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Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

She's the best-selling female artist of all time and he's a multi-talented entertainer. Witness what it's like to live as Hollywood royalty as we give you a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

aired 04/09/2014 · 41:11

(announcer)Raise a glass to the fantasylife of Mariah Carey...

What's up everybody?

And Nick Cannon.

It's a Nick Cannon party, anda Nick Cannon party don't stop.

Where romantic gestures aregrander than grand...

(woman)When Mariah and Nick do anythingthey do it really big.

They can affordto, why not?

Wardrobes are vast...

This is Valentino.

She has a shoe room and it'smuch bigger than my apartment.

Her shoes livebetter than I do!

And diamonds area boy's best friend...

Nick is one of thebest clients I have.

I'm taking it tothe next level.

This power couple's bankrollis a force to be reckoned with.

(man)Nick and Mariah togetherare one of the richest

couples in the world.


Their houses arelarger than life.

It's so fabulous, it'ssuch an incredible place.

And their kids get thebest money can buy.

AFK Furniture graces the roomsof Kobe Bryant's children,

Jennifer Lopez,of course Mariah Carey.

Pretty standard really.

Get ready to indulge...

I've been excitedabout this forever.

This is "The Fabulous Life ofMariah Carey and Nick Cannon."

I'm ready,I'm ready.

I'm so ready.

I can't wait.


(announcer)Mr. and Mrs. Cannon tiedthe knot at Mariah's

$5.5 millionestate in the Bahamas.

Guest list-- two dozen friendsflown in on private jets and

enough Maine lobster and DomPerignon for everyone

to party like royalty.

It's amazing,it's wonderful.

It's the best thing that'sever happened to me.

That is justabsolutely their style.

It's low profile toa certain extent,

But they're stillgoing to wow people.

They still have to feed theirguests and they're going to feed

their guests well.

They put guests up at thenearby pineapple fields hotel,

which goes forabout $250 a night.

in order to accommodate all ofthe guests, they booked out

about 28 outof the 32 rooms.

(announcer)That's around 14grand just to put

their pals upfor two nights.

Nick and Mariah spared noexpense on their nuptials.

But when it comes to parties,this super couple was just

getting started.

Since getting married in 2008,the happy couple have renewed

their vows every April and eachanniversary gets more

and more extravagant.

We thank you for being hereto celebrate the one year

anniversary ofour wedding union!

Nick Cannon isdefinitely a romantic guy.

When they renewed their vowsin 2012 they did it

on top of theEiffel Tower.

I mean talk about the mostromantic place in the world.

Nick and Mariah traveled toFrance via private jet for at

least $100,000 and celebratedwith an intimate ceremony,

after a romantic dinner at LaJules Verne restaurant,

just after midnight.

Renewing your vows at thetop of the Eiffel Tower

is not a cheap thing to do.

But Nick didn't care.

All he cares about is beingromantic and pleasing his wife.

You make the priority andeverything comes after that.

Tre chic!

How do you top that?

Easy, if you'vegot the cash.

For their fifth anniversary in2013 the happy couple rented out

the happiestplace on earth...


The nighttime ceremony inMickey's stomping grounds cost

them a reported $180,000for 250 guests.

And that doesn'tinclude the extras,

and you knowthere were extras.

Like fireworks that went offat the moment they kissed.

They also had a nine-tier cake,15,000 floral blossoms and

10,000 crystals to decoratethe affair that took nearly

a year to plan.

It was cool, itwas worth it.

I didn't even know you couldrent out Disneyland.

They rented it outlike Chuck E.

(announcer)The Cinderella-inspired gownMariah wore was designed by

Lazaro Perez, andretails for $6,500.

Her headpiece, a littleover $1,000.

Not bad for a bride thatwas already married!

It's really cool that they getso into renewing their vows each

and every year and they reallyjust lived out a fairy tale

and made itextravagant.

They spared no expense andclearly had a ball.

Here I am and trying to behappy and have a good time

and enjoy my life.


This marriage started likeany other, with bling...




Nick proposed here, onthe top floor

of her überposh Tribeca apartment.

And you better believehe did it with style.

When Nick decides to proposeto Mariah, he wanted to do

something really meaningful andhe knew that she loved Ring Pops

so he put the ringin a Ring Pop wrapper.

