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From world class shopping, dining, and nightlife, Atlanta is one of the most Fabulous cities in the world. From Tyler Perry to Usher to Ludacris, The Fabulous Life also profiles the city’s famous residents who call Atlanta home.

aired 04/23/2014 · 40:23

(announcer)Enter the baller world

of Hot-lanta.


(announcer)Where rap icons, movie moguls...

It was so fantastic.

(announcer)... and "Real Housewives..."

We live in Atlanta.

(announcer)... are livingthe southern-fried

American dream.

And as you can see,we reign supreme.

♪ Voilà Gucci LouisStravers Prada... ♪

(announcer)From record setting swag...

It has gone down as the mostexpensive sneakers in the world.

(announcer)... to one of a kind rides....

Only two were madeas concept cars.

(announcer)... and invite only parties.

You gotta party somewhere.

There were exotic dancers,peep-show booths,

and body painting.

♪ I'm in love with a stripper

(announcer)The forecast calls

for playas making it rain.

This is $10,000,

and this is the bare minimumto make it tsunami.

♪ Stand up

(announcer)So forget 90210.

We're happy to bein the "A."

(announcer)The biggest starson the planet

are snatching upmega mansions.


(announcer)And everythingelse fly in 30305.


(announcer)This is "The Fabulous LifeOf Atlanta," y'all.


♪ Welcome to Atlantawhere the players play ♪

♪ And we ride on them thingslike every day ♪

When it comes tocelebrity real estate,

Atlanta is the new thing.

It's cool to havethat New York address

and that Beverly Hills address,

but in Atlanta your going to getspace, space, space.

(announcer)Take a look at T.I.'sfive-bedroom, seven-bath

$4.3 million gated estate.

And this 9,000square-foot castle

owned by music mogul Akon.

Or rapperYoung Jeezy's

$2 million palacein the sky.

So you know what it is,holla at your boy.

(announcer)For these Atlanta celebs,

a cozy pied à terresimply won't do.

Take Tyler Perry.

When the future star movedto Atlanta in the mid '90s,

he was living in his car.

Today, the creator and star

of the wildly successful"Madea" movie franchise

resides in a mammoth30,000 square-foot palace

in the tony enclaveof Buckhead.

Tyler Perry's current homeis on 17 beautiful,

wooded acres and itis absolutely stunning.

(announcer)The $35 millionhotel-sized manse

boasts 26 rooms,an Olympic-sized infinity pool,

and three levels of manicuredgardens.

And when the media tycoon needsto take a meeting in Hollywood,

there's no waiting in peskyairport security lines.

He just steps outhis front door.

Tyler Perry has a landing stripright on his property

so at any time he can popin his private jet

and go anywherehe wants to go.

I want this to bea best kept secret.

Continue to be kept secret.

(Sowmya)Tyler Perry may beknown as a movie mogul,

but he's actuallya real estate tycoon.

(announcer)That's right.

The star is not only makingmillions from his films,

he's also cleaning upin the real estate game.

Case in point,

he purchased Dean Gardensfor $7.6 million.

The legendary32,000 square-foot Atlanta home

sits on 58 acresand has a conservatory,

an amphitheater,and a wedding chapel.

(Michelle)Tyler decided to trade up

for this sprawling58-acre estate

called Dean Gardens.

It's this whole estatethat overlooks

the Chattahoochee River.

(announcer)But Mr. Perry nevereven lived there.

He flipped itfor cold, hard cash.

A staggering $10 million.

This guy can't stopmaking money.

Heh, we'll seewhat happens

And when Tyler Perrywants to escape Atlanta,

the movie magnatedoesn't head for Club Med,

he retreats to his ownprivate Caribbean island.

Purchased fora cool $7 million,

the 25-acre hideaway

houses a 14,000 square-footBali-style home,

six guest bungalows,a spa, and a marina.

As Madea might say,"You crazy as hell."

It's a beach,with sand, and water.

For Atlanta celebs, buyinga home isn't just about size.

It's also about quantity.

Just ask Ludacris.

Feelin' real goodright about now.

I couldn't feel better,you know?

♪ Tonight I'm gonna do

♪ Everythingthat I want with you ♪

The multi-Grammy winningrap icon

owns a remarkable fiveluxury estates in his hometown.

