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Beyoncé & Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z are the highest earning celeb couple in the country and they have no qualms about spending a ton of cash on whatever the hell they want! Whether it's on Blue Ivy, looking fab head to toe or some needed R & R.

aired 03/26/2014 · 41:10

Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Beyonce is a megastar.

Fabulous superstardiva.

Jay-Z has his handin nearly every major

business industrythere is.


(narrator)Where tricked-out rides

are at the ready 24/7,365.

It's the Rolls Royceof helicopters.

(narrator)And the bling is blinding.

Think about dippinga nail ring

into diamondsand pulling it out.

There was a vision,and now here it is.

(narrator)We're taking you inside Beyz's

glitzed-up,pimped-out universe...

I'm lucky.I'm a lucky person.

(narrator)... where an entourageis at your back and call.

When he calls,I've definitely gotta

drop my clippers and meet himwherever he's at.

(narrator)Bar tabs are outrageous...

The table price has pretty muchturned into a bidding war.

(narrator)And even the littlestmember of the family

is ready to run the world.

Yeah, I'm tryingto put that together.

(narrator)One thing's for sure,

J and B ain't livin'the hard-knock life.

They're bothtotally mega.

When you put themtogether,

one and one equalsa billion.


(narrator)Get ready, 'causeit's gonna get loud.


(narrator)This is "The Fabulous Life

of Beyonce and Jay-Z."

♪ Turn the lights out ♪


Jay-Z and Beyonce are twoof the biggest artists

in the world right now.

So together they make upthe ultimate power couple.

Hey, Beyonce.

I mean, I thinkof Jay-Z and Beyonce

as a force of nature.

They jet set,they're rich,

They're attractive,they have an amazing lifestyle.

They have it all.

The thing that's greatabout Jay-Z and Beyonce

is they don't doanything small.

Everything is big,huge--

and it's a statement.

(narrator)You can't get much biggerthan Beyonce's engagement ring.

It's an 18-caratflawless diamond

set in platinum createdby celebrity jeweler

Lorraine Schwartz.

The sparkler cost Jayover $5 million.

When Jay-Z's lookingfor an engagement ring,

he's not going tothe jewelry store in the mall.

This is a ringfit for a queen,

And at $5 million,

it is one of the mostexpensive in the entire world.

(narrator)Now that's how youput a ring on it.

On April 4, 2008,

the power coupletied the knot

at Jay-Z's Tribeca,New York penthouse.

The day Jay-Z and Beyoncefinally got married in New York,

everyone was buzzingabout it.

Photographers wereeverywhere,

reporters were camped outon the rooftop.

People from Kanye Westto Diddy to Gwyneth Paltrow

were all in attendance.

About 40 people,maximum.

DJ Cassidy,an all-star dj,

he was playingat their wedding.

(narrator)But the beats werejust the beginning.

Hi, I'm Amy Vongpitaka,from Amy's Orchids.

We do the flower forBeyonce and Jay-Z wedding.

(narrator)Beyonce wanted over1,000 feet

of white dendrobiumorchid garland

to transform the couple'sTribeca home

for their nuptials.

So she called Amyto make it happen.

We got the orderon Monday night,

and we have one dayproduce the product.

They said, "You gottahave this order

as fast as you can do."

Monday night I did...big order.

Minimum have to beone month.

That would be perfect.

But Beyonce,just one day.

They not evenask the price.

No amount limited.

When a client wanta perfect job,

I will spend all night longto do it.

(narrator)Amy's army of over 100orchid farmers in Thailand

worked around the clockplucking thousands

of pristine white flowersfor the big event.

In order to get 60,000,70,000 bloom perfect,

I need to cut morethan 100,000 bloom

to pick the best one,to process

and get the best onefor Beyonce.

(narrator)Once all 100,000perfect orchids were chosen

and hand-sewninto garlands,

they were shippedover 8,000 miles to NYC.

By Wednesday night,the flowers show in New York,

and Thursday.on Jay-Z mansion.

I can't say the price.It's very secret.

