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Nicki Minaj

Take a walk in the sky high heels of hip-hop’s newest queen of all things bling, Nicki Minaj! This rap/pop superstar has created her own pastel pink empire and we are giving you an inside look at her over the top lifestyle.

aired 03/12/2014 · 41:11

(announcer)Take a walk in the sky-highheels of Nicki Minaj&

and find out what it'slike to take over the world.

We're takingup a billion notches.

This hip-hop diva lives indesigner labels.,.

(Nicki)Louboutin, Louis Vuitton,Fendi, Gucci.

And doesn't really need tobalance her checkbook.

She has just abouteverything under the sun.

♪ I am Nicki MinajI mack them dudes up ♪♪

Buckle up&

It's Barbie, bitch.

Because this starship is ona crash course for Planet Nicki,

the mostblinged-out spot in the galaxy.

This car is the sickestpink car we've ever done here.

Get a front road seatinside the rise of an empire.

Come inside, Barb.

We're going to seethe Nicki Minaj collection.

And meet the pop princess's cashmoney compadres

Love and dedication-- Youngmoney, cash money.

Who also know how to drop itlike it's hot.

We also usedover 450 diamonds.

With millionsof dollars at her fingertips,

this outrageous superstaris the definition

of living largeand taking charge.

You know,get it popping.

All hailthe queen of cashing in.

Boogy that.

This is "The Fabulous Lifeof Nicki Minaj."

This is major.


Most girls spend hours playingwith Barbie's dream house,

but with a life-sized$400,000 pink Lamborghini,

a grown-up wardrobe worthbeaucoup bucks

and big girl bling,

Nicki Minaj isliving the Barbie dream.

♪ Don't worry 'bout meand who I fire ♪

♪ I get whatI desire it's my empire ♪♪

Nicki Minaj is one of the mostunique celebrities out there.

(man)Come closer, Nicki,come closer!

Nicki isn't just fabulous,she's also incredibly cool.

(crowd)Nicki!Hi, you guys.

Hey, Barbs, love you.

Nicki Minaj has reallybuilt herself up to be an icon.

I mean, she is one ofthe most wealthy,

most powerful influentialwomen in rap and hip-hop.

♪ I am not flyI am levitation ♪

♪ I represent an entiregeneration ♪♪

When you're the biggest femalehip-hop star in the world,

you'd betterhave the wardrobe to match.

And with a closet filled withover $100,000 worth

of designer duds,

Nicki's notjust playing dress-up.

When you open Nicki's closet,it's not a surprise

that you're goingto find amazing designers

like Roberto Cavalli or one ofher favorites, Versace.

I like being able to mixand match things

and not kindof being stuck in one thing.

Nicki Minaj hasamazing style.

She's literallya walking Barbie.

Her style really precededher career.

Check out this printed silk suitby Roberto Cavalli

priced at over $3,100.

(Jo)Nicki loves labels.

Nicki is a girl who knows herway around her Burberry,

her Chanel, her Gucciand her Alexander Wang.

Things I can'tlive without on tour--

Louboutin, Louis Vuitton,Fendi, Gucci.

Nicki is a designer'sdream.

And when shewalks the red carpet,

it's guaranteed you'll see a oneof a kind couture creation.

Like this Manish Auroradress she wore to the 2010 AMAs.

(Dorothy)This was no ordinary dress.

This dresswas over the top.

It was colorful.

The design of italmost kind of looked like

golden lungs in a way, ora golden ribcage.

Usually I'm overthe top.

(Claire)But she just owned itand that sort of look

is something that wecame to expect from Nicki.

Something out ofthis world,

like a bag ofSkittles from outer space.

With an estimatedprice tag of $16,000,

if Nicki wore the golden gownfor even five hours,

it would cost her $53per minute.

Worth every penny.

Designers lovedressing Nicki

because she'snot afraid to go there.

She's not afraid to havea blast with her style

and withher designers.

Like topdesigner Max Azaria.

His trademark design, the HerveLeger bandage dress

is one of the mostsought-out in all of Tinseltown.

(man)Who are you wearing?Herve Leger.

The Herve Leger bandagedress is so popular

because ofthe way it fits women.

If you're thin, you lookgood in it.

If you're curvy,you look good in it.

And if you're Nicki Minaj,you look fabulous in it.

Leger, those dresses, I wear alot of those.

♪ He got me wanting moreand m-m-more ♪♪


In 2013, Nicki was invitedto sit with Tommy Hilfiger

at the Costume Institute Galaat the Met.