And as you can see,we reign supreme.

The total price tagof his real estate portfolio?

An estimated $12 million.

Ludacris loves himselfsome Atlanta.

He literally has a housefor every day of the work week.

But he onlyactually lives in two.

(announcer)So, what's the deal with Luda's

other three homes?

♪ Oh

Let's just say his inner posseain't slumming it in Atlanta.

The rest are just throwaways,you know,

for friends, familythat comes into town.

(Michelle)It's really, really nice

to be a friendor a family member of Ludacris.

Luda's main home is a sumptuous10,000 square-foot palace

that he purchasedfor $3 million

with amenitiesfit for a rap king.

Ludacris has everything any mancould possibly need on earth

in his main homein Atlanta.

He's got a tennis court,a basketball court.

Not one, not two,but three pools.

Who can possiblyswim that much?

It's almostlike a dream come true.

(announcer)When rap impresario Rick Rosswas looking to expand

his Maybach music empirein early 2014,

the Florida nativewent talent searching...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

(announcer)... and house huntingin the big "A."

We're happy to bein the "A."

(Angela)Rick Ross has made Atlantahis second home.

He is very well knownfor being from Miami,

but Atlantais where you gotta go.

♪ I'm the biggest bossthat you seen thus far ♪

♪ Ten black Maybachsback to back in a lane ♪

(announcer)That's right.

A-T-L is whereit's happening in hip hop.

So to be closer to the action,"Da Boss" dropped

a reported six mil fora 45, 000 square-foot behemoth

once ownedby Evander Holyfield.

Sitting on235 sprawling acres,

it's the largestprivate residence

in the entire stateof Georgia.

(Sowmya)At 45,000 square-feet,

Rick Ross' houseis 20 times the size

of the averageAmerican home.

You know that's it.

(announcer)And you better believe

the interior lives upto the hype.

There are 12 bedrooms,21 bathrooms, a bowling alley,

and a 135-seathome theater,

a staggering109 rooms in all.

(Cori)This house has a poolthat can fit

365,000 gallons of water.

It is the largest poolfor a private home

in the United States,so just imagine the pool party

Rick Ross is about to haveat this place.

Man, I'm justenjoying myself.

The estate is so enormousthat it reportedly costs

a million dollars a yearto maintain.

(announcer)Rick Ross better keepthose hits coming.

Coming up,cross the velvet ropes

into the most exclusive partyin Atlanta.

He, like, really wentall out for this thing.

It reportedly cost $100,000.

You gotta party somewhere

(announcer)Plus, a fairytaleGeorgia wedding.

(Alex)This was over the top!


(announcer)And, find out why the A-T-L

is the "strip club capitalof America."

One of the VIP roomcomes with a barber shop

with their own barber.

They can get about ten girlsin here to dance for them.

(announcer)All that and more

on "The Fabulous Lifeof Atlanta."

♪ Let's go, they count hundredson the table ♪

♪ 20s on the floor

(Alex)In Atlanta, people work hard,but they play harder.

And if you wantto have a good time,

A-town is the placeto do it.

(announcer)With mega clubslike the Velvet Room,

Mansion Elan, and Compound,

the biggest stars in the worldhead to the peach state

to party "dirty South" style.

(Sowmya)If you wanna party hardin Atlanta

you need some serious cash.

This is for ballers only.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,the sag and my swag ♪

(announcer)Ballers likehip hop star Fabolous.

The rapper may befrom Brooklyn,

but when he wants to get hisparty on, he heads to Hot-lanta.

♪ You make me better

Fabolous was atthe biggest, the best,

most awesome clubin Atlanta, Club Compound,

celebratinghis friend's birthday

and he droppeda whopping $45,000.

(announcer)So what does 45 grandget you in Atlanta?

A whole lotta bubbly.

(Sowmya)Spending $45,000 on champagne

isn't just poppinga bottle or two.

It's filling an Olympic sizedswimming pool.

(Michelle)The club came outwith this entire display

that kind of looked likea bathtub filled with Moët Rosé.


Like, you could geta bimmer for that.

That comes with the territoryof being who I am.

(announcer)When boxing champFloyd Mayweather

hits the hot spotsin Atlanta...

... he rolls deepwith cold hard cash.

When he goes out in Atlantaand he parties,

he actually bringsduffel bags filled with money.