(narrator)According to sources,the queen's flowers

could could cost upwardsof $170,000.

But for Beyz's big day,the floral perfection

was nothing but priceless.

J and B never haveto drive themselves,

let's face it, but whywould that stop them

from having and insanecar collection?

We think thata navigation system

is pretty snazzy,

but Beyonce is reportedlyrolling around

in a million-dollarMercedes Benz,

complete witha full bathroom.

When you gotta go,you gotta go.

(narrator)Beyonce's purported$1 million Mercedes van

doesn't just havea room to tinkle.

Sources say it's decked out

in cream-coloredItalian leather,

and has a $150,000sound system

so Beyz can feeldrunk in love.

There was a vision,and now here it is.

Every once in a whileBeyonce has a need for speed.

and when those times comeshe has a Mercedes McLaren SLR.

(narrator)This Mercedes sports car

has a V-8 engine that goesfrom zero to 62

in 3.8 seconds

Price tag?Close to half a million bucks.

Mrs. Carter does havea fabulous set of wheels,

but when it comes tofancy cars,

Jay-Z actually has oneof the most envied

car collectionsin the entire world.


(narrator)When it comes to sports cars,

Jay's got rides to scratchevery fast and furious itch.

Sources say he's gota silver Porsche 911

Carrera Cabrioletworth $107,000,

a Ferrari F430 that can cost$275,000,

and a Pagani Zonda F,purportedly worth $2.5 million.

Jay has a car forevery day of the week

and then some.

I'm lucky.I'm a lucky person.


(narrator)Jay-Z and Beyonce aren'tthe only ones

in the Carter familywith a crazy car collection.

That's right,at just two years old,

Blue Ivy already hasmore wheels

than the averageAmerican household.

We all know that Jay-Z hasa $2 million Bugatti,

but of course,princess Blue Ivy

could not be left out.

She's reportedly rolling aroundin her own mini Bugatti.

She also hasa mini Ferrari.

What's next, a fleetof Range Rovers?

(narrator)Vroom, vroom, baby.

Gold? Check.Platinum? Check.


Yes, of course.

(narrator)When it comes to"all that glitters,"

there's one mantraBeyz lives by--

the bigger the better.

This is a couple whoalways looks amazing,

from their hair to theiroutfits to their shoes,

so naturally they have someof the best jewelry

to go with it.

(narrator)Like any self-respectinghip-hopper,

Hova's got somebig pimpin' bling.

Take this $2,100 strandof blinged-out rosary beads.

Then there's this goldCartier panther ring

tricked out with onyxand perido,

worth an estimated$14,000.

But the biggestand baddest piece

in Jay-Z's stash of bling?

It's this massive$250,000 solid gold necklace.

Weighing in at a whopping11 pounds,

it's one of the heaviestgold-link chains on earth.

Now that's off the chain.

Most guys love watches,but when it comes to Jay-Z,

I mean, he's prettymuch obsessed.

He's not wearingthe largest watch,

but it's probablythe most expensive.

(narrator)Jay's got 99 problems.

but time ain't one.

Want proof?How about Rolex's

luxurious day/date timepiecein gold,

worth an estimated $30,000.

And this Audemar Piget,purportedly worth $40,000.

Then there's thisRichard Mille Tourbillon

that reportedly costsabout half a million bucks.


But King Hova doesn't holdthe monopoly on bling

in this relationship.

Beyonce is a megastar.

Part of being a megastar isyou have to know how to dress

for each occasion.

(narrator)From $2,000 worthof Jennifer Fisher jewelry

for her "XO" video

to the $1.8 millionemerald stunners

at Obama's inauguration,

this megastar provestime and time again

that her bling is mega, too.

After performingat the Grammys,

Beyonce did hitthe red carpet.

She was totallydripping in diamonds,

and everybody's jaws dropped.

(narrator)From 50-carat diamond earringsto all six diamond rings,

She was decked outin a staggering

$10 million worthof Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

I mean, Beyonce's alwaysnumber one

when it comes to trends.