Inside the wrapper, therewasn't a jaw breaking lollipop

worth 50 cents.

Oh, no.

It was a jaw dropping engagementring worth $2.5 million.

Rock candy anyone?

Oh, yeah.

He gave her a ring that wasnot that much smaller

than an actualring pop.

The thing is huge.

Jacob Arabo, AKA Jacob thejeweler, worked closely with

Nick to design the mostexpensive engagement

ring he's ever made.

It is a 17-caratstunner.

It has a 10-carat pink diamondthat is square emerald cut

in the center with 58 smallerpink diamonds around it

and two half moonshaped diamonds on it.

I honestly think you can seethis thing from the moon.

Talk about a sparkler!

And that's just thetip of the iceberg.


This is a vintageCartier piece.

This is frommy husband.

When Nick and Mariah want to uptheir bling game,

they go to this guy.

We are the go to jeweler forsome of the world's biggest

celebrities and VIPS.

Nick is one of thebest clients I have.

He wanted to make somethingreally special

for their secondanniversary.

The second we proposed the ideaof a diamond encrusted ring pop,

his jaw droppedto the floor.

This ring pop thatNick got for

Mariah, is truly a uniqueone of a kind piece.

You have over eight and halfcarats of flawless

white and pink diamonds.

It is true to size

and has a valueof over $50,000.

For their third anniversary, andthe day their twins Moroccan and

Monroe were born, Nick hadJason create a $12,000 sapphire

and diamondnameplate necklace for Mariah.


Nick has also splurged on somebig-ticket baubles for himself,

like this half-million-dollardiamond encrusted watch that

he wore to the 2013Halo Awards.

Nick really wantedto make a statement.

He wanted to have a watch thatwas over the top and really

representedhis lifestyle.

So we had to come withsomething very special.

This masterpiece is a oneof a kind timepiece.

You're talking about2,000 individual stones.

Over 100 carats of flawlesswhite diamonds all set onto

18-carat rose gold.

You're not going to find manywatches like this.

In fact, the only onelike this in the world!

A watch like this is valuedover $500,000.

When it comes toblinged-out watches,

Nick knows whattime it is.

But nothing comes close to hismost recent purchase...

Now this is one of the mostamazing pieces that Nick

has ever asked me to do.

We have here a Tom Ford loaferthat belongs to Nick and we're

going to reconstruct theentire top to create a 150- to

200-carat diamond shoe that willgo down as the world's most

expensive shoe.

This shoe will be well over$2 million in the end.

Total spent inJason's store?

Over $5 million...

And counting.

That's cool.

Coming up...

A nursery that will have youdoing a double take.

I heard from Mariah's assistantthat when she walked in the

nursery she cried.

Plus, these pampered pooches areliving the dog's life.

In my next life I'm coming backas one of Mariah Carey's dogs.

(announcer)And later, Nick's theory onlapping up luxury vehicles...

When you can have them,you go get them.

(announcer)All that and moreon the fabulous life

of Mariah Careyand Nick Cannon.


Nick and Mariah were marriedexactly three years to the date

that their twins Moroccanand Monroe were born.

(announcer)When your mom and dad are MariahCarey and Nick Cannon,

your life is an endless buffetof luxury, starting in utero.

Wherever Mariah goes she has togo in style so of course she

arrived at the hospitalready to give birth

in a $400, 000Rolls Royce phantom.

I mean talk aboutmaking an entrance.

I would expect nothing less thanfor Mariah and Nick to arrive in

style no matter where they went,including the hospital

at which she gave birth.

(announcer)The parents-to-be hadseven rooms--

one for Mariah, one for Nick'smama, and one for their

four Jack Russell terriers.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannonare allowed to have dogs in

a hospital?

That's crazy!

Man, listen, they want to throwme out if you don't put the hand

sanitizer on whenyou come in.

You know what,it is what it is.

That wing had to cost thousandsand thousands of dollars.

But they don't care, they wantto be comfortable, they want to

be able to spread out and theycertainly have to have a place

for their dogs to stay.

Thank you!

(announcer)And to make the twins' entranceinto this world complete,

and completely over-the-top,Mariah requested that

the live version ofher song "Fantasy"

be played, so thenewborns could hear

the applause from thatrecording.

