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Pop Divas

From millions of fans to luxurious vacations to mega mansions, VH1 takes you inside the fabulous lives of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, P!nk, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera to see just what it’s like to be a world-famous pop star.

aired 08/06/2014 · 41:11

(announcer)In the glamorous worldof pop divas...

I'm so excited!

(announcer)'s fiercest femaleslive like royalty.

I really had to live upto the definition of a diva.

(announcer)From extravagant couture...

We put excessin accessories.

That's what createsthe magic.

(announcer) jaw-dropping mansions.

She didn't just buythe one house.

She bought the twoadjoining lots next to it.

I like it.


(announcer)And the sickest wheelsmoney can buy.

You guys don't understand!

(announcer)These ladies are taking over.

She will not stop.

I think one of the biggestpop divas in the world.

(announcer)This is your exclusive look...

Oh, my goodness!

(announcer)...into "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas."



See also Katy,Gaga, Pink,

Gwen, and Christina.

Pop divas on top of their gameand on top of the world.

Imagine that!

A pop diva is someonewho not only commandsthe world of music,

but has her own brand,

her own bling,her own style.

Every pop diva isa trend setter.

We look to themfor amazing style,

and they're constantly giving ussomething new.

(man)Katy, to the right, gorgeous!

(announcer)Take Katy Perry.

Since she "Kissed a Girl"in 2008,

this pop sensation has roaredher way to superstardom.

And no matterher hair color or style,

she's looked great doing it.

(crowd shouting)

Lace and the feathers

and the crystalsand the corset, oh, my!

Katy Perry is extremely uniquein terms of her style.

She lovescandy colors.

She loves costumes.

She lovesbig looks.

I'm very strange,obviously.

But she also loveshigh fashion.

(man)Katy, look up, look up!

(announcer)And high fashion loves herright back.

Want proof?

(man)Straight ahead!

(announcer)Here she is on the red carpet

rocking a Naeem Khan gownthat costs nearly nine grand.

Of course, yeah.

(announcer)And check out this $5,500Gucci dress.


(announcer)But Miss Teenage Dream reallystepped up her game

for the 2014 Grammysin a Valentino couture gown

that had been shownon the runway

just four days earlier.

(crowd shouting)

She's very girly,she's very fashion forward,

and she's always onto the next thing.

I really had to,you know, uh,

live up tothe definition of the diva.

Even off the red carpet,she's dressed to the nines.

She's wearing$1,300 Louboutins.

She even wore a $6,000 dressjust to a Broadway show.

It's so exciting.

(announcer)And if you thinkKaty's clothes shine,

check out her bling.

At the VMAsin 2013,

she let her teeth do the talkingwith this $1,000 grill.

But she took her dental blingto the next level

in her video for "Dark Horse."

We've seen some amazing girlsbefore, but this is so huge.

The girl can't evenshut her mouth.

It looked like she ate a bowlof diamonds for breakfast.

(announcer)Meet the premier cosmeticdentist behind the grill.

We treat tonsof celebrities--

Hugh Jackman, Usher,Debra Messing.

I've been treating Katy sinceshe was not even known.

(announcer)When Dr. Bill got the call

that Katy needed a grillfor her "Dark Horse" video,

he hatched a plan.

I said, "Let's go in theGuinness World Book of Records

for the most expensivegrill by Dr. Bill.

(announcer)Dr. Bill convinced one ofBeverly Hills's biggest jewelers

to loan him enough iceto make history.

This pink diamondis actually priceless.

The big diamond in the frontis a flawless diamond.

♪ Come on ♪

(announcer)Dr. Bill had to raceagainst the clock

to get the grill readyin time for the video shoot,

taking Katy's measurements

and setting all that blingin pure platinum.

It would normally takemost labs weeks to do

what my lab did,literally, in one day.

And it went right intothe "Dark Horse" video.

Nobody has evermade a grill

even closeto a million-dollar grill.

This is a one-of-a-kindKaty Perry special.

(announcer)That's over $300,000 for eachof the three seconds

the grill actually appearsin the video.