The Met Gala isthe most exclusive fashion event

of the year,

where the hottest celebs forkover $200,000

just to geta table at the VIP soiree

and they come decked out indresses costing

upwards of $30,000.

And witha date like Nicki,

you know Mr. Hilfiger didn'tmiss the chance

to dress thiship-hop Barbie to the nines.

The Met Gala is oneof fashion's biggest nights

and Nicki Minaj made a bigimpression.

Tommy Hilfiger dressed herin a gown that he custom-made.

For custom gowns like that,there really aren't

a price attached to it,

but they're definitelyinvestments,

costing anywherefrom $10,000 and up.

(Dorothy)And the crazy thing aboutit is that he also gave her

an extremely expensive Rolexwatch priced around $37,000

as a thank youfor letting him dress her.

Thanks, Tommy.

But that's just one of the perksof being Nicki Minaj.

And while her closetcould feed a small nation,

this fashionista's outfitswould be nothing

without somefootwear to match.

Nicki is nothing withouther shoes.

She always hasa sick shoe game.

One of her favorite designersis Giuseppe Zanotti

I mean, and they cancost anywhere up to $1500

just for a pairof shoes.

The shoes arehandmade, they're leather,

they come from Italy.

I mean, they representeverything luxury.

And apparently, Giuseppe Zanottiloves Nicki right back,

going so far as to designa pair of kicks in her honor.

The $800 sneaker is made withleopard-printed pony hair

and lime-green trim.

Nicki by Giuseppe wereso popular

that these wedgesneakers sold out in months.

From custom to classic,

Nicki rarely rocks the sameshoes twice

and her closetisn't complete

without afew Christian Louboutins.

(Sowmya)When you seethe red bottoms,

you know that you're dealingwith fabulosity.

But what's crazy about Nickiis that she has a pair

that are $3500.

Literally, she'swalking on your rent check,

just wearing her Louboutinson a daily basis.

Yah, yah, yah!

When Nicki Minaj has toget around,

she does itthe only way Nicki Minaj can--

larger than life with herpick of luxury cars.

Her collection includesa Lamborghini Aventador

valued at $400,000,

her $450,000 Maybach 62and not one, but two Bentley GTs

ringing in at $250,000 each.

One for her and one forthe lucky man in her life.

A lot of people don't have anyidea who Nicki's boyfriend is,

but you've seen him amillion times.

Look atany photo of Nicki,

just look a little bitto the right

or a littlebit to the left

and that's Safaree,right there.

Nicki's boyfriend/assistant/bodyguard/hype man

Safaree Samuels

gets a front-row seat toevery fashion show,

awards show, musicvideo, party and swanky dinner.

(Jo)Safaree does absolutelyeverything for Nicki.

He's helpingher out of the car,

he's helping her walk downthe red carpet.

He's cheering her on fromthe front row of her concerts.

Killed it--Killed it!

(Shauna)He's just that gentleman thatyou're jealous

that you don'thave in your life.

Safaree is so dedicatedto Nicki

that he went throughsix to seven hours of pain

just for his lady, getting herface tattooed on his arm.

Now if that isn'tdevotion, I don't know what is.

And you better believe beingpart of Nicki's inner circle

comes with benefits,like squiring her about town

in his very own candy-apple redMercedes Benz SLS 63.

Price tag-- Over $200,000.

But sometimes a luxury carjust isn't enough

for the uber-fabulous.

Meet the guywho customizes their rides.

(Hassan)Roadstarr Motorsportsis where celebrities in LA

and mostly people that have alot of disposable income

come here toget their cars tricked out.

Nicki and Safaree likes to bringall their cars here to get done.

In total, they'veprobably spent almost $300,000

on accessories and additionsto their vehicle fleet.

This right here is a MercedesBenz SLS 63, German breed.

This car isnormally about $200,000.

This is special editionpaint.

That's about an extra$7500 from the factory option.

Some beautiful wheelsby Forgiato,

that's another $10,000.

With a custom finish.

You have carbon fiber accentsin here on the car.

Custom interior.

This white color.

Upgraded sound system.

Bang and Olufsen, German premiersound system company.

Another $6500.

And the ridepimping doesn't stop there.

When Nicki got her $450,000Maybach 62,

she went backto Roadstarr Motorsports

to get all of the hottestcar tech she could fit

in the luxury sedan.

The interior got redone with acenter divider that goes up

with about a 32-inchSony TV, Wi-Fi, Mac Mini.

Basically has everything youwould find in your office,

your home, on wheels.

I just swerved on 'em.

Making sure her Maybachis nothing like your 'Bach

set her back over $50,000.

