbusiness, so he has tospend top dollar on it.

NARRATOR: But Justin is so much more than his luscious locks...

Like his epidermal designs.

His bod's got more ink than a pen factory.

PIAZZA: Justin Bieber's tattoo artist is essentially

the Leonardo da Vinciof tattoo artists.

NARRATOR: She's talking about Chuey Quintanar,

who's scribbled on other stars, like Travis Barker.

I've been a fanfor a long time.

NARRATOR: Chuey's got the skills of a Renaissance painter, and the rates.

He charges $300 per hour and a minimum of $1,500 per tattoo.

Meet the man who gets to touch,

and ink, Justin Bieber.

My name is Chuey Quintanar.I specialize in blackand gray tattooing.

Working with celebritiesis different. They don'thave a regular schedule.

Justin Bieber sometimes will call me around 2:00 in the morning,

and I gotta dropwhat I'm doing andI'll go tattoo him.

I usually do, like,a basic, quick little sketch.

This is something similar to what I did to Justin Bieber.

And if they like it,we'll tattoo it.

I do take pridewhen I see my workon a celebrity.

It's like a walking canvas.

I've seen it a lot now.A lot of people, they justwant to get tattooed

by the person that tattooedor touched that celebrity.

I try to do what peoplelike, but, you know, justdo it better, you know?

GIRLS: Justin!Please! Justin!

DREW: Justin definitely loves to be the coolest kid in the room.

He wants to always bein the center of attention.


NARRATOR: What's the point of being one of the richest kids on Earth

if you can't show it off?

And, speaking of Earth, what's swaggier than going to outer space?

♪ I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe ♪


J.B. plunked down a quarter of a million bucks

for a seat on the Virgin Galactic spaceship.

If Justin Bieberwants to go to space,he can go to space.

He wanted to get on the listfor a 3-hour tour of spaceon the Virgin Galactic.

NARRATOR: Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie are also signed up.

The rocket will travel at 1,000 miles per hour, 1.4 times the speed of sound.

Someday, I willbe an astronaut.

DREW: I was in a club in New York City

after the Victoria'sSecret fashion show.

He walked in and they planted him right in the middle

of all the hottest Victoria's Secret models.

They immediately startedhovering all around him.

He had one Victoria's Secret model on one knee, another on his other knee,

and the rest were flanking all around him.

Justin Bieber has it all.

He's young, he's cute,

he has women fawning over him.

Every guy wants tobe Justin Bieber

and every girlwants to date him.

NARRATOR: In scorching hot Miami,

people are usually hoping for some rain,

but this isn't what they were thinking.

Justin went to the samestrip club that all thecelebrities go to in Miami,

the King of Diamonds strip club.

And he spent $75,000,

and that's just in a matter of hours!

NARRATOR: And from Miami to LA,

when this sports fanatic heads to the arena to watch some hoops,

he's got courtside seats.

Alongside other A-listers like Rihanna.

Each chair can cost up to $17,000

for an NBA playoff game,

but the Beebs wouldn't dream of sitting anywhere else.

Justin Bieber doesn'tdo anything low-key.



PIAZZA: Monkeys really are the celebrity pet of choice.

Paris Hilton had a monkey.

Michael Jackson very famously had Bubbles the chimp.


Celebrities love pet monkeys

because it's justanother thing thatgives them attention.

NARRATOR: Justin Bieber jumped on the bandwagon and got this white-headed capuchin

named OG Mally.


Worth $15,000!

It's the most exclusive,exotic, and expensive animal

you can have,and he wanted one.

NARRATOR: But on tour in Munich,

the German government tossed a monkey wrench into his happy-go-rilla lifestyle

when they seized little OG.


Claiming that Justin didn't have the right papers.

So did Justin go bananas?

When you'reas rich as Justin Bieber

and the governmenttakes your monkey,

you just leave it behind.

NARRATOR: The German government charged Bieber $11,000

for chucking his chimp.

He's so rich he doesn't mindpaying for his monkey tolive in Germany without him.

NARRATOR: And of course he picked up a second chimp worth 15 grand.


And when you're as connected as Justin Bieber,

you have a monkey middleman.

That's music producer Mally Mall.

Hi, I'm Mally Mall,welcome to my house.