He has about $60,000on a light night,

but if it's a great night

he might have, like,$1 million on him.

(announcer)"Pretty Boy" Floyd was recently

at Atlanta's Velvet Roomwith stacks of Benjamins.

But he wasn't buyingchampagne or caviar.

(Alex)Mayweather was partyingwith Gucci Mane,

and he had stacks of hundredsthat he just started burning.

You know you gottoo much money

when you can justburn it up in the club.

It's about giving the fanswhat they want to see.

(paparazzi shouting)

(announcer)When Atlanta hometown boy T.I.

was released from prisonin 2011,

his pal Diddy threw hima "get out of jail" party.

But this soireewas anything but free.

Diddy threw hima welcome-home brunch.

You know, keeping it classylike he does.

He, like, really wentall out for this thing.

It reportedlycost $100,000.

That's an expensive brunch.

We have VIP tonight, all drinkson me, all drinks on me.

Diddy gifted all 150 guests

with their own bottleof Premium CIROC Vodka.

The cost, $9,000.

There was a $20,000gourmet menu.

And $8,000worth of dessert.

That's a lotof peach cobbler.

(Jannell)And because T.I.

has a clothing companycalled Akoo,

VIP guests were measuredbefore the party,

and then they were giftedwith custom clothes.

After this you gottaparty somewhere.

(announcer)Every fall, the hottest names

in musicdescend on Atlanta

for one of the biggestcelebrity blow outs of the year,

The B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awards.

The B.E.T. Hip-Hop Awardsare to Atlanta

what the Oscars are to L.A.,

and every major rapperthrows a big blowout.

I'm gonna domy thug thizzle tonight.

(announcer)And unless you're a VIP,

you can forget aboutgetting past the velvet ropes

'cause these are invite onlyextravaganzas.


(announcer)In 2013, rapper T.I....


(announcer)... threw one ofthe biggest bashes to date.

T.I.'s 33rd birthdaywas at the same time

so he had a combinedbirthday bash and after party.

(announcer)The "Peep Show" themed spectacle

had a star-studdedguest list,

including Diddy,Nelly, Tyrese,

Brandy, and Jennifer Hudson.

(Alex)There were exotic dancers,strippers on poles,

peep-show booths,and body painting.

This was over the top.

(announcer)The cost for the bawdybirthday bash?

A reported $50,000.

Now that's an extrahappy birthday.

I'm hot and I'm desirableand I'm-- and...

I'm just-- I'm smashing.

(announcer)And it's not just hip-hoppers

that know how to go bigin the South.

Some of the biggest realitystars you love to hate

are living the A-T-L dream.

Take this real housewife.

I'm from Atlanta.

(announcer)NeNe Leakes inked a reported

$1 million contractfor her show,

making her the highest paidhomemaker in the country.

Oh, hell, no.

(announcer)So naturally when she re-married

her ex-husband Gregin June of 2013,

the Georgia peachthrew herself

an elaborate wedding

to match herconsiderable income.

The ten-tier wedding cakewas flown first class

from New York to Atlantaat a cost of $15,000.

She dropped 50 grandon her Baracci wedding dress.

For the reception,the blushing bride

changed into a $20,000Pnina Tornai gown.

The total costof the wedding,

a very real $1.8 million.

Oh, because we havea second chance at love.

Pnina Tornai"The A" is not just the hip-hop

capital of America,

it's alsothe strip club capital.

And in Atlanta,a gentleman's club

is more that just T&A,it's A&R.

Strip clubs are so importantto hip-hop music

that record labelsand rappers

actually use them asa testing ground for new music.

Because if it's hotat the strip club,

it's going to be hoton the charts.

(announcer)And in a town knownfor it's strip clubs

the crème de la crmeis Diamonds,

a place wherewealthy gentlemen rappers

drop cash to see womendrop trou.

We have the best girlshere in Atlanta.

We're just the go to place

because we havethe best of everything.

(announcer)That's right, at Diamonds,

patrons can enjoy morethan just lap dances,

like one of the $5,000full-service VIP suites.

(Angela)One of the VIP roomcomes with a barber shop

with their own barber.

They can get about ten girlsin here to dance for them.

Our Sky Suite in the VIP,which is , like, in the air,

right in the middle of everyone,across a glass catwalk.