And to make sure she doesn'tshow up to the valet

with the sameLambo as some other megastar,

she also had that customized asonly Nicki Minaj would.

(Shauna)Nicki Minaj hadher Lamborghini wrapped--

which is a completely differentthing than painting it.

It's a special kindof detailing which, of course,

Nicki Minaj wants the best ofthe best for her Lamborghini.

Curious to know how much abubblegum pink wrap costs?

The eight-hour processcost nearly


A drop in the bucketafter spending nearly 400 grand

on the car.

My name is Herb Fair,CEO of West Coast Wrappers.

Nicki loves pink,

so I know that thiscar is the sickest pink car

we've ever done here.

You can see that the carhas been wrapped

because thisis the original color

and there's the wrap.

If you open the doors, you seethat we have wrapped

even the interiorparts of the doors.

And Nicki wasn't done there.

She even had the rims wrapped inher signature pink shade.

A beautiful wrappedcar for a beautiful rap star.

Coming up, we'll take you insidethe swanky parties

fit for a queen.

You know,get it popping.

Plus, a diamond-encrustedgrill

that'll giveyou plenty to smile about.

That is like walking aroundwith a house in your mouth.

And later, how Nicki has builther own personal pink empire.

All that and more on

"The FabulousLife of Nicki Minaj."

(man)Over the shoulder,Nicki!

Nicki keeps up the glamourwherever she goes.

Wanna copy her look?

All you need is a top-notch glamsquad including a stylist,

manicurist,makeup artist and hair stylist

at your beck and call.

(Ian)Glam is a majorthing for Nicki

'cause not only doesthe outfit have to look right,

it has to coordinatewith the wig,

with the makeupand the whole thing

to create the imagethat she wants

every givenday or night.

(man)You look fab, girl.

And when she's looking to makea big splash at a major event,

she calls Oscar James,

hair stylistto the stars, immediately.

And when Miss Minaj calls, youdon't keep her waiting.

♪ Somebody please tell 'emwho the F I is ♪

Say, on any given day whenwe're doing a job,

I'll prepfive or six wigs

'cause she never knows whatshe's going to wear

until the last minute.

Oscar has hand styled over 25wigs for Miss Minaj.

For the BET Awards,I made two new wigs for her.

One was with the side part andone was with the middle part.

It takes me over,maybe a day and a half

to just do one wig 'cause Iliterally have to touch

every singlestrand of hair.

That's over two days of workfor just one event.

And all of thatwig work doesn't come cheap.

(Oscar)If I was doinga huge event with her,

the low end would probably bearound two grand or so

and it can goall the way up to $5,000

if I was actually spending thewhole entire day with her.

And with a schedulelike Nicki's,

that can add up to over $40,000per month in wig styling alone--

enough to makemost people wig out.

Yeah, okay.

And whenever the "Super Bass"star has to travel

from coast to coast,

her team of beauty experts arealways in tow,

ready to tend to everyinch of Nicki's fabulous body.

And one of the smallest partsof her body

gets some ofthe most serious VIP attention.

Meet her nail stylist.

My name is Kandi Yamzand I'm known as the Nail Ninja.

Kandi is a naildesigner to the stars.

Some of her clients includeJada Pinkett Smith,

Brandy and Amber Rose.

But she put all of them on holdto work exclusively

with Nicki Minaj.

I was always oncall and there were times

where I would be workingon a client

and I'd geta phone call saying,

"Pack your bags, we're goingto Argentina tomorrow."

Oh no,we gotta go?

To have me on call 24/7 asyour nail designer

is probably going to setyou back about $11,000 a month.

Some of the events thatI did for Nicki

include the Grammys,Superbowl, All-Star Weekend,

BET Awards.

When Nicki performed atAll-Star Weekend,

she flew meto her last-minute

and paid me $1,000 toa full set of nails

with justsilver metallic paint.

I did crystals on her nails forthe cover of "Vibe" 2012.

Kandi uses around 45 Swarovskicrystals per nail&

times 10 nailsequals 450 crystals,

which can run up to $350 justto polish her nails.

When you're Nicki Minaj,that's just part of the game.

And when it comes to droppingsome serious Benjamins,

this superstarhas learned from the best.

Her over the top cohorts areCash Money Records.

Co-founding brothers BirdmanBaby Williams and Slim Williams

are forefathers ofliving large.

♪ Birdman ♪

♪ Then I been gettin' it ♪♪

And one of their biggestartists, Lil' Wayne,

follows intheir golden footsteps.

The rapper endured a nearly11-hour dental procedure

to permanently coverhis teeth in gold and diamonds.