Justin is actuallya wonderful person,

he's an animal lover,he loves animals.

Bubs is...He's six years old.

I got him whenhe was six weeks.

MALL: Two and a half years ago, Justin came here

for Lil Twist's birthday party,

Justin actually set up a DVD player,

got Curious George,

and he sat there with my monkey and gave him popcorn

and snacks, bananas.

I've never seen the monkey bond with anybody like that.

Bubs is a sweetheart.Here, do you want some?

You want some grapes?

MALL: Justin said he wanted one.

He fell in love with himbecause he's likea little human.

He's like having a son.

MALL: And it's funny, when I got him his monkey, they bonded right away.

We went on a private jet and the monkey was sleeping with him

and it was chemistry from the start.

For him, that one was about 15 grand.


I realized how much energyyou have to put in,changing diapers,

and spending time with him.

What are you doing?You gonna play?

NARRATOR: Bieber's always gone ape for exotic pets.

He used to own an albino boa constrictor.

But for this pop star,

snakes aren't just pets,

they're accessories.

We pickeda whole outfit for MTV

and it was, like, amazing,

and then Justin calls us and he says,

"I'm gonna addsomething to the outfit."

And we're like,"Ugh, what? Sunglasses?"

He says, "No, I'm goingto bring my snake."

NARRATOR: Intense negotiations ensued,

and the snake-let was born.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Justin,hold that snake uptoward your head, man!

NARRATOR: Britney, eat your heart out!


The Bieber feveris really serious.

FANS: Justin!

NARRATOR: Bieber fever is infecting the nation.

EverythingJustin Bieber touches

really does turn to gold.

NARRATOR: And filling Justin's bank account.

I think thatthat's really special.

NARRATOR: WhenThe Fabulous Life ofJustin Bieber continues.

NARRATOR: Do you have the sweats?


NARRATOR: Feel dizzy or lightheaded?


Oh, my God!Yeah.

NARRATOR: Then you've got a case of Bieber fever!

FAN: (SCREAMING)Justin! Justin!


NARRATOR: This condition is so contagious...


Even the steeliest celebrities are not immune!


I did grab his butt.

I'm single.

The Bieber feveris really serious.


NARRATOR: Women of all ages are left breathless by one flip of that hair.


And because of them, Justin went from this...

To this.

I wish all of themcould come in,but you can't let everyone in.


Justin Bieber's fans are rabid in a way

that we haven't seensince the fans of the Beatles.

All my fans have beenincredible and supportive.

MALL: We were in the van one time,

and he's, like, tellinghis driver to slow down

because he's scared, because this girl's sprinting

and trying to get a video of him on her phone.

He's like, "Slow down,I don't want her to get hurt."

It's a scary place,you know.

NARRATOR: And with a little help from his friends,

Justin Bieber has turned himself into a one-man empire.

If you look at the topearners, like Jon Bon Jovi,

Lady GaGa, Jay Z, Madonna,

Justin Bieber has managedto go kind of toe-to-toewith them.


♪ Oh, oh

NARRATOR: One of the world's most successful and highest-paid performers,

Justin's song Baby went Platinum 10 times,

turning it Diamond.

Yes, that's a thing.

♪ And we will never ever, ever be apart ♪

NARRATOR: And he's already won boatloads of awards.

So where do all the coins in his piggybank come from?

FAN: Justin!

Bieber makes the bulkof his money from touring.

You know you like the beats.

ZACK O'MALLEY GREENBURG: He's grossing, you know,

well over a million dollars a night.

And then, of course,there's all the merchandising.

NARRATOR: Ah, yes, the merchandising.

When we do ourcalculations at Forbes,

we figure, you know, about $5 a head,

that's pretty good.

Um, Bieber getsabout $15 a head.

NARRATOR: Every one of these

is buying 15 bucks of Bieber T-shirts,

posters, and even toothbrushes.

Belieb that.

From his Believe tour,

Justin reportedly earned more than 50 million bucks.

And he's cashing in at all angles.

His documentary,Never Say Never,

brought in a whopping $73 million in ticket sales,

$30 million of that from its first weekend alone.

It's huge.It's practically unheard of.

NARRATOR: And brands are bending over backwards to team up with him.