She's always superfashion forward.

And when it came downto her nail rings,

in her "Sweet Dreams"video,

she really starteda huge fad in Hollywood.

(narrator)And the trend startedhere at Bijules

where some of the mostunique and edgy Beyonce bling

is created.

We are Bijules.

We're a fine jewelry,concept-driven brand.

When I have someonewho is a celebrity,

and they're looking forsomething truly unique

and experiencial,they come to me.


(narrator)And when Beyonce neededstatement pieces

for her 2009"Sweet Dreams" video,

Bijules washer first stop.

♪ Sweet dreamor beautiful nightmare ♪

Beyonce, in particular,at that time,

really needed somethingthat was gonna pop.

And what she wanted wasan over-the-top nail ring.

And so what we did was thinkabout dipping a nail ring

into diamonds,and pulling it out.

That's made of 14-karatyellow gold.

And then we have abouta carat and a half

of tiny melee diamonds.

And then we also usetiny little rubies

for the eyesfor the snake.

♪ Don't wanna wake upfrom you ♪

Normally, a pieceof jewelry for us,

for Bijules, takes sixto eight weeks

for a custom order.

And with this one, wemade it in four days.

(narrator)Beyonce's iced-out snakes

came with an extravagantprice tag--

a cool 36 grand.

It's a very expensivemanicure.

(narrator)All hail the queen of bling.

♪ Turn the lights out ♪

(narrator)Coming up, we'll take youinside a birthing suite

fit for royalty...

It's like a five-starresort.

(narrator)... and a private jet

that gives the preza run for his money.

I mean, that's kind oflike baby "Air Force One."

(narrator)And later, Beyz's blueprintfor global domination.

Jay-Z has his hand innearly every major

business industry there it.

(narrator)All that and more

on "The Fabulous Lifeof Beyonce and Jay-Z."

We don't havea royal couple in America,

but if we did, it wouldbe Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Their daughter, Blue Ivy,is just America's princess.

(narrator)Her royal highness,Blue Ivy,

graced the worldwith her presence

on January 7, 2012.

And she landed right intothe lap of luxury.

So Blue Ivy actuallycame into this world

in Manhattan atLenox Hill Hospital.

It was likea five-star resort.

(narrator)You can say that again,

'cause the brand newexecutive birthing suite

has walls coveredin mahogany,

four flat-screen TVs,

a concierge,and gourmet room service.

and you better believethis kind of treatment

doesn't come cheap.

The suite costsup to $1,700 a night.

A small price to payfor the Queen Bey

and her new baby.

Obviously, Beyonce was notgonna share her birthing suite

with another mom-to-be.

And Jay-Z actually hadhis own bedroom in the suite.

Normal dads usually sleepon a cot, but not Jay-Z.

(narrator)But this was just the beginning

of Blue Ivy Carter'sstar treatment.

At only two days old,Princess Blue had reportedly

amassed $1.5 millionin tricked-out baby gear.

We're talking a $15,000Swarovsky-studded high chair,

a $50,000diamond-encrusted pram,

and even a solid-goldrocking horse worth 600 grand.

That's enough for a stableof actual thoroughbreds

with plenty left over.

Oh, yeah, baby!

Not only were Jay-Zand Beyonce excited

when Blue Ivy cameinto the world,

their friends were too.

And they lavished this childwith gifts.

(narrator)Auntie Oprah got hera trunk of childeren's books

while Ruthie Davis,celebrity shoe designer,

offered up custom-madebaby blue sparkly sneaks

worth $800.

Destiny's Child singerKelly Rowland

got Blue a $5,200baby bathtub

covered in over 44,000crystals

that took over two monthsto apply.

Nice job,Auntie Kelly.

And when it came to Blue'sfirst birthday,

mommy and daddy Carterpulled out all the stops.

Her birthday partypretty much blows

most one-year-olds'birthday parties

out of the water.

(narrator)If you think they justoffered up

some cake and goody bags,think again.