You have Rapper Awho gets gold fronts.

You have Rapper B who getsplatinum fronts.

And thenyou have Lil' Wayne.

He gets diamonds on his teeth--It's incredible.

Who, like,who does that?

Price tag for the fabulousdental work?

Over $200,000.

That's morethan a lil' extravagant.

World-famous Jacob the Jewelerprovided the dazzle

and celebritycosmetic dentists

Virgil Mongalo and Daniel DelCastillo

createdthe one of a kind grill.

We are South Beach'scosmetic

dentiststo the stars.

Seven years ago,Lil' Wayne came to me

and I did his firstset of grills

where weused pave diamonds.

This is a sample ofjust the top.

But Lil' Waynehad not only the top

but also the bottom doneat the same time.

The first thing that we dois we take the models.

Once you have this, youselect the type of material.

In this case, he wasn'tsure what he wanted

so we endingup doing platinum,

white gold and yellowgold grill.

And on top of that,we added all of the diamonds

to each oneof them.

He ended upliking the yellow gold.

The other two are sitting ina vault in his office.

Lil' Wayne askedfor the highest amount

of gold we canuse, which is about 98%.

We also used over450 diamonds,

which we'veprobably never done before.

They have to be encrustedin the casing of the gold

and then itwas brought to a jeweler.

He went ahead and tookeach diamond,

one by one,and fitting them into

the perforation ofthe metal.

From there on, we try themin the mouth,

we takeX-rays, we cement them.

He comes in every three months,we do his cleanings

and it should be goodfor five, 10 years or so.

Each archon Lil' Wayne's teeth

was upward of about$100,000 each.

Creating Lil' Wayne's teethwas definitely one of the most

expensive and elaborate casesI've ever done.

See--Ours don't come out.

Not fake, son.

And if onetime wasn't enough,

Lil' Wayne had this blinged-outdental procedure

performed twice.

The second time, he hadinvisible set princess diamonds

inserted instead.

Talk abouta million dollar smile.

That is like walking aroundwith a house in your mouth.

It's like walking around withan extremely

expensive school'scollege tuition in your mouth.

But it's just teeth.

Let's hope he remembersto floss.

(Jo)Nicki's on the road almostall the time,

so she's practicallyliving in these hotels

and she makes surethat she's comfortable.

When Nicki needsto catch some Zs on tour,

she does it at some ofthe finest hotels

and homesin the world.

When she stays ata hotel,

she's stayingin the very best suite

in the best hotel in the townthat she's touring in.

When she was inLondon promoting her album,

she stayed at the Dorchester.

This swanky hotelhas rooms going as high

as $15,000 a night.

And that means when she'son vacation,

only the bestaccommodations will do.

Nicki stayed atthe Secrets Wild Orchid resort

in Montego Bay, Jamaica in theresort's largest suite,

which provides an unrivaledluxury experience.

The room includesdining and living rooms,

a spectacular view,butler service

and a fullJacuzzi in the bathroom,

in case Nicki is in the moodfor bubbles.

The total forthis ultimate luxury vacay

comes to $2900a night.

Oh, yeah.

Feels good!

These arethe kinds of suites

that have a privateconcierge.

They'll senda masseuse to your room

at three in the morningand order you takeout

from anyrestaurant that you want.

This is like, major.

And notonly does Nicki get

the royal treatmentwhen traveling,

so doesher entire entourage.

(Kandi)'When Nicki was shooting her"Starships" music video,

we flew to Hawaiiand when I got to the hotel,

I'm like, "Holy shiitakemushrooms,"

I have a suite tomyself with a freaking kitchen,

two bedrooms, a freakinglaundry room,

a hugebathtub, a living room

and a lounge areaby myself.

Like, itwas ridiculous.

When you're Nicki Minaj, eventhe woman who does your nails

is living large.


And when Nicki needs to chowdown while traveling--

I got snacks, I gotsnacks.

She makessure no one goes hungry.

Nicki has some crazy obsessionwith chicken.

When she was inLondon after her concert,

she decided to treatthe whole crew.

Nicki's order withLondon's popular Nando's Chicken

was a feast of 300 wingsand 550 legs.

Lined up wing to leg,that 330 feet of chicken--

or 16 Maybachs.

Price tag for all thatmeaty goodness?


Now that's a bossthat's finger-licking good.

Coming up, Nicki goes all outfor her birthday.

It's no surprise that thiswas one of those

crazy partieseveryone went to.

And no expense is sparedwhen Cash Money goes on tour.