The shower room iskind of where you go

if you want to have,like, you know,

one girl, two, or three

kind of soapingeach other up.

I mean, they shower.


(announcer)And when celebritieshit up Diamonds,

they give new meaningto the term "making it rain."

Ludacris spent 20 grandin an hour.

Just anythingout of the ordinary

I can do that just crazy,I like just being different.

(announcer)Fabolous, 28,000.

And Floyd Mayweather made itrain to the tune of 50 G's.

(Angela)He was just non-stop throwingit, throwing it, throwing it.

The chandeliers were definitelydripping with dollars.

(announcer)When rapper T.I.drops by Diamonds,

the self-proclaimed"King of the South"

is treated like,well, royalty.

(Angela)He just wanted his moneybrought on a platter,

and it was a real royalway to spend your money.

T.I., that night, he hadto spend at least 20 grand,

in a matter of 30 minutes.

(announcer)All hail the king.

♪ I'm in lovewith a stripper ♪

♪ She poppin',she rollin', she rollin' ♪

That's just our culture here,we love to make it rain.

♪ I'm in lovewith a stripper... ♪

(announcer)Gentlemen, take note,

'cause here's the 4-1-1

on how to "make it rain"like a celebrity baller.


We have different levelsof making it rain.

You have "making it rain",which is like, uh, you know,

a thousand dollars.

You have thunderstorm,which is more like 5,000.

This is $10,000,

and this is the bare minimumto make it tsunami.


(announcer)And one of the biggestAtlanta tsunamis

was a visitfrom Lil Wayne and Birdman.

(Angela)It was over $150,000

spent that night,in singles.

You couldn't evensee the floor.

Like we were walkingon a money floor.

(announcer)The duo dropped another100K on 400 bottles

of Ace of Spades Champagne

bringing the totalfor the night

to $250,000.


Coming up...

A record breakingdiamond pendant.

It's over 7-1/2 inches talland weighs over five pounds.


(announcer)Plus, a sneaker

worth it's weightin gold.

13 carats are intricately sewninto the shoe using gold lace.

(announcer)And later, find out how celebs

put their sick ridesto the test.

He rented out the entireAtlanta Motor Speedway.

Come on, man, that's crazy.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Atlanta" returns.


Hip-hop artists are knownfor their bling, but in Atlanta,

these guys are taking itto a whole different level.


(announcer)Having the flashiest ice

is only half the battle.

In "A Town",it has to come custom made

to stand out from the restof blinged-out crowd.

This is-- this is minor,right here.

♪ Where'd you get that platinumchain with them diamonds in it ♪

If you're doing anythingunder 10 carats

as a rapperin Atlanta, get lost.

There's no placefor you there.

(announcer)Take Young Jeezy.

The "My President" rapperflashes his $100,000,

60 carat diamondand platinum encrusted

USDA pendant.

Waka Flocka Flamesports a 100 grand

iced out Fozzie Bear.

Soulja Boy unloadedan astounding

half million dollars

on this yellowand white diamond chain.

And Atlanta's newestresident Rick Ross

has a $1.5 millionpendant

of his own face.

Y'all look out for that,it's gonna be big.

(announcer)What about Usher?

The Atlanta nativeand R&B superstar

has sold 65 millionrecords worldwide,

making him one of the bestselling artist in history.

And he's stockpilingmore than Grammys.

Usher actuallycollects watches.

And he has 40 watchesvalued at $2 million.

♪ 'Cause the spotlight ain'tnothing without you girl ♪

(announcer)When he was promoting

his uber-hit album,"Confessions,"

Usher commissioneda very special timepiece

for his collection.

This $250,000

diamond encrustedstunner.

The 10 carat watchhas about 1,100 stones

that form the shapeof Usher's face.

When you're Usher and you wantto like, "Oh, what time is it?"

It's like,"Oh, it's Usher time."

Yeah, we get wild,we get loose and crazy.

(announcer)But the titleof self-promoting bling king

belongs to Atlanta's ownLil Jon.

As the foundingfather of crunk music,

his "crunk ain't dead" chain

holds a special placein his heart.

And there's nothinglittle about it.

Lil Jon is basically wearinga newborn on his chest.