At Blue's princess party,there were reportedly

$95,000 worthof pink and white roses,

and $30,000 worth of costumes,toys, and gifts

for the lucky totsinvited to the soiree.

The grand total,$200,000.

They spoil her, and soshe's got a good life.

She has a very good life.

(narrator)More like an uber-fabulous life.

Gifting betweenthis couple is insane.

They are, you know,one of the richest

couples in the world,

so they can also affordthe best gifts in the world.


(narrator)From birthdaysto Christmas

and everything in between,

Mr. and Mrs. Carterspare no expense

when it comes to lavishinggifts on one another.

When Beyonce turned 25,Jay-Z reportedly pulled out

a million dollars to buy hera 1959 Rolls Royce.

And on Jay-Z's41st birthday,

Beyonce came backwith something enormous--


A Bugotti that's worth$2 million.

One of the mostexpensive cars in the world.

It's like hittingthe lotto or something.

(narrator)More like hittingMega Millions.

Because the Bugotti VeyronGrand Sport's top speed

is 253 miles per hour

and can travel a half milein just ten seconds.

Buckle up, Hova.

Leave it to Jay-Zto give Beyonce

the ultimate push present.

After she gave birthto Blue Ivy,

Jay presented herwith a beautiful

$35,000 blue sapphire ring.

(narrator)But Beyonce paid it forwardin a big way.

After Blue Ivy was born,

Beyonce reportedly got Jayhis own sapphire ring,

which was worthalmost half a million dollars.

(narrator)And she didn't stop there.

Beyonce made daddiesall over the world

even more jealouswhen she got Blue's old man

his very own BombardierChallenger 850 private jet

for $40 million.

It's got a living room,kitchen, and two bathrooms.

I mean, that's kind oflike baby "Air Force One."

(narrator)When Christmastimerolls around,

Beyonce and Jay-Zaren't looking

for cheapiestocking stuffers.

One Christmas, Jay-Zspent $350,000 on Beyonce

and got her a tonof her favorite goodies,

including her favoritebirthing bag.

Jay-Z and Beyonce must beunder so much pressure

to figure out creativepresents for each other

because they pretty muchhave everything.

(narrator)Who says moneycan't buy love?

Coming up,we'll show you a party

where the champagne is worthyof its own chariot.

So we had thispretty grand entrance.

It was a sight to see.

(narrator)And later, when Beyzhead to the Hamptons,

They'll only travel in style.

There's nothingyou would want

that you don't havein this helicopter.

(narrator)When "The Fabulous Life

of Beyonce and Jay-Z"returns.


Jay-Z and Beyoncemay work all the time,

but they lovehaving fun too.

(narrator)Because what's the pointof being

the king and queenof hip-hop

if you can't throwa royal bash?

Everyone wants to be surethat when Jay-Z and Beyonce

come into theirestablishment,

they're getting the bestof the best.

(narrator)In December, 2013,Beyz took over

the VIP areaof Atlanta's Club Rain

to celebrate themselves.

After Beyonce droppedher amazing surprise album,

they celebrated withan all-out,

balls-to-the-wallparty in Atlanta.

They were also celebratingJay's nine Grammy nominations.

Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow...

Everyone who'sanyone in town

flocked to the clubjust to surround them.

(narrator)So how much moneydid these two drop

in Hotlanta?

Nearly $100,000

But that's just chump changecompared to Jay's bar bill

from his "Watch the Throne"listening party

at Miami's Club LIV.

You know, when you'retalking about Jay-Z,

you might as well betalking about Elvis Presley.

The energy levelwas insane.

People were coming downinto this club salivating

just to get a glance.

The table prices pretty muchturned into a bidding war.

(narrator)VIP seats at LIVcan cost 50 grand.

And even those high rollersgot nothin'

on Jay's center stageprime real estate.

That stage was on lockdownspecifically for him.

That stage usually fitsabout 100 people.

It was only the peoplehe wanted up there.

And it was very specific.

He had his own detailof security,

so that place waslike Fort Knox.