Whether they're on touror going to the grocery store,

these guys will only travelfirst class.

When "The Fabulous Life ofNicki Minaj" returns.

(announcer)When you're Nicki Minaj,

every day is betterthan most people's birthday,

so when Nicki celebratesher entrance into the world...

It's your birthday, it'syour birthday.All right.

... you can bet your ass it'sgoing to be amazing.

Nicki's 26th birthday washeld at Vegas' Tao nightclub.

The exclusive party startedwith a four-course dinner

for Nickiand 30 of her VIP guests,

including Amber Rose, Cassie,Tyga and Mack Mane,

costing severalthousand dollars.

♪ This is my moment ♪♪

They later made their wayto the 10,000-square foot club

where they dropped thousandsof dollars

on bottlesof top shelf spirits

like Ace of Spades Champagne.

♪ P-p-put your drinks up ♪

For Nicki's birthday, she hadan over the top birthday bash

at Tao nightclub inLas Vegas

and it's no surprisethat this was one of those

crazy parties everyonewent to.

You know,get it popping.

And no birthday party iscomplete without

an overthe top custom cake.

But this superstar wantednot one,

but twosugary concoctions--

a four-tiered Barbie-themedcake

costing $1200

and one in the shapeof Barbie's pink convertible

with a price tag of1600 big ones.

Meet the skilled hands behind

the labor-intensivesweet treats--

Las Vegas' go-tocake creators Gimme Some Sugar.

Gimme Some Sugar is a customcake studio and bake shop.

We specialize incouture custom cake designs.

The tiered cake that we didfor Nicki,

it was a four-tierwith a figurine on top,

done up with pinks, had a Barbiechain on it, glittered.

The second cake thatshe got was a Barbie Corvette

and it had the Nicki figurinein it as well.

On average, to makea simple three-tiered cake

takes about three hoursor so.

As they get moredetailed, more elaborate,

when figurines are made, it canrange up to 30, 40 hours easy.

It's verylabor intensive

and the polished finish that youget, it's well worth of it.

In total, her birthdaycelebration cakes were $2800.

When you live that kindof lifestyle,

I guess it'sto be expected.

How sweet it is.

And she's not the onlyYoung Money artist who knows

how to drop some cash fora good time.

(Drake)This is a celebration.

This is a night we all getto have fun

and I'mofficially off duty.

You know, I'moff work.

When Nicki's Canadian label mateDrake wants to get down,

he forgoes cakein favor of the strip club,

where he's been known to bemore than generous

with the ladies.

At a recent visit to a NorthCarolina gentlemen's club,

Drake arrived witha box containing $50,000--

enough to make it rainall night long.

(Jo)Drake really knew how tomaximize the value

of that $50,000.

He didn't just bring it in 20's,he didn't bring it in hundies,

he brought itin one dollar bills.

It was all kindsof crazy.

And one of the Cash Money crew'sfavorite party cities?


They partied hard at Nicki's2011 New Year's Eve party

at Mansionwhere pink was very in.

Every inch of the 40,000-squarefoot space was covered

in Nicki'ssignature color,

a specialty design that rang inat just under $100,000.

Boogy that.

And to show that Cash Moneyalways knows how to party,

Lil' Wayne wanted to throwhis own New Year's bash.

He chose hot spot Cameo theaterand the fabulous party planners

from Opium Groupto help ring in 2014.

(Suzette)We throw the most lavishand extravagant parties

at our topvenues on South Beach.

We will have the mostbeautiful women

as VIP hostsand waitresses.

Our staffing alone costsus $25,000.

Lil' Wayne's New Year's Evebash cost over $200,000

in productionand décor alone,

including a thousand balloondrop at midnight

costing $2500,

a black and red confetticannon for $5,000

and $20,000

for additional lighting

and a projector to show

Cash Money artists' videoson the walls.

And to keepthe 2,000 partygoers happy,

over $50,000 of--what else--

Bird man GT vodka was pouredbefore midnight on the house.

I'm still standing on sofas,like, drinking, VIP.

His New Year's Eve bash issomething definitely

for the books.

It was totally opulentand over the top

and everyonehad a great time.

Just anotherparty in the life

of the Cash Moneymillionaires.

Coming up, Nicki's brandruns deep.

It's quality, if it'srich, if it's fashionable,

then people are going to getthe idea.

And when Birdman wants to makea statement,

he stops at one place.

Whatever Baby does, he doesit really big.

When "The Fabulous Lifeof Nicki Minaj" continues.

(announcer)Whether Nickiand the Cash Money crew

is dripping in diamondsor gilded in gold,

the more blingthey bright, the better.