One of the first sounds that thetwins ever heard in the world

was the sound of clapping,and that certainly

won't be thelast time.

It was amazing.


A month before the dual bundlesof joy arrived, Mariah and Nick

took nestingto another level.

They paid beaucoup bucksto create a nursery fit

for a tinyking and queen.

We're the premier source forhigh-end juvenile furnishings

in the world.

AFK Furniture graces the roomsof Kobe Bryant's children,

Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez,of course Mariah Carey.

We actually had the privilegeon working on two nurseries

for Mariah and Nick.

The total for those twonurseries was over $100,000.

When Mariah came in, the veryfirst thing that she saw was

this hot air balloon chandelierand she had to have it.

The retail valueis around $2,300.

The cabinetry for Nick andMariah's nursery gave such ample

space for the amazing clothingand shoe collection that had

been given to the babies fromwell known fashion designers

around the world.

our charge for this was $12,000.

In this room we have a muraldone by our amazing muralist she

painted the most incredible skyfor Mariah and Nick.

Mariah's ceiling mural andwall mural were about $5,000.

Mariah and Nick decked outtwo nurseries,

one in NY and onein L .A.

with four$3, 000 cribs.

The luxurious fabrics andmobiles added to the cribs,

were nearly an additional 12grand in baby accouterments.

But Mariah andNick weren't done there.

And here we have our Juliettable and chair set.

This is ourMayfair swivel glider.

This children's clothes valetis approximately $600.

And upstairs we have Oscar, thegiraffe that has graced many

rooms since wedid Mariah's nursery.

Mariah must have loved it somuch because soon after she

called us to order the samegiraffe as her gift to Beyoncé

and Jay-Z forlittle Blue Ivy.

He's around $1,200.

I heard from Mariah's assistantthat when she walked

in the nurseryshe cried.

That was the bestpart for me,

hearing how happywe had made her.

I've been excitedabout this forever.

The two toddlers are still justlearning to speak, yet they're

already making waves, likehanging out with president

Obama and singingon Mariah's album.

If the babies' genes areanything like their mom

and dad's then you know they'regonna be rock star singers.

Even though their kids comefirst, Moroccan and Monroe

aren't the only two childrenthat Mariah and Nick spoil.

Nick andMariah love dogs.

They have eight Jack Russellterriers that they treat

like members of theirown family.

At their place in L.A., theyhave a separate dog house on the

property that Nick built becausehe didn't want the dogs

in the mainhouse with them.

(announcer)And this ain't notypical dog house.

The eight JackRussell terriers

have theirown human-sized house.

This pooch pied a tierreis a replica

of Nick andMariah's mansion,

With a private roomfor each pup.

You've gotta have people goingin, cleaning up after the dogs

and feeding the dogs and givingthem new toys and new luxurious

items to make theirstay a little more comfy.

Those dogs live betterthan most people.

And the pampered pooches arealso bicoastal, traveling

between New York and la viaprivate jet with Mama Mariah.

In my next life I'm coming backas one of Mariah Carey's dogs.

I heard one actually rodea limo by himself to go see

her in a studioduring a taping.

I mean these dogshave the life.

You know, prettystandard really.

Coming up...

A car that costs morethan the average home...

For most people the Rolls RoycePhantom is a home on wheels.

Plus, when it comes to Mariah'soutfits, it's one and done.

When she's making a statementshe's not going to make that

same statement again.

And later...

The Carey-Cannon'shomes sweet homes.

They have everythingyou could ever dream

of right on their property.

It's a beautifulsituation.

(announcer)When "The FabulousLife of Mariah Carey

and Nick Cannon" returns.

Like most celebrities, Mariahand Nick are obsessed with

clothes and havevery extensive wardrobes.

(announcer)According to her husband NickCannon, Mariah Carey never wears

the same thingtwice.

I'm not trippingat all.

And if you were the best sellingfemale artist of all time,

with unlimited funds,why on earth would you?

She wears a lot of high enddesigner clothes so she wears

a lot of Tom Ford, a lot ofAzzedine Alaia but you don't

ever see herwear it again.

This is Valentino andthis is Leseire.