(narrator)As King Hova sat atopa bona fide throne,

he was served upa 15-liter,

$100,000 bottleof champagne.

You know, that night,we knew

we had to dosomething special.

So we had this special orderace of spades chariot,

which is a prettygrand entrance.

It was a sight to see.

(narrator)Sources say Jay'stotal booze tab that night

was $250,000,

beating out Mark Cuban's recordof 110 grand.

He definitely crushed anybodyelse's order in this building.

(narrator)In your face, Cuban!

Jay-Z and Beyoncedress up,

and they do it really well'cause they have a lot of money.

Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli,Tom Ford--

Beyonce and Jay-Z arethe ultimate style couple.


♪ Hold up, bring the beat back ♪

Beyonce's style ismultifaceted.

She can be edgy,she can be uber-glam.

She can be anythingyou want.

She is a majortour de force.

(narrator)In 2013, Beyonce hit upa VMA after-party

in a form-fitting$1,500 Tom Ford l.b.d.,

$2,000 Brian Atwood pumps,

along with a $1,700 clutch.

When you hear Beyonce's name,you think fabulous

superstar diva

Everyone loves her.She's Beyonce!

I mean, what morecould you want?

♪ Yeah ♪

(narrator)And when the superdivais channeling

her alter ego onstage,

she always looks fierce.

While performing atWorld Humanitarian day

in the summer of 2012,

Beyonce donned a $2,300gorgeous

Alexander McQueenbell-sleeve gown.

But Jigga doesn't likebeing upstaged,

even by his wife.

It's like three-pieceTom Ford suits

that are custom-made.

Jay-Z's Tom Ford Suitscan cost anywhere

from $4,000 and up.

He really dresseslike a mogul.


(narrator)But Jay has another obsession

that dates way back.

Jay-Z loves shoes.

Everyone knows he has a veryimpressive sneaker collection

(narrator)Hova's got a serious passionfor casual kicks,

like Air Jordansand Air Force Ones.

But there's one pairthat stands out--

Jay's $2,500 Brooklyn Zoos,

covered in ninedifferent animal skins.

These shoes are made ofsome of the most exotic skins

in the entire world,

from elephant and stingrayto crocodile and python.

There's actually onlyten pairs of sneakers

made in the world.

And I mean, obviouslythe first one's

gonna go to Jay-Z.


Beyonce always looksamazing.

Her skin is flawless.

Her hair is,like, perfect.

She's literally one ofthe most beautiful women

in the world.

I mean, everything hasto be the best for Beyonce,

down to her eyelashes.

The girl spends about$60 a pair

for real mink fureyelashes.

(narrator)That's right,this diva blinks mink.

And if you think she re-usesthese luxury lashes,

mink again!

Each pair is one and done.

If the used themevery day,

it would come to$21,000 a year

just on eyelashes.

And that's just the startof her amazing accessories.

Beyonce always looksabsolutely beautiful

from head to toe,

and it includesher gorgeous fingernails.

The standard manicurecosts, like, what, ten bucks?

Well, for Beyonce,that is just not good enough.

(narrator)And when she was setto take the stage

at the 2013 Super Bowl,Beyonce chose a mani

worth showing offto the world.

Beyonce set the stageaflame, literally.

She insisted on goldmetallic nail covers

that look really great,and they shine under the lights,

that cost upwardsof $1,000.

(narrator)For that dough,the average woman

can get her nails doneevery week

for almost two years.

I mean, wow, hello.

(narrator)When you're married to one

of the hottest womenon the planet,

the least you can do isstay up on your grooming.

That's why Jay-Z hasa personal barber standing by


Meet Johnny Cake.

What's up?My name is Johnny Cake.

I'm a celebrity barber.

If I ain't cut 'em,you ain't hot.

Jay's all over the place,all over the world.

And when he calls,I definitely gotta

drop my clippershere at the shop

and pack up and meet him

wherever he's atto get him right.

(narrator)Johnny's been keepingHova's locks tight

since 1998,when the two were introduced

by mutual friendand Johnny Cake client,

Damon Dash.