Bling bling.

For a rapper, you're only asgood as the bling you wear.

They might as wellbe having bling wars

because it is constantly whohas the bigger grill

and who has more diamonds ontheir watch, on their necklace.

Nicki has been seeneverywhere

with herfavorite statement piece,

a diamond-encrustedBarbie necklace.

The trademark baubleis estimated around $40,000.

Better put a lock onthat jewelry box.

It's Barbie, bitch.

Nicki Minaj really knows howto accessorize.

Now we'll seeher in Chanel necklaces

and Versace medallions.

They're always just really bold,chunky, in your face pieces.

Nicki is one cool customer inthe ice department.

♪ You're like a candy store ♪♪

And she learned fromthe best--

her bossesat Cash Money Records.

Shout-out to my whole YoungMoney Cash Money crew.

(Rich)Birdman is sort of yourprototypical boss rapper.

He's a rapper, he's alsothis entrepreneur.

His entire subject matteris devoted to what he has,

how much he has, this overthe top, luxurious lifestyle.

(Zach)Birdman once told me inan interview

that he typically has about amillion dollars worth of jewelry

on his person on the wholeevery time he goes out.

(Birdman)I'm the number one stunner.

I buy this(bleep) 'cause I love it

and I'll do it till I'mold and gray.

That's just my lifestyle.

If Birdmanwere a real bird,

that bird would bea peacock.

Check out Baby's shinyRolex worth over $30,000.

Or how about this ruby and blackdiamond necklace

with over 40 15-caratstones and a matching bracelet

and pinky ring totalingover $300,000.

Now that's a real stunner.

Birdman is reallysetting the standard for bling.

It's no wonder that Drake,Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne

and the rest ofthe roster look so amazing.

I mean, look who they haveto look up to.

I'm from the south.

Gold and grills just a partof our life.

I love to see it on women, Ilove it to see it on the homies,

I love to see themshining.

♪ Bar stunting ♪

And when the Cash Moneyguys and gal

get tired of all the glitzalready in their possession,

they go to celebrity jewelersRafaello and Company

to upgrade their collection.

Gabriel Jacobs, king of bling,Rafaello and Company jewelers.

We want our clienteleto have the best of everything.

They work hard and when it comesto jewelry, they play hard.

We don'tduplicate anything.

We just try to be different.

We actuallydo close the store down,

depending on who it is.

When Drake and Babyand the whole crew came in,

we shut the store down.

Whatever Baby does, he doesit really big.

This whole setfor Stunner was about $200,000.

The 200-carat center wasanother 100.

20 carats in the chain.

Each stud is about22 carats.

He has anotherfive carats of diamonds

wrapped around the frame.

Birdman actually prefershoops

instead ofthe big golf ball earrings.

These are about $5,000.

I think it's the cheapestthing on him.

This isactually a mold that we used

to make Birdman's actual900-carat agate.

This is agate right here thatconnects to that right there.

This is a 200-caratagate.

Birdman's is obviouslyfour-and-a-half times the size

of this little one here.

This is the end product--Gorgeous piece.

This ran himclose to about $250,000.

Drake calls me, he tells me, "Iwant something old-school,

back in the days where it wasjust one ring, one big stone."

He got the pinky ring, thewatches, couple custom pieces.

Probably spent close to aquarter million dollars.

All totaled with the Young Moneycrew, they spent roughly

$10 million, everybody.

That's enough to buyover 5,000 Chanel necklaces

or 40 tickets on the VirginGalactic flight to space.

All aboard.

When it comes to places to hangtheir fancy hats,

the Cash Money Young Moneycrew knows how to live large

no matter what coast.

Birdman's spending habitsare insane.

He has homes allacross the country.

Take his mega-mansion on Miami'sexclusive Palm Island.

It has nine bedrooms, 17bathrooms, a pool, a theater,

an in-house massage roomand a private dock.

This 19,000-squarefoot estate set Birdman back

a cool $14.5 million.

(Shauna)It is good to be Birdman.

It is the topof the line, luxe,

luxury couldn't not beanything better

than whatis in his house.

For my house money is not anobject 'cause, you know,

I got my loved oneshere, my family, my kids.

(Zach)There's a great videoof his

where it's justgiant trucks full of money.

I don't know if it'sexactly like that

at the Birdman residence,

but it might as well be givenhis success with that label.

♪ Cash money cash moneymoney stacks ♪♪

And whenhe goes on tour,

only the finest tour busis appropriate.