There aren't very many timeswhen, as a dad,

your kids think you're cool,and this was one of them.

He was like a freak, man.

(crowd cheering)

(announcer)When she's not chompingon a million in jewels,

Katy's spending millions morein real estate.

It doesn't even matter thatshe's on the road all the time

because as a pop diva,

you still have to havea magnificent over-the-top home.

(announcer)Her spreadin the Hollywood Hills

cost a cool 11.2 million bucks.

That includes a 2,900square-foot, five-bedroom home,

plus a little something extra.

(woman)She just didn't buythe one house.

She bought the two adjoininglots next to it.

You cannot have your nosyneighbors trying to figure out,

"What is Katy doing today?"

Sorry, that's me pullinga real diva card.


(announcer)But this California girl spendsmost of her time on the road.

And just because you're sellingout arenas across the globe

doesn't men you can't livewith all the comforts of home.

Anything she wants aftera concert or before a concert

has to be catered to.

(announcer)Katy's tour rider demands

include a pairof ornate French lamps,

a refrigerator with a glass doorstocked with everything

from salsato two bottles of white wine

and flower arrangements of rosesand hydrangeas,

but absolutely no carnations.

And it's not just Katy

who reaps the benefits ofpop divadom on tour.

Even for her crew,it's first class all the way.

Being on tour with Katyis amazing.

First of all, she hasa reported 115 people

who tour with her.

Travelingwith a pop diva,

their life becomesyour life.

Anything they want,

usually the residualtrickles down to you.

It ain't no fun ifthe homies can't have none.


(announcer)And Katy's homies get plenty.

From renting out a Texaswater park for the day,

at the costof an estimated $66,000,

to dropping more thanfive grand on massages

at the St. Regis Hotel Spain Atlanta

for her 21-person inner circle.

Let love lead the way.

She even took her entire crewto a fancy resort in Bali,

Glowworm Caves in New Zealand

and partying on a yachtin Rio.

Now you know whyso many people

wanna be a partof a celebrity entourage.

They're livinglike pop stars.

How do I apply?

Stop talking!

That's my stylist.

(announcer)Nothing's too goodfor a pop diva,

especially a record breakerlike Katy.

Katy is the only artistother than Michael Jackson

to have five number-one singlesoff of the same album.

It's one thing to listento Katy Perry,

but everyonewants to be Katy Perry.

I didn't expect that at all.

(crowd screaming)

Little girls love her,grandmas love her,

guys love her.

So, of course, any brand

is gonna wanna attachthemselves to her.

And they did really quickly.

(announcer)Katy has three fragrances...

Just kind of like sprayand then waltz into it.

(announcer) well as a line ofnail polish with OPI,

her own line of false eyelashes,

not to mentionbeing a brand ambassador

for both Popchipsand Cover Girl.

The beauty industry absolutelyjust eats her up,

and it's made hera mini mogul.

(announcer)Her 2011"California Dreams" tour

made nearly $60 million.

Combine her cartwith all her endorsement dealsand records sales

and Miss Perry has an estimatednet worth

of a staggering44 million bucks.

Katy has done so muchand she's earned to much money

that when you really look atthe records that she's broken,

she really deservesall of her success.

I'm so excited!

(announcer)Coming up,recuperating Gaga-style.

There's never been a morefabulous wheelchair made.

(announcer)Then, the exclusive enclave

where this superstarhangs her hat.

Her entire neighborhoodis millionaires,

and we're talkingthe A-list of the A-list.

(announcer)And later, find out

how Gwen Stefani makesa sweet escape.

When you're Gwen Stefani,

you're not going ona Disney cruise.

It's unbelievable.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas" returns.

Lady Gaga is the definitionof a pop diva.

I don't thinkanybody can argue that.

I need a secondto take it all in.

(announcer)For Lady Gaga,fashion isn't just a hobby,

it's a way of life.


Lady Gaga's style isin a class all by itself.

This woman is a risk-taker.

It's kind of safe to saythat nobody in Hollywood

dresses like Lady Gaga.