(announcer)We headed to Jasonof Beverly Hills to get a look

at just how this record-breakingpendant was conceived.

(Jason)The "crunk ain't dead"diamond pendent went down

as the Guinness Bookof World Record's

largest diamond pendantever created.

Lil Jon wanted to go big,he wanted to go flashy.

He also wanted the worldto know that crunk ain't dead.

And there's no better wayto do that than to wear

a billboard made of diamondsaround your neck.

This pendant hasover 3,700 individual diamonds

set onto 18-karatyellow gold.

It's over 7-1/2 inches talland weighs over five pounds.

The pendant, it takes overmy entire chest.

(announcer)The massive diamond marvel

cost an equally monumentalhalf million dollars.

With every detail designedby the "Crunk King" himself.

(Jason)He knew exactlywhat he wanted to a tee,

down to the font, the size,the shape of the lettering,

the type of diamondsand the style.

Lil Jon wanted to createan historic piece,

and what better way

than the Guinness Bookof World Records?

Atlanta celebs aren'tjust setting bling records

around their necks.

I gotta havecool shades on.

(announcer)No one knows better

than boxing greatFloyd Mayweather

that diamondsare a girl's best friend.

(boxing bell ringing)Hey!

(announcer)The undefeated champhas been engaged twice

to the same woman.

And each engagement ringis a total knockout.

Mayweather met modelShantel Jackson

in Atlanta in 2005,

and he poppedthe question twice.

(announcer)The first rockwas an 18-carat sparkler

worth $2.5 million.

A few years later,that got outshined

by a 25-carat fancyintense yellow diamond

valued at a reported$10 million.

He's not called"Money Mayweather" for nothing.

I don't know what she's doingto get these gifts,

but she needsto teach some classes, okay?


(announcer)And in Atlanta,

diamonds aren'tjust for jewelry,

'cause the biggeststars here

are wearingthem on their feet.

Like Big Boi.

The Outkast star took a pairof $200 Air Force Ones

and blinged themto the brink of insanity.

Ever hear of the rarechocolate-champagne diamond?

They're even rarer nowbecause of these babies.

So y'all check that out,you know what I mean, for sure.

This is the $50,000 "So Cal"Air Force One made for Big Boi.

It has gone downas one of the most

expensive sneakersin the world.

What makes the shoe$50,000 is the 13 carats

that are intricately sewn intothe shoe using gold lace.

The sneakerswere shipped all the way

to the diamond sourcein India,

where a team of artisansworked 'round the clock

for a full monthto stitch these sick treads.

They sewed about70 chocolate diamonds

on each swooshof the sneaker.

Chocolate diamonds were chosento contrast the stitching

that goes aroundthe base of the tennis shoe.

It's the entertainment business,you gotta shine.

(announcer)And good luck finding theseat the mall.

'Cause not only are theythe most expensive sneaks

in all the land,they're also one of a kind.

I've gotten hits from peoplein Thailand, London, Dubai.

I haven't made anythinglike it, so it's one of one.

That's the sneakergame y'all.

(announcer)Coming up,

one of the rarest carson the planet.

I'm gonna keep it moving.

Trying to get morein the future.

That's testosteronefor your ass.

(announcer)And find out why Atlanta rappers

get their pearly whitesblinged-out by this guy...

I turned thugs to players.

(announcer)... when "The Fabulous Lifeof Atlanta" continues.

♪ Everybody wanna be famous

(announcer)Atlanta may have a world class

public transportationsystem,

but when you're a celeb,

you ain't toting a Marta cardto get around town.


♪ I'm too fast for y'all man

When Ludacris signed up for the"Fast and Furious" franchise,

it wasn't just to getsome acting cred.

He happens to own his ownfast cars and lots of them.

♪ What you gonna doact the fool? ♪

(announcer)That's right,

the rapper turned actor hasa fleet of some of the fastest

and most expensive carson the planet.

Come on, man, that's crazy.

(announcer)The vast collection is estimated

at a jaw-dropping$2.3 million.

There's a $200,000Bentley Continental GT,

a 240 grand McClaren 12C,

and a Rolls RoycePhantom Drop Coupe

valued at 450 Gs.

(Janell)If you're a "Fastand the Furious" star,

and you don't have a sickcar collection, get lost!

(announcer)And Luda's need for speedhas no limits.