With two flat screen TVsinside, one flat screen outside,

custom leather interior, threebunk beds, automatic shades

and retractable awnings,

the only thing this mobilehome is missing is an autopilot.

(Sowmya)Now when most artistsgo on tour,

they renttheir tour buses

and when they're done, theygive them back,

but notBirdman and Slim.

Whether they're on touror going to the grocery store,

these guys will only travelfirst class.

Birdman and Slim eachhave a $2.1 million tour bus

that they bought for themselvesso they can go on the road

any timethat they want.

That's the kindof freedom

even the biggestpop stars don't have.

When you have everythingyou want, what do you do next?

Not too shabby fora CEO.

Coming up, find outhow Nicki and Cash Money

are collecting theirfortunes.

(Dorothy)She has just about everythingunder the sun.

She has really turned her nameand her own brand into an empire

and it keeps growing.

And the Cash Money empire livesup to its name.

There's never been a runlike that in hip-hop.

Just, ithasn't been done.

When "The Fabulous Life ofNicki Minaj" returns.

Nicki knows how to workthe red carpet.

(man)Nicki, straight ahead!

But she'salso worked tirelessly

to conquer both the rapand pop charts

and rake in someserious dough in the process.

Nicki Minaj is one ofthe most bankable artists

not only in hip-hop but in anygenre in music today.

(Shauna)Nicki builtherself from the ground up.

No one had ever heardof Nicki Minaj

when shefirst came out.

She was just a crazy girl witha lot of candy-colored wigs

and nowshe is a mogul.

This is like, every littlegirl's dream come true.

She has millions of dollars,sold millions of albums.

She's really madesomething of herself.

Every time I go on,like, iTunes or Billboard,

there's something with my nameon it and I'm like, whoa.

To get Nicki Minaj to do a guestverse on your record,

you bettercough up 50 grand.

And to get her on stage fora concert?

Be ready tocut a check for $150,000.

(Zach)She's got a reallybroad appeal

shown fromher journey from hip-hop

into the mainstreampop world.

Cash Money artistdoing "American Idol"

and selling out shows allover the country,

all over the world.

♪ I'm your idol I'm your idolI'm your -- idol ♪♪

And her Cash Money mentors areno strangers

to fame and fortune.

Young Money is a great familyto be a part of.

The Cash Money familywas founded by

Birdman and Slim Williams.

Their fabulous union birthedLil' Wayne and Jay Sean

and they adoptedDJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes.

The Young Money generation soonfollowed with Drake, Tyga

and, of course, Nicki Minaj.

Apparently, Money can growon trees.

Over the past decadeor so,

the emergenceof Lil' Wayne's Young Money

and his increased popularityas a solo artist,

signing Drake,signing Nicki Minaj,

that rocketed the whole CashMoney family

to a new stratosphere.

Birdman and his brother are twoof the savviest operators

in the music business.

Love and dedication, we gonnado it forever.

Young Money Cash Money.

And since 1998, Cash MoneyRecords has sold over

500 millionsingles worldwide

and they continue to churnout hit after hit.

There's never been a runlike that in hip-hop,

to have those caliberof artists for so many years,

it just hasn'tbeen done.

Everything the Cash Money empiretouches turns to gold

or platinum.

But music isonly the beginning.

To make some serious cash, it'snot just about the music,

it's about turningyour name into a brand

and Nicki Minajis the master of marketing.

(Jo)Being on "American Idol"catapulted Nicki Minaj

to an entirelynew level of celebrity.

She has endorsement dealswith brands like Pepsi.

She has perfumes.

She has just about everythingunder the sun.

♪ Shout-out to my haters sorrythat you couldn't phase me ♪♪

She has really turned hername and her own brand

into an empireand it keeps growing.

Everything I do is a truerepresentation of me.

(Zach)When you think Nicki, you dothink pink.

The fact that she's beenable to so closely align herself

with something as universalas a color

speaks volumes to herabilities as an entrepreneur

and self-promoter.

Want proof?

Check out her Pink Fridayfragrance, OPI nail polish line

and her Beats by Dre pinkpill speaker.

(Nikki)I like things that looklike candy.

All that colorful, cutegirly stuff, 'cause I'm a girl.

And if youlove her signature fashion,

Nicki has launched a clothingline for the masses

with Kmart tobring the rap diva's style

to stores all acrossthe country.

It's just like creating my owncloset and giving it to my fans.

Now that'sa Blue Light Special.

(Claire)Nicki Minaj's fans just loveeverything about her

and theyespecially love her style.

Come inside, Barb.

We're gonna seethe Nicki Minaj collection.