(crowd shouting)

(announcer)Whether it's this lookthat includes

a $1,200 Prabal Gurungsatin organza skirt,

or a $3,000 leatherSaint Lauren shirt,

Lady Gaga is never afraidto mix it up.

(crowd cheering)

Her former stylistquit in 2013

because he saidhe couldn't keep up

with Gaga's constantoutfit changes,

saying she changedclothes 12 times a day.

If we belong together,so many great things can happen.

(announcer)One of Gaga's most extravagantfashion purchases?

An Alexander McQueen silk gownso fancy, it has its own name,

The Girl Who Lived in the Tree.

For Gaga, that waslike the ultimate

of like fashion being art

and, of course,she had to have it.

(announcer)The cost forthat fashionable art?

A whopping 133 grand,

the most money every spenton a McQueen gown in history.

This is what it's all about.

(announcer)And "Mother Monster"doesn't pinch pennies

when it comes to stayingwarm either.

On a trip to Moscow,she reportedly spent

more than 200 grandon a Russian sable.

At first, pretty controversialin the world of celebrities.

Does Gaga care?Absolutely not.

She's a total divaand wears what she wants.

This is a beautiful thing.

Gaga's gotta go out totallydecked out, blinged out.

She's getting the craziest,

most elaborate jewelryout there.

(announcer)At the 2014 Oscars,Miss "Bad Romance"

rocked $5 millionof Lorraine Schwartz jewels.


Including 20-carat diamondstuds, a diamond bracelet,

and a 10-carat gray diamond ring

surrounded by five caratsof pink diamonds.

And then at the after-party,

she wore a whole new set ofLorraine Schwartz jewelry,

including a pair of50-carat diamond earrings

and these unbelievably massivediamond and emerald cuffs.

(announcer)That's a grand total

of $10 million of jewelsfor the night.

Anytime that you see her,

she's gonna do somethingthat's gonna wow you.

Thank you.

(crowd screaming)

(announcer)And when the "Just Dance" singerinjured her hip

during her "Born This Way" ball,

she recuperatedin a pimped-out wheelchair.

This is the celebrity-stylistmastermind

behind the gold-plated wheels.

We put excessin accessories.

Celebrity clients of mineinclude Kanye West,

Cher, Nicki Minaj,Britney Spears.

It's very celebrity friendly.

I get an e-mail from Lady Gaga'sstylist and he's like,

"Do you wanna makeLady Gaga a wheelchair?"

And I was like, "Yes."

Since she literally wasjust coming out of surgery,

I had a week to make it.

I didn't even have timeto freak out.

I really wantedto create a kind of throne

fit for a queen.

(announcer)Ken scoured the globe forthe perfect vintage wheelchair

to trick outfor the pop princess.

I obviously wasn'tgonna use the same piecesof the wheelchair.

So I orderedall these different spokes

and rims and handlebars.

Then we had to find a platerthat would plate it in a week.

(announcer)But 24-karat gold plating ishardly enough for pop royalty.

Ken finished Gaga's wheelchairwith premium black leather.

You have the backwhich reclines.

She couldactually lay down on it.

And we added this canopy.

Don't wanna get too much sunon you face, honey.

This is a powerful artist.

Lady Gaga's custom 24-karatgold-plated wheelchair

cost $40,000.

There has never been a morefabulous wheelchair made.

And trust me, it was notbilled through insurance.

(man)You chair has everything?

It's just really fun.

(announcer)Wanna know what's even more fun?

The jaw-dropping swag that comeswith being a pop diva.

After the massive successof Gaga's "Monster Ball" tour,

which raked in 227 millionbig ones,

Live Nation gifted Gagawith her own customized 757,

right down tothe monogrammed towels.

Welcome to Air Gaga.


Now most companies,when you do a good job

upgrade you tofirst class maybe.

But Gaga got the entirejet all to herself.

And that's whatcreates the magic.


(announcer)And Gaga makes sureshe spreads the magic

to her loved ones as well.

Lady Gaga got her parentsa Rolls-Royce

for their anniversary.

And she reportedly boughther boyfriend Taylor Kinney

a $55,000 limited editionbackpack.

(announcer)How does a backpackcost 55 "G"s?