When he wantsto test the horsepower

of his magnificentmachines,

Ludacris doesn'thave to worry

about getting pulled overby Atlanta 5-0.

When Ludacris boughthis new Ferrari,

the top speedis 200 miles an hour.

Of course, he knewthat he couldn't go,

like, drag racingon the streets of Atlanta.

So he rented out the entireAtlanta Motor Speedway.

(announcer)The NASCAR race track extended

some Southern hospitalityto Ludacris

for the bargainprice of 12 grand,

giving him the whole day

to take his $230,000Ferrari to the limit.

That's testosteronefor your ass.


But the most testosterone-fueledcar in Luda's line-up

is importedall the way from... Detroit.

The rarest carin Luda's collection

is the Chrysler ME 4-12.

Only two were madeas concept cars,

and Luda, beingthe collector that he is,

reportedly got his handson one.

(announcer)The ticket pricefor the rare prototype?

A estimated three quartersof a million dollars.

Vroom, vroom.

Usher can be seen zipping aroundthe streets of Atlanta

on one of his manymotor cycles.

Come on, hook it up man.

While most celebritiesreally like collecting cars,

Usher is really intomotorcycles.

He's got two Ducatis,he's got a Brawler.

(announcer)When it comes to moto-mania,

he got it bad.

His hog collection alone

is valued atan estimated $90,000.

Come on, kids,get in the damn car.

(announcer)But when Usher choosesfour-wheel transportation,

his luxury car of choiceis a Mercedes-Benz.

When Usher first made it,and he got that big check,

he treated his mom and himselfto a new Mercedes.

That's the truth.

(announcer)Aww, how sweet.

And now that Usher's paychecksare even bigger,

he's upped his game.

'Cause when he wantsa new Benz,

he doesn't just popinto a dealership,

he travels to Mercedesheadquarters in Germany

to buildone.

Usher flew to Germany and helpedto assemble the engine

in his ownpersonalized SLS AMG.

(announcer)Starting price for the custom

luxury vehicle,a cool 200K.

This one is likethe cream of the crop.

(announcer)But the undisputed automotive

status symbol for Atlanta celebsis a Bentley.

Just ask A-T-L'shottest couple,

R&B beauty Ciara and her boo,rapper Future.

(Janell)Typically you frown upon couples

that have matchinganything, right?

Like matching outfits-- no.

Ciara and Future,however, get a pass

because they havematching Bentleys.

You know what, I feel veryhappy about that thing.

(announcer)The price tag

for the matchingBentleys?

A total of 420,000.

But hip-hop starsaren't the only ones

sporting Bentley'sin the A-T-L.

A day after cruisingin bestie Tyler Perry's

new Bentley GT Sports Coupe,

talk show queen Oprahreceived an unexpected gift,

her very own matching one,

valued at a reported$250,000.

She commented, "Tyler,I really like your car."

Tyler Perry, beingthe nice guy that he is,

and a great frienddecides to send Oprah,

as a surprise gift,her very own Bentley.

(announcer)And guess who else

got their own Bentleyfrom of Mr. Perry.

Oprah's other BFF, Gayle.

Oh, thank you, thank you.

(announcer)That's a half a million dollars

of fine Britishengineering.

And you get a car,and you get a car,

and you get a car,cars for everybody.

♪ Ladies it's your song,so as soon as this come on ♪

♪ You should getout on the floor ♪

♪ Go and get your sexy on

Grills have becomepretty mainstream now.

Katy Perry has them,Madonna has them.

Miley Cyrushas been sporting them.

Everybody's got grills.

The pop world may have gone wildfor grills in recent years,

but hip-hop artistshave been flashing

their golden chompersfor decades.

(Michelle)Grills have been around inhip-hop for a really long time,

really the whole thingstarted in the South.

(announcer)Ludacris has $5,000

worth of goldin his mouth.

Lil Jon's custom platinumand diamond set cost 50 grand.

And Cee Lo sports $15,000

in diamondtooth decorations.

(Angela)Cee Lo, he has his glued on.

And I don't thinkhe can even take his off.

(announcer)Yes, A-T-L celebs

sport more grillsthan a backyard barbeque.

And whether they wantmagnificent molars

or improbable incisors

they look no furtherthan the self-proclaimed

godfather of the grills,Eddie Plein.