So she decided to collaboratewith Kmart

on a lowerpriced line of pieces

that reflect heraesthetic

but come with a little bitmore affordable price points.

(Nikki)I'm thinking,well, you know what?

What if I can do something thattakes Kmart to another level

in terms of how peopleview Kmart.

If it's quality, ifit's rich, if it's fashionable,

then people are going toget the idea.

(Jermaine)Nicki has createda persona.

People wannalook like her.

People wanna smelllike her.

When you createthat sort of branding power,

corporations lovethat.

Feel like if Martha Stewart cando it, why can't I?

Did Nicki stop there?

No way.

Anyone thirsty?

(Shauna)Nicki just launched herfirst drink

and it'sa moscato named Mix

and it's the number-one Moscatoin the United States.

(Jo)Nicki is soconvincing at selling Mix

because she genuinelyloves it.

Everyone understands that Mixis associated with Nicki

and that'swhy people buy it.

(Zach)She's taking a page out ofthe books of guys like

Jay-Z and Diddywith their liquor interests.

She's not only one of the onlybig female names in hip-hop

in terms of entrepreneurs,

but, one of the bestentrepreneurs of hip-hop

of any gender.

We'll drink to that.

♪ Get ready for itI came to win ♪♪

Coming up, find out the giveand take

of the Cash Money headliners.

Cash Money's known fortheir bling,

but they're actually one ofthe most giving crews as well.

Next on "The Fabulous Lifeof Nicki Minaj."

(announcer)The Nicki Minaj empire isgrowing exponentially

and the hip-hopqueen shows no signs

of hanging up her wigsanytime soon.

We've only been chartinghip-hop earnings since 2007

and in that time, no otherfemale artist

has come anywhereclose to the $29 million

that Nicki Minaj pulledin last year.

(Jo)Nicki shows that ifyou work hard,

then youcan do really well.

She really is livingthe American Dream.

Nicki Minaj made her Forbeship-hop cash kings debut

in 2011and every year since then,

she's basically doubled the takethat she had the year before.

I would look forher to continue to be around

the top five in all of hip-hopin earnings

for the foreseeable future.

Nicki's net worth is estimatedat $45 million

and that's just one pieceof the Cash Money empire.

Head honchoBirdman's net worth?

Over $150 million.

Weezy is estimated atover $130 mil

and Drake is clocking in at$40 million and counting.

♪ Entrepreneur (blank) mogul ♪♪

(Ian)Seems like there's noend in sight.

Cash Money is goingto be the next ruler of hip-hop

for the next 20 years justlike Bad Boy was,

except it just doesnot seem like they're ever

gonna slow down and nevergonna be not hot.

At this moment, Drake cando no wrong.

Every single next stepmeans more money for him.

These four Cash Money superstarshave a collective net worth

of over $350 million.

Or 65of Birdman's tour buses,

100 of Lil' Wayne's grills

and 480 of Nicki Minaj'sLamborghinis combined.

Cash Money indeed.

♪ Money money money moneymoney bags ♪♪

But every successfulceleb knows it ain't no fun

if the charities can'tget none.

And, darling,Nicki is no exception.

(Sowmaya)As the queen ofthe Barbs,

it was onlyfitting that Mattel made

a one of a kind Nicki MinajBarbie.

But Nicki didn'tkeep the doll for herself.

She truly has a heart of goldand auctioned the doll off

for over $5,000.

The generous rapper also raisedtons of cash

for HIV/AIDSprograms with her signature

MAC Viva Glam lipstick.

(Elizabeth)Nicki Minaj partnered withMAC Cosmetics

and released thisfantastic pink lipstick

that wasreally bright and bold

and it sold phenomenallywell.

During her time with MAC, VivaGlam lipsticks brought in

a whopping$58 million for charity.

And Nicki's colleagues are justas eager to give back

some of theircash whenever they can.

(Sowmya)Cash Money is knownfor their bling,

but they're actually one ofthe most giving crews as well.

For almost 20 years, they'vedone an annual Turkey Drive

during Thanksgiving, givingfood away to needy families

in New Orleansand now New York and Miami.

(Ian)Birdman gives out tons ofturkeys and stuffing

and all the fixingsto families who really need it.

There's no end tohis charity,

just like there'sno end to his bank account.

Adding up all that Thanksgivinggenerosity over 18 years

comes toover 100,000 turkeys.

Gobble, gobble.

Just do you, take overthe world.

Whether these hip-hopheavyweights are giving back

or living large, they'reall still fly.

Stay fab.

(Nikki)It's Barbie, bitch.