When she's making a statementshe wants to make a statement,

and she's not going to makethat same statement again.

This is Vera Wang.

And with a body like hers,Mariah can pull off all

the hottest styles, like thisHaider Ackerman Blackwood dress

that retails for $1,040.

Or this L'Wren Scott red dressthat hugged her gorgeous curves

for just under $1,400.

The dress isMichael Kors.

It's a little ensemble, littlebeing the operative word.

I would describe Mariah's styleas unabashedly sexy, she loves

to show off her body in croptops, mini-skirts, cocktail

dresses; whatever is showingoff a little bit of skin

is what Mariah likes.

I don't know thatI can define sexy for you.

I guess whatever turnsyou on.

I don't know.

(announcer)And the few times she does coverup, price is never an object.

Like this long sleevedRoberto Cavalli dress

that retails for $2,670.

Or this gorgeous red leopardtrench coat by Azzedine Alaia,

which set her backmore than nine grand.

And this Alexander McQueenhoneycomb patent leather

and net dress...

A mere $13,850.

Mariah's definitely a sexydress, low cut, high slits or

short and always,always, always in high heels.

Speaking of shoes...

Mariah Carey has enoughpairs to set up shop.

Everybody loves ChristianLouboutin and Mariah Carey

is a huge fan ofthe red bottoms.

She also loves Saint Laurent,Azzedine Alaia, Tom Ford

anything that has kind of a highprice tag that's what Mariah

really likes.

She hasa shoe room.

And it's much bigger thanmy apartment.

Her shoes livebetter than I do!

(announcer)Mariah's shoe room has floor toceiling shelves that keep her

colossal collectionorganized by color.

With reportedly over 1,000pairs averaging $1,000 each,

that's closeto $1 million in fancy footwear!

I think every girl dreamsof having a full room just

dedicated to herfavorite accessories.

But Mariah's not the only onewith a shoe kick.

Hubby Nick Cannon's shoecollection stacks up

with the missus.

Nick Cannon has said that heowns around 2,000 pairs

of sneakers.

If you think each pair isaround $500 then you're looking

at a really expensiveshoe collection.


And Nick's no slacker fromthe ankles up either.

A gentleman is poised,calm, collected, stylish.

He wears a lot of Tom Ford andDolce and Gabbana very tailored,

very lux and a lotof colors.

I think Nick is just sortof very dapper.

There was less to say abouthis style before Mariah.

I think she probablyinfluenced him with just sort of

the lux nature of her life.

I'm taking it tothe next level.

When you see him on a redcarpet, he always looks good.

They love fancy cars and theylike fast cars.

You name it they have it.

When you can have them,you go get them.

Want proof?

Take this MercedesBenz G-Class.

And this black FerrariCalifornia convertible

that Mariah bought for Nickafter his health issues in 2012.

Mariah Carey bought Nicka $250,000 Ferrari

as a get well present.

That would makeme feel better.

Nick paid it forward when hereportedly gave Mariah

a Mercedes SLK R172, around thetime of her 42nd birthday.

Thank you, thankyou thank you.

But that paled in comparison tothe ride Nick purchased

for Mariah's2011 Christmas present,

a $400,000 RollsRoyce phantom.

Feast your eyes on one of themost expensive cars

money can buy.

I'm the exotic brands managerhere at Manhattan Motor Cars.

If you're anyone that wantsto buy an exotic luxury car,

this is theplace to do it.

Rolls Royce Phantom is a car forheads of state, for presidents,

for kings and queens,and of course for

the show businessroyalty.

On this particular vehicle hereit's outfitted with our coach

doors which areunique to Rolls Royce.

Makes it nice and easy toget in and out of the car.

We have our entertainmentcenter which pops out here

and opens up.

Everything can be individuallycontrolled from the back seat

which would-overridethe driver.

There's a nice littlebutton here where you can close

your door from the inside.

When they get to where they'regoing and it happens to be

raining the driver justpops a little button here,

out comes the RollsRoyce umbrella.

One on each side.

Every Rolls Royce comes with twoof these and if they happen to

lose one these runaround $1, 500 apiece.

So you want to make surethey get stored right

back wherethey belong.

Nice and easy.

For most people the Rolls RoycePhantom is a home on wheels.