Having a grillis a status symbol.

I turn killersto ballers,

and I turn thugsto players.

(announcer)Playas like Luda, Chingy,

and Lil Jon,

some of the most famouspearly whites in the world

have been blinged outby the godfather.

It's an offerthey can't refuse.

This happens to be oneof the first sets for Cee Lo.

You can tellthat's Cee Lo, right?

He paid about 4,500.

But it was Atlanta's own Big Boithat put Eddie's on the map

when his $5,000 grillhit a worldwide audience.

Yeah, yeah.

(Eddie)He was going to the Grammys.

White gold or the platinumbecame the rage.

Big Boi got the Grammy,and I saw his teeth glittering.

It made me very proud.

(announcer)Before Eddie, rappers in Atlanta

were getting permanentgold teeth.

But when he introducedthe removable grill,

a dental flarerevolution was born.

Just ask D-Rocfrom the Ying Yang Twins.

He dropped eight G'son his one of a kind

diamond and gold mouthpiece.

(Eddie)It's like a serious experiment.

Every other teeth was gold.

And we had to solderthem together.

And then they hada block of diamonds.

And the godfather'salways looking

to his expand his business.

(Eddie)I see P. Diddy, I see Kanye.

They might needto holla at me

to get them some realprofessional Eddie golds.

(announcer)Coming up, find out A-Town

is the newest entertainmentcapital of America.

(Alex)Tyler Perry has built an entire

little Hollywoodfor himself

right there in Atlanta.

(announcer)And we'll uncover the wealthiest

media moguls in the A-T-L.

This mancan do everything.

I'm kinda like a--a superman in a way.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Atlanta" returns.

Atlanta is the entertainmentindustry's newest media capital.

(Cori)We've kind of alwaysassociated it with music,

but now TV there, film.

It really has becomethe Hollywood of the South.

(announcer)The entertainment industryin Hot-lanta

generates $3 billion a year.

With that muchshow-biz mojo,

Atlanta celebsare shrugging off Hollywood,

doing it their own wayin the A-T-L.

(Michelle)The key to a realsuccess is to diversify.

So that's exactly what allthese hip-hop artists

in Atlanta are doing.

And they're makingmillions doing it.

(announcer)Take Young Jeezy.

He started out hustlinghis mix tapes

on the streets of Atlanta.

Today, he's not justa superstar on the mic,

he's stacking paper as CEOof his own "bidness",

Corporate Thugz Entertainment.

(Xavier)Jeezy's also an executive.

He's a senior VP of A&Rat Atlantic Records.

(announcer)His endorsement deal with Adidas

is also bringing insome serious chedda,

a reported $10 million.

Definitely, definitely,definitely.

♪ Luda is unstoppable,his money is astronomical ♪

♪ Sell as many recordsas a -- like me ♪

♪ That -- is justimpossible ♪

(announcer)Chris "Ludacris" Bridges

has done goodby his hometown.

The mogul is worthan estimated $65 million,

raking in 12 million a yearfrom his varied empire.

♪ Matter fact ya record labelstill pays me ♪

Ludacris has one ofthe most successful

business portfolios in hip-hop,covering everything

from his own Conjure Cognacto his own headphone lines.

Luda has his own label,Disturbing the Peace,

and he's actually the onethat got Two Chainz

started in the industry.

(announcer)Oh, and those little movies

he stars in?

"The Fast and the Furious?"

They've grossed2.4 billion worldwide.

(Alex)And it seems like every hit song

over the past ten yearswas featuring Ludacris.

Everybody lovesto work with this guy.

(announcer)Atlanta boy Usher

has been an unstoppable force

since first burstingon the scene

as a youngin' in 1994.


(announcer)Today, the 35-year-oldseasoned superstar

has sold 65 million recordsworldwide,

earned eight Grammys,

and has builtone massive empire.

I'm kinda like a--a Superman in a way, you know?

He has his very ownUsher MasterCard.

He has his own perfumesfor men and women.

He's even part ownerof the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So you know he's notjust sitting court side,

he's up inthe owners' suite.

As judge of "The Voice",he got a cool $7 million.


(announcer)His estimated net worth

is a staggering 110 million.

Oh, yeah, he also happenedto discover this kid.

This whole thing'sjust been incredible.