Adidas made him the face of its NEO line,

while Proactiv reportedly forked over $3 million for his endorsement,

and OPI nail polish shelled out a whopping $12 million.

Justin Bieber is the mostpopular person on Twitter,

so of course companies are going to want to associate themselves with him.

He's still got thatdirect line to thosehardcore fans of his.

HOLMES: He shot to stardom because of his online savvy,

and he's using that tosort of maintain and growhis Justin Bieber brand.

NARRATOR: Ladies, if you've always wanted Justin Bieber all over your body,

here's your chance.


Spray on his signature scent, called Someday.

BIEBER: Does everybody like the smell? Yeah?(FANS CHEERING)

NARRATOR: Which has earned $60 million in retail sales.

Someday was the biggestcelebrity fragrancelaunch to date.

HOLMES: Justin is really a force to be reckoned with in the media world.

PIAZZA: Everything Justin Bieber touches really does turn to gold.

If Justin tells his fansto buy something, they don'tjust go out and buy it,

they go out and buy four.

NARRATOR: And now, this social media boy wonder wants to be a tech titan,

investing at least $3 million dollars in silicon valley startups.

GREENBURG: He told me when I interviewed him,

"I want to invest in things that I know and understand,"

and social media, and techstartups would definitelyfall into that category.

I've no doubt thatJustin Bieber willturn his media empire

into one as big asJay-Z's at some point.

NARRATOR: Never say never, indeed.

Coming up, just how loaded is the Richie Rich of the music world?

He could not even spendthe amount of money thathe has.

NARRATOR: And how he's giving back.

I like to be a positiveinfluence for others.

NARRATOR: When The Fabulous Lifeof Justin Bieber returns...

NARRATOR: Justin Bieber loves spending his millions,

but he's also sharing them with those in need.

HOLMES: He's remembered where he comes from and he spends a lot of time and money

to help the peoplewho have helped him.

NARRATOR: When he famously chopped his trademark golden locks,

he put them on the auction block,

raising $40,000 for The Gentle Barn,

an animal rescue organization.

That's how much people aredying to get their hands onBieber's hair, literally.

WOMAN:Oh, Justin, I love you!

NARRATOR: And speaking of the Beliebers,

Justin appealed to them to raise money for Typhoon Haiyan relief,

and he flew 7,292 miles to Manila, to spread some much-needed cheer,

distributing books, toys, and snacks to survivors.

After the typhoon inthe Philippines, Justinraised more than $650,000.

DREW: The children of the Philippines were so touched

that Justin personallyflew down there andspent time with them.

I like to be a positiveinfluence for others.

NARRATOR: Bieber is known for digging into his own bottomless pockets.

GREENBURG: One of the other things that Bieber talked to me about was that

he wanted to include acharitable component inevery deal he does.

Justin donates a dollarof every ticket sale to hischarity, Pencils of Promise.

NARRATOR: $13 million of tickets from his Believe tour

went to help build schools in the developing world.

This whole thing'sbeen just incredible.

NARRATOR: That's an understatement.

Justin Bieber's catapulted from an unknown Canadian teen to a megastar

in just a few short years, and is worth an estimated $130 million.

BIEBER:I'm excited to be here.

NARRATOR: That means every inch of his 5'9" body is worth $1.9 million.

Not bad for someone born in the year 1994.

Despite being so young,Justin Bieber has managedto earn

over $50 million eachof the past three years,

which really kind of puts him up there with the top

five or ten names in all of entertainment. Period.

Every time Justin breathes,a stream of money is goinginto one of his bank accounts.

NARRATOR: Justin's got so much dough,

he and his posse could stay in the royal suite at the Ritz Madrid

for $7,000 a night, for 20 years straight,

and he'd still have enough change to give each of his bro's a Batmobile,

a Stewie pendant, a pair of bedazzled sneakers,

and of course, a $15,000 white-faced capuchin monkey.

Even if Justin Bieber wantedto retire from music tomorrow,

he has so many investments and endorsement deals

that he cannot evenspend the amount ofmoney that he has.

♪ Baby, baby, baby, oooh

NARRATOR: Baby-faced, super-rich, and having a ball,

Justin Bieber's life is pretty darn fab.

Thanks for hanging out.

♪ Thought you'd always be mine, mine ♪