For just under a half a milliondollars this will get you

anywhere you'dlike to go in style.

The best part about it is,it looks just as great

with a driver orwith you driving it.

Your choice.

Do I have someonedrive me in it?

Or do I drive it?

But if I have my driverdrive it then he gets

to have all the fun.

And even though it's one ofthe most luxurious cars on

the market, there's alwaysan upgrade to be had.

They got the extendedcab with the frigerator

with the GreyGoose in it.

Can't go wrong with that.

I don't havethat in mine.

Even when you havea rolls Royce,

you still got a lotof work to do.

Coming up...

Step inside an abodefor A-listers.

This property attractscelebrities,

anybody that wantsextreme privacy and luxury.

It's so fabulous,it's such an incredible place.

(announcer)And a sliceof paradise?

Try the whole pie!

If you don'tknow about Windermere,

you can't go to Windermere.

When "The FabulousLife of Mariah Carey

and Nick Cannon" returns.


Mariah and Nickare living large.

They live in someserious square footage.

(announcer)Like Mariah's $9 million triplexin New York City's Tribeca,

with 12,000 squarefeet of living space.

It's so fabulous, it'ssuch an incredible place.

I don't know what you call12,000 square feet in

New York City except forexcessive.

Gargantuan,over the top.

The palatial penthouse boastsa studio, gym, Moroccan room

and working salon.

Not to mentioncolossal closets.

Mariah Carey's closetsare humungous.

They're actually bigger thanmost peoples' full studio


She has a separate room forher clothes and a whole

other room for her shoes.

(announcer)It's also home to one ofMariah's priciest and most

prized possessions,

a white lacquered baby grandpiano that once belonged

to Marilyn Monroe.

She's got it roped offin its own section.

But who can blame her?

She owns this piece of one ofher idols, Marilyn Monroe

and nobody is goingto be

playing chopstickson that thing.

Thank you very much.

When they're not in the BigApple, the family of four spread

out in their 11,750-square-feetBel Air mansion,

recently valued atjust under $13 million.

The seven-bedroom, nine-bathstunner has a theater,

music studio, putting green,even a lodge themed Aspen room.

They also have a barbershopin the house for Nick Cannon

to get his haircuts.

They havea candy room.

They have a basketball court.

They have everything you couldever dream of right on their


There's noreason to leave.

It's a beautifulsituation.

But even the most beautifulof situations can get tired,

so when these two stars need abreak from their fabulous homes

they escape to even morefabulous vacation spots.

During the month of December,you'll find them hitting the

slopes in Aspen, the perfectplace to spend part of their

winter and theirhard earned dough.

Works for me.

I mean Aspen is theperfect place for them.

It's incredibly posh,it is really the playground

of the rich and famous.

And during the summertime, theCarey-Cannon family jets out to

where else but the Hamptons,where they soak in some rays

and relax in one of the mostprestigious seaside communities.

Mariah and Nick lovehanging out in the Hamptons.

Do I?

Of course I do.

All the big celebrities areout there and it's the place

to really brush shoulders witheveryone so when it comes to

spending money on homes inthe Hamptons, they are happy

to write any size check.


Take a peek inside one of Nickand Mariah's favorite rental

properties in the Hamptons,"The Peninsula."

When people want to look atluxury real estate in the

Hamptons, they call me.

This magnificent Sag HarborHamptons estate has over 8,000

square feet, six bedrooms,six-and-half baths,

and 650 feet directwater frontage on the bay.

This property attractscelebrities,

high end WallStreet people.

Anybody that wants extremeprivacy and luxury.

The living roomjust screams elegance.

It has a beautiful cofferedceilings and a wide-open floor

plan, open to the kitchen,family room and another den.

It's just the most beautifuland most private

estate in the Hamptons.

It's called the Peninsulabecause it's surrounded by three

sides by water and you look outonto only water and no other

neighbors in the areawhich is very important

to celebrities thatwould be here.

The pool is a 30 x 60infinity edge pool.

It's got Jacuzzi,floating day beds.

It was inspired by a resortin Bali and you feel

like you're there.

It's very private so you have noneighbors looking down at you

and it's one of thenicest backyards

and pool areas inthe Hamptons.