But the biggest, baddestmogul in Atlanta

is a sassy,pistol packing granny.

AKA, Tyler Perry.

(Michelle)Tyler Perry is reallythe undisputed

media king of Atlanta.

This mancan do everything.

(announcer)Perry writes, produces, directs,

and starsin his own films,

and the "one man show"has earned a personal fortune

of $400 million.

Hollywood is finallytaking a look at black movies

and saying "Look how muchthese films can can make."

That means a great deal to me,it really does.

(announcer)So how much can they make?

Perry's 15 independent films

have grosseda mind-blowing $1 billion.

Tyler Perry loves Atlantaso much that he founded

his own Tyler Perry Studiosright in his own back yard.

The movie magnate convertedtwo former airplane hangers

into a 200,000square-foot facility

with 5 sound stages,a 400-seat theater,

and private screening-rooms.

The price tagfor his bespoke studio?

A whopping 40 million.

That's my world, though,that's my world, my mind,

gotta get it done,move on to the next thing.

Tyler Perry has built an entirelittle Hollywood for himself

right there in Atlanta.

(announcer)Watch your back, Tinseltown.

Coming up, Hot-lanta celebritiesuse their extensive clout...

♪ Stand up

He took over the entirecity of Atlanta.

(announcer)... all in the name of charity.

Next, on "The Fabulous Lifeof Atlanta."

♪ Stop lookingat what you ain't got ♪

♪ And start being thankfulfor what you do got ♪

Celebs in Atlanta spend big,but they give back bigger

to the citythey love so much.

(announcer)Stars in Atlanta aren't just

some of the biggest ballersin show biz,

they're also amongthe most charitable.

Artists like Big Boi,Akon, and Luda all have

charitable foundations thatgenerate millions of dollars.

Usher's New Look charitydonated $1 million

to a Clinton initiativeyouth program.




(announcer)But one of the biggesthumanitarians in Atlanta

is Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry really camefrom nothing,

and at one point he waseven living out of his car.

He's since madea whole lot of money,

but he's found a wayto give back.

(announcer)And he gives back big.

He's donated $1 millionto the N.A.A.C.P.,

another million bucksto Haiti earthquake relief,

and six figures a yearto an Atlanta based food bank.

He even built an 88-year-oldwoman a new house

when he heard thatshe lost hers in a fire.

(Tyler Perry)Being in the position thatI've been blessed to be in,

I just wantedto do something to help her.


(announcer)And when the most powerful manon earth

needs to raise a few bucks,guess who he calls on?

When Obama was runninghis campaign in 2012,

he took a trip down to Atlantafor two different events

hosted by Tyler Perry.

He had onethat was $10,000 a head,

then he had one at his ownprivate residence,

and that was$36,000 a person.

(announcer)Five hours later,

the Prez was headed backto D.C. with a cool five mil

courtesy of Mr. Perry'sfundraiser.

That's a lotof bumper stickers.

♪ Stand up, stand up

When hometown hero Ludacristhrows a charity event,

he uses his"keys to the city"

to take overthe whole damn town.

We all know Labor Day,but down in Atlanta,

it's Luda Day Weekend.

Only somebody like Ludacriscould take over

the entire cityof Atlanta...

♪ Stand up

... all in the nameof charity.

(announcer)That's right.

Luda invites his well-heeledhomies to the A-T-L

for a weekend of parties,sporting events,

and someserious fundraising.

It's all about giving back,

never forgettingwhere you come from,

and that's why it's importantfor me to be here to support.

(announcer)The three day celebration

is one of the largestcharity events in Georgia.

Everyone comes there,and he has

all of thesedifferent events,

and he has celebritybasketball games,

and people donate money.

Last year he raisedover $100,000 dollars

benefitting variousyouth organizations.

It was from the heart.

I mean, everythingI do is from the heart.

♪ I got one life to live,I'ma party 'til I'm dead ♪

(announcer)For these celebs,

Georgia is alwayson their mind.

And they're alwaysready to give back

by breaking off a pieceof their hard-earned scratch.

So thanksfor keeping it real

and keeping it fab,A-T-Liens.

Think we showed 'ema hell of a time.

Hell, yeah,we showed 'em a good time.

Thanks for showing me around,Shorty.

Yeah, definitely did.