When it's designedby artist Damien Hirst

for the Olsen twins's exclusivefashion line.

Lady Gaga's everyday tastesrun from quirky to spooky.

When you've got moneylike Lady Gaga,

you've got money to burn.

Reportedly, she spent $50,000on ghost-hunting machines.

(announcer)It's been reportedthat Gaga has her team

use electromagnetic field meters

to sweep every concert venueand hotel room for spirits

before she gets there.

There are dangerous thingslurking around the corner.

(announcer)Who you gonna call?

Miss Gaga.

Quirkiness aside,

the "Poker Face" songstressis on a roll,

having topped"Forbes" magazine's list

of most powerful celebritiesin the world.

(man)Gaga, look at me over here!

Lady Gaga is one ofthe most bankable artists.

In 2011, "Born This Way" soldover a million copies

in the fist week alone.

It really put herin a whole new stratosphere

of top-selling artists.

And I have my fansto thank for it.



There really isno other artist like her.

She has her own identitymusically,

and she's become a mogul.

(announcer)Indeed, starting with hersignature perfume

and her line of headphones withBeats by Dr. Dre.

You can tell the secondthat you see her

that she reallywill not stop

at being one of the biggestpop divas in the world.

(crowd shouting)

(announcer)Gaga's most fab venture to date,

becoming the face of Versace.

For Donatella to pick Lady Gagaas the face front and center

of one of the greatestfashion brands in history,

that says a lot.

I'm just truly very honored.


(announcer)Speaking of a lot,

how about Gaga's estimatednet worth of 80 million bucks.

When you arethe crème de la crèmeof the pop divas,

you're making somepretty serious money.


(man)Pink, to the right!

(announcer)Coming up, the secrets behindPink's bangin' bod.

Most of the time, we seeher flip upside down

while she's performing.

You can't do that unlessyou're totally in shape.

(announcer)Plus, easy livingacross the pond.

(man)Welcome back to England.

(announcer)Then this pop princesslives large.

She reportedly rented outthe first-class section

and made sure it was stockedwith top-shelf goodies.


(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas" continues.

(man)Pink, to the right!

When you thinkof a typical pop diva,

you're not reallythinking of Pink.

And that's because she's doneit differently since day one.

She's a little edgier,

has a little bit moreof a rock flair.

I mean, that's what I do.

(announcer)And like any self-respectingrock star meets pop diva,

Miss Alecia Moore lives large,

starting with her amazingspread in Malibu.


If you wanna live in luxury,

if you wanna livewith gorgeous ocean views,

Malibu is the place.

Her entire neighborhoodis millionaires,

and we're talkingthe A-list of the A-list,

including Matthew McConaugheyand Gwyneth Paltrow.

(announcer)Pink's 6,800 square-foot homeboasts six bedrooms,

a five-car garage,and a 75-foot pool.

The price tag?

A cool 11.85 mil.


But wait, there's more.

She's also got a $1.25 millionbungalow in Venice Beach,

just a 30-minute drive away.

What do you need two homesfor in the same city?

Ask Pink.

I like it.(laughs)


(announcer)And when she has to travelfrom house to house,

she does it like only Pink can.

Pink is marriedto professional bikerCarey Hart,

so it's no surpriseshe has a little bit

of biker babe in her, too.


(announcer)Pink's been spotted ridingtwo different bikes,

a Triumph Bonneville T100,which costs about nine grand,

and a Harley-Davidson Fat Boywhich starts at 17,000 bucks.

Pink's husband, bikerCarey Hart, has definitely

been an influence on herin terms of her ride.


(announcer)And when she feels likeriding under cover,

she hits the road in a classic1959 Chevy Impala,

worth an estimated 50 grand.

I hope I never grow up.

(announcer)Think her rides are edgy?

You better believe she hasa wardrobe to match.

Pink's style isjust like her music.

It's a little bit edgier,

a little rougharound the edges.

But she can definitely weara gown with the best of them.

And I got some spikesin here.

I like weapons.

(announcer)She dazzled at the 2014 Oscarsin Elie Saab Couture

with Forevermarkdiamond earrings

worth more than 137 grand.