Mariah and Nick reportedlyshelled out $150,000 a month

during the summer of 2012to get some R&R

in this stunning sanctuary.

Worth it!

It was amazing.

And when the Hamptons get lameNick and Mariah always have

another slice ofparadise standing by.

Their home in the Bahamas is ona secluded, private island

called Windermere and you canonly get there by private plane.

So if you don't knowabout Windermere,

you can't goto Windermere.

Their $5.5 million Bahamianproperty boasts 4,000 square

feet of indoor luxury and 3,500square feet of outdoor opulence.

The four-part compoundalso has a 40-foot pool

and a wrap around terrace.

You know whenyou have a compound,

you got a lot of money.

It's amazing.

But when they're lookingfor a little more action,

Nick doesn't play around.

A couple of weeks after theygot hitched, he started their

marriage on the right foot whenhe paid a rumored $250,000

to rent out six flags amusementpark in la for five hours,

just so Mariah could rideher favorite roller

coasterswithout waiting in line.

Now that'sa good husband!

My wife is an icon butat the same time she's

the best wife inthe world as well.

When Mariah and Nick doanything they do it really big.

If they can afford towhy not?

Coming up...

Mariah's giftkeeps on giving.

She keeps making number one hitsand selling more and more.

And the manyhats of Nick Cannon.

I got a new show that I'mdirecting and producing.

He really does it all.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Life ofMariah Carey and Nick Cannon"



(announcer)When it comes to power couples,Mariah and Nick are among

the hardestworking in show biz.

Between them, they dominatejust about every corner of

the entertainmentworld.

Mariah Carey is still thebiggest selling female artist

of all time.

She sold over 200million records.

"This is something I didn'treally expect

but it's an amazing honor."

I don't think anyone can compareto Mariah and it's not just her

range that's amazing.

It's the texture of her voice,it's actually the versatility

of her voice.

With 18 number-one singles andfive Grammys to her name,

Mariah has ruled the chartsfor more than 20 years,

and shows no signsof stopping.

She keeps making number one hitsand selling more and more.

And she has the type of voicethat she can out sing anyone in

the business so she's gonna stayrelevant forever because she is

Mariah Carey.

(announcer)And Mariah's special voice earnsa very special paycheck.

Back in 2001, she signedan $80 million contract

with Virgin Records,

Which at the time was thebiggest in music history.

I feel very,very honored.

And if you want Mariah to croonat your son's bar mitzvah,

get ready to lay downsome serious shekels.

To this day Mariah Carey getsat least a million dollars for

private performances, whichshe does year round.

She comes in, she sings a fewsongs, and she leaves with

a million dollars.

What's up everybody?

(announcer)Think that'sa big paycheck?

We're just getting started.

Mariah's the highest paidreality TV judge ever, raking in

a reported 18 million bucksfor just one season of

"American Idol."

Mariah is one ofthe original pop divas.

So when she was chosen to judgeon "Idol," it was a major,

major win for the show.

When it comes to singing, realtalent, Mariah Carey is it.

She's a genius when itcomes to making music.

And Nick's a genius when itcomes to... everything else.

Nick got an early start inacting and comedy at the tender

age of eleven.

Now he's best known asthe host with the most.

He takes home about 70,000 foreach episode of "America's Got

Talent," whichis not too shabby.

After five seasons, that'smore than $10 million.

And these days, Nick splits histime between both sides

of the camera.

He's the chairman at Teen Nick,a part of Nickelodeon,

the very network where Cannongot his start as a cast member

on the sketchcomedy show, "All That."

I'm the Nickin Nickelodeon.

Add to that, his own recordlabel and TV production company.

He directed and produceda film for Lionsgate,

he has comedyspecials on Showtime.

I mean he reallydoes it all.

So it's no surprise that PeopleMagazine named him one of the

top ten most successful youngpeople in Hollywood.

Hopefully my kids see thatand follow the example.

Both Nick and Mariah haveapplied their considerable

talents intoexpanding their brands.

Because when you're alreadymaking millions,

why not make more millions?

Mariah opted for thebeauty and fashion route.

She expanded her brand as theyears went on to include perfume

line, clothing lines,

I mean she really wanted tobe more than just a singer.