When Jay wants a haircut,you know, he has the assistant,

obviously, call me.

Just give me the time,I show up to his house.

If he's out of town,they'll send a car for me,

car service,set up the flight.

Everything'staken care of,

and all I gotta do isshow up and do what I do.

(narrator)Having a barberat your back and call 365

comes with a hugeprice tag,

starting withinternational flights

that can cost seven grand.

Plus $500-a-night hotels.

Not to mention Johnny'sundisclosed day rate,

multiplied over two decades,equals massive mounds of cash.


To certain guys,you know,

that have an imagelike Jay-Z,

they gotta havetheir haircut looking nice.

You know, they gotcameras all over 'em,

paparazzi, interviews,you know, so...

the haircut is a bigpart of the image.

(narrator)Sounds like you're worthevery penny, Mr. Cake.

Coming up, we'll show youthe city of love's

poshest penthouse.

Not only is the privacythrough the roof,

but the luxury isas well.

(narrator)And find out how B and J avoidbumper-to-bumper traffic...

This is likea flying living room.

(narrator)When "The Fabulous Life

of Beyonce and Jay-Z"continues.

When you're Beyonceand Jay-Z, and you want

to get awayfor a long weekend

you are not on hotels.combooking a last-minute room

to Albuqueque,New Mexico.

You are taking the mostextravagant vacations

that anybody couldreally dream of.

(narrator)In 2011, Beyz tooka much-deserved"vaca"

in the city of love,Paris, France.

And the couple stayedat one of Beybe's faves,

Hotel Le Meurice.

The Hotel Le Meuriceis the place to stay

if you're a celebrityin Paris.

Not only is the privacythrough the roof,

but the luxury isas well.

It's the pinnacleof French luxury.

(narrator)While in Paree,Mr. and Mrs. Carter

prefer the penthouse.

And at Hotel Le Meurice,

that comes with a heftyprice tag.

We're talking 20 granda night before room service.

For Beyonce's 32nd birthday,they had a yacht,

where they could sunand eat and swim.

And they took itfrom Spain to Italy.

(narrator)Jay-Z and Beyonce spentfive days

on a triple-decker yachtwith a helipad, sauna, and pool.

The floating mansionpurportedly set the couple back


Add the reported 30 grandfor champagne

and other libations--that's over $76,000 a night.

Now that's how you kick back.

I mean, nobody with moneycan actually just

rent this yachtfor a week.

You actually have to knowthe guy that owns it.

(narrator)And if the king and queenof hip-hop

want to remain statesidefor some R&R,

they head to the Hamptons,

New York's summertimeplayground.

B and J are the hottestfixtures in the Hamptons,

and all their friendsare there as well.

It's the hottest placeto be every summer.

(narrator)When hip-hop's royal familyarrived

on Long Island's east endin August, 2013,

they were living largeon an 11.5-acre estate

with every luxuryyou can imagine,

from a 60-foot swimming pool,a spa room, to a bowling alley--

even an indoorbasketball court.

But perks like thesedon't come cheap.

The Carters dropped400 grand for the month.

But when you're Beyz,who's counting?

And to get there, the Cartersdon't sit in traffic

on the a couple of schmoes.

They use a pricier methodof transportation.

Clients such as Jay-Zand others

use this helicopter

to go between the cityand the Hamptons.

No traffic,no interference.

At 180 miles an hour,this helicopter takes people

wherever you want to go.

It's the Rolls Royceof helicopters.

(narrator)When Beyonce and Jay-Z wantto go out east,

within the hour,Talon Air will set them up

in this $15 millionSikorsky 76.

And while on board,J and B have endless amenities

at their disposal.

This is likea flying living room.

The interior aloneon the helicopter,

is about $300,000.

The most beautiful seats--it's just spec'd out.

We have the Bose headsets,satellite music,

internet broadbandonboard.

There's nothingyou would want

that you don't havein this helicopter.

People who can willgo like this,

'cause it's the ultimate.

It's the ultimate wayto move around.