And she succeeded, launchinga limited edition nail polish

line with O.P.I., an ElizabethArden fragrance as well

as a jewelry and shoe linefor Home Shopping Network.

She had butterflies and rainbowsand sparkle and glitter.

The aesthetic was really funand playful and reflective

of her style.

Yes, indeed.

And it was Mariah's eye forbusiness that inspired her to

take out a billion-dollarinsurance policy

on her famous legs.

I've never heard of a moreexpensive policy than

a billiondollars on your legs.

Part of what makes herfamous is herself.

So she's got a lot of moneyinvested in herself.

She does havegreat legs.

But I would insure the voice fora billion dollars before

the legs.

If something happens to thelegs, they can just wheel her

out on stage andshe could still sing.

You caught me offguard with that one.

No matter what, this fantasysinger would still have a leg to

stand on thanks to herinvestment in angel rose

champagne, which canfetch up to $1,500 a bottle.

Made by the fab,for the fab!

It's pink, it's bubbly,it's expensive meaning

it's perfect for Mariah.

And Nick's no slouch in thebranding department either.

Nick Cannon is a multi-talentedmogul in his own right,

he has a headphones line,he has a clothing line...

Nick's line of neckties issold exclusively at Macy's.

And through his incredibleproduction company,

he hawks tablets,backpacks, and school supplies.

He even has a popular line ofheadphones that have made over

$45 million in sales.

As if Nick weren't doing enoughin the entertainment industry,

he's attached himselfto several different brands.

He has really diversifiedhimself in every single way.

It's all working out.

It's a goodthing.

Coming up...

Their bankrollsmight be big...

Nick and Mariah together are oneof the richest couples

in the world.

...but so are their hearts.

I feel like I'm blessed soI can be a blessing.

(announcer)Next, on "The FabulousLife of Mariah Carey

and Nick Cannon"...


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannonare on top of their game

and on topof the world.

This is amazing!

And all that hard work has putthem in the top one percent

of the one percent.

(Emll)Nick and Mariah are veryhardworking people, so for them

it is not about let's just amassall this money and sit around

they're gonna keep working.

I've been DJing a lot,designing my clothing line,

that type of stuff.

I got a new show thatI'm directing and producing.

Mariah Carey's going to keepdoing her albums don't be

surprised if she has anothernumber-one hit to extend that


I'll alwaysmake music.

I'll always sing and write songsbut writing songs is something

that I have to do forme as an individual.

Nick and Mariah together areone of the richest couples

in the world.

(announcer)These two mega-stars have acombined estimated net worth of

over half abillion dollars.

Which one isworth more?

We'll never tell.

Okay, it's Mariah.

Oh, my goodness!

$530 million is enough doughto celebrate a Disneyland

anniversary every yearfor the next 50 years...

With enough money left forone hundred pairs of diamond

loafers and five thousanddiamond ring pops.

I'm ready. I'm ready.

I'm so ready.

I can't wait.

When the Cannons aren'tsplashing out their mega-bucks

on mega-purchases,they're being mega-charitable.

Nick and Mariah have a lot ofmoney and they like to spend

a lot of money but they alsogive a lot of money to charity.

It feels good to beable to give back.

I feel like I'm blessedso I can be a blessing.

Mariah's involved with severalcharities, including save the

music, Elton John's aidsfoundation and the Make-a-Wish

Foundation, where shegave a hundred grand,

granting thewishes of 20 kids.

Mariah even partnered with theFresh Air Fund to create Camp

Mariah, which is a placefor inner city kids to go

to really pursuecareer development.

It's one of my favoriteplaces in the world.

And Nick has worked with OfficeDepot to give 20,000 backpacks

full of school suppliesto underprivileged kids

around the U.S.

He also created the Teen NickHalo Awards to honor teens

who are activein community service.

It's not aboutme tonight.

It's about all theyoung people, the honorees.

They've done way more than Icould ever do and they're just

getting started so that's thebeauty of the Halo Awards.

You just really see him gettingout and giving back to the

communities and it's good to seethem get a platform and just

a way to showcasethese young people that

are doing really good work.

Both Nick and Mariah havereceived congressional horizon

awards for their charitablework for young people.

I'm very thankfuland so honored.

And that's the mostfab attitude of all.