(narrator)But the ultimatedoesn't come cheap.

Flying to the Hamptonsin this tricked-out heli

costs a whoppingsix grand.

Sounds like a small priceto pay, right?

The answer to your questionis yes.

In terms of real estate,I mean,

Jay-Z and Beyoncehave it all.

(narrator)Starting with this posh$6.85 million penthouse

on Hudson Streetin Tribeca,

one of New York City'stoniest neighborhoods.

Everyone who's everyonelives there--

Robert De Niro,Gwyneth Paltrow,

Meryl Streep,Jon Stewart.

(narrator)You think the West Villageis hip?


When the Carters aren'tin an Empire State of mind,

they used to escapeto the exclusive village

of Indian Creek, Florida.

You thought Star Islandwas A-List.

Indian Creek, which isjust a few minutes north,

has its own policedepartment,

including an armedpatrol boat

circling the island24 hours a day.

And that is all justfor about 30 homes.

(narrator)Beyz's former waterfrontretreat

boasted seven bedrooms,eight baths, and a pool.

Estimated cost,$9.3 million.

I think, you know,it's kind of,

"What do we feel liketoday?

"Do we want to bethe city,

or do we want tohave fun in Miami?"

It's the lifestylesof the rich and famous.

(narrator)Mr. and Mrs. Carterlove their privacy.

And when you're as richas they are,

nothing says privacy likeyour very own

$4 million private island.

Rumor has it thatJay-Z just bought

his own private islandin the Bahamas

so he can vacation in peacewith his wife and daughter.

(narrator)There's one huge pieceof Queen Bey's life

that couldn't fit in any ofthese over-the-top properties,

so it resides in herMidtown Manhattan office.

Behold the BeyonceSmithsonian.

Modeled after NBC'smedia library,

this self-appointedcrazy archive

is temperature-controlled,

and took over two yearsto catalogue.


Because it contains virtuallyall existing photos and footage

of Queen Bey on the planet.


I mean, who needs to goto the Met?

You could just go tothe Musee de Beyonce.


(narrator)Coming up, we'll uncoverhow Queen Bey

makes her mega millions...

It shut down iTunes.Enough said.

(narrator)... and how her king plansto take over the planet.

Yeah, I'm tryingto put that together.

(narrator)When "The Fabulous Life

of Beyonce and Jay-Z"returns.

The thing that's very obviousabout Jay-Z and Beyonce

is that they areworkaholics.

They love what they do,

and they want todo it the best.

(narrator)It's no secret thatthis hip-hop power couple

works their asses off

and makes tons of doughdoing it.

Take Jay-Z.

All 12 of his solo albumswent platinum.

Hova's total solorecord sales in the U.S.?

Over 29 million copies.

But Mrs. Carter gives Jiggaa run for his money.

'Cause all fiveof her solo albums

have gone platinum,selling 11 million copies.

But the album Beyonce releasedin December, 2013,

may be her biggestsuccess to date.

After no promotionwhatsoever,

she sold more than80,000 copies

in just three hours.

It shut down iTunes.Enough said.

(narrator)But selling music is justa tiny part

of how these two maketheir mega millions.

(woman)For his last tour,Jay-Z could make

about $1 million a night.

(man)Beyonce was raking inabout $2 million per show

for the "Mrs. Carter" tour.

(narrator)For a two-hour show,

that comes to $16,000a minute.


The other thing that's greatabout Jay-Z and Beyonce is

that they're beingreally smart about--

"I'm gonna doan endorsement deal,

but I want to dosomething big."

(narrator)And their endorsementsaren't just big,

they're insane.

In 2008, Jay-Z signedan industry-changing contract

with Live Nationworth $150 million.

Part of that deal alsowas founding Roc Nation.

Roc Nation started offas a record label.

grew to encompassartist management.

Roc Nation includes artistslike Rihanna, Rita Ora,

and Kylie Minogueon their roster.

(narrator)Roc Nation is justthe tip of the iceberg

when it comes to cashing inon endorsements.

In 2013, Jay inkeda $20 million deal with Samsung.

The year before,Mrs. Carter signed

a $50 million dealwith Pepsi.

Now that's how you sell out.

Jay-Z's a starin his own right,

as is Beyonce,but together they make up

the most successful couplein Hollywood right now.

(narrator)And it's no wonder,because this duo

has got seriousbusiness acumen.

Beyonce is using hercult of personality

in every way imaginable.

She launched her first perfumein 2010,

and six more scentshave followed,

making upwardsof $400 million worldwide.

In 2013, Beyonce's"Heat" fragrances became

the best-sellingcelebrity fragrance line.

(narrator)If Beyonce's a business,

Jay-Z's a full-blowncorporation.

Not only is Jay-Za rapper,

he has his handin nearly every

major businessindustry there is.

He launched Rocawearin the late '90s

with his business partnerDamon Dash,

and they built itinto this company

that grosses hundredsof millions of dollars a year.

(narrator)Rocawear was so successful,

Hova and partners sold itin 2007 for $204 million.

Not bad for a side project.

These days, Jay doesn't doside projects.

To make Roc Nationa bona fide powerhouse,

he sold his sharesof the Brooklyn Nets

to pave the way for somethinga hell of a lot bigger.

In 2013, Hov launchedRoc Nation Sports,

a division of his companydedicated

to sports representation.

He was going toget into sports

in a very big way,and change that industry, too.

Helping Robinson Canoget a $240 million deal--

things like that wouldreally increase the value

of Roc Nation Sports.

(narrator)Roc Nation Sports already hasan A-List roster--

New York YankeeCC Sabathia,

New York Jet Geno Smith,and New York Giant Victor Cruz

are all membersof Jigga's la familia.

He's very focused onkind of amassing wealth

and building wealth.

(narrator)And both he and his wifeare nailing it.

Coming up,find out if Beyz is ready

for the billionaire's club...

Jay-Z and Beyoncelast year were

the highest-earningcelebrity couple.

(narrator)... and how these twomegastars give back.

Beyonce bought everyone therea $50 gift card,

totaling over $37,000.

(narrator)Next on "The Fabulous Life

of Beyonce and Jay-Z."

Individually,Beyonce, Jay-Z,

they're bothtotally mega.

But when you put themtogether,

it's just beyond.

One and one equalsa billion.

Jay-Z and Beyonce last yearwere the highest-earning

celebrity couple.

They pulled in$95 million.

(narrator)But that 95 milis just pocket change

compared to Beyz'stotal net worth.

Jay-Z and Beyonce arean untouchable couple.

Their net worthis estimated at

over halfa billion dollars.

(narrator)And it's onlya matter of time

before the king and queenof hip-hop

get their membership cardto the billionaires club.

Yeah, I'm tryingto put that together.

(narrator)When Queen Bey and her hubbyaren't busy

counting their millions,

they're giving it awaylike it's going out of style.

Beyonce and Jay-Z,of course, they spend a lot,

and they make a lot.

But they also give backa lot as well.

(narrator)From donating designer duds

to gifting gorgeous wigsto charity,

Beyonce is one of the mostcharitable celebs

on the planet.

Over Christmas, Beyoncestopped into a WalMart...

Attention,WalMart shoppers.

... and bought everyone therea $50 gift card,

totaling over$37,000.

(narrator)While Beyonce playedSanta Claus

during holiday time,2013,

Jay-Z gave back throughhis special holiday collection

at Barneys.

He collaboratedwith jewelers,

leather makers.

It was so excitingand brilliant.

(narrator)Jay's collaborationwith Barneys

reportedly raisedover $1 million.

And every penny wentto the Shawn Carter Foundation.

The Shawn Carter Foundationpays for underprivileged kids

to receive highereducation,

which is definitely a causethat is close to Jay's heart.

We did it again,Brooklyn.

(narrator)Hip-hop's royal couplemake mad money.

But let's face it, no one looksmore fabulous spending it

or giving it awaythan Beyonce and Jay-Z.