And at the Grammys, she rockeda red Johanna Johnson gown

along with $1.5 million worth ofNeil Lane rubies and diamonds.

And at a "Billboard" magazineevent in 2013,

she was uber stylish

in a $2,500 Hervé LégerBy Max Azria bandage dress

and $600 Jimmy Choos.

Pretty on Pink.


(announcer)But if we're picking favorites,

the most fab thingabout Alecia Moore

has to be her sick bod.

Pink has been very openwhen she talks about

not being born with this kindof cookie-cutter thin frame.

She works really hardat the body that she has.


(announcer)After having daughter Willow,

Pink hired Jillian Michaelsof "The Biggest Loser"

and celeb trainerJeanette Jenkins

up to five times a week

to whip her backinto fighting shape.

She's amazing.

(announcer)Let's just say,money well spent.


Pink is knownfor her amazing body.

I mean, most of the time,we see her flip upside down

while she's performing.

You can't do that unlessyou're totally in shape.

The crazies thing is thatshe's actually singing, too.

There's a little bit ofeverything happening, I think.

(announcer)The woman behind Pink'sbreathtaking moves?

Aerialist Dreya Weber.

I am the aerial choreographerand coach to the stars.

This is a fun one.

Being ableto go upside down

and control the bodyand the spin.

(announcer)Dreya has choreographed shows

for Cher, Madonna,and Christina Aguilera.

She started working withher prized pupil Pink in 2004

for her "Try This" tour.

(Weber)We didn't knowwhat she could do.

And most of the toursI work on,

aerials areperformed by the dancers.

It's a very difficult,dangerous apparatus

and it's veryhigh and complex.

The whole idea of the stardoing aerial moves

was mind-blowing.

This is actually the firstmove that she did

when I worked with her.

(announcer)And to help the superstarlearn how to sing

while spinning upside down,

Dreya usedan unconventional technique.

So one of the exercises isfor the person on top

to kind ofbounce up and down.

♪ La, la, la, la, la ♪

She's better at itthan me.

I've literally jumpedup and down on her stomach

and hung her upside downand punched her.

Everything she could do,everything.

(announcer)Pink's been singing while doingacrobatics on tour ever since.

But for her performanceon the Grammys,

she wantedto take things up a notch.

Preparing for the Grammys,we did a thing

where she wentupside down on fabric,

25 feet high,

and then slid downhead first.

This trick probably took Pinkfour months to be able to do

in a way whereshe could go like this.

(announcer)Since adding aerials to herincredible live shows,

Pink's tours have raked inat least 346 million bucks.

Never does the star dothe level of acrobatics

that Pink doesin her shows.

Thank you very much.

Pink's been in the gamefor over 15 years.

But in 2013,she had an amazing year.


(announcer)Pink was named Woman of the Yearby "Billboard" magazine in 2013.

That same year, she inkeda multi-album deal

with RCA Records,

and her "Truth About Love" tourwas her highest grossing ever,

taking inmore than 170 million bucks.

Right? I know,isn't that (bleep) weird?

(announcer)And the "So What" singer is alsocleaning up down under.

She sold out18 shows in Melbourne,

breaking her own record of17 sold-out shows

on her previous tour.

The total earnings?

More than 29 million bucksfor just one city.


People really do justkind of look at Pink

like a best friend.

They wanna knoweverything about her.

They love followingher career,

and I really don'tthink that's gonnaend anytime soon.

It's just beenan incredible year.

(crowd shouting)

(announcer)And like any good pop diva,

Pink has expanded her brandbeyond her chart-topping tunes.

Pink is a spokeswomanfor Cover Girl cosmetics.

She's someonewho's opinionated

and has been charge of hercareer since the beginning.

Those are all attributes thatevery cover girl wants.

(announcer)She was also a brand ambassadorfor V8 Supercars Australia,

which reportedly earned herat least 2.5 million bucks.

She really has beenon the up and up

and she is not showingany signs of stopping.

(announcer)All that hard work has paid off.

Pink's looking at an estimatednet worth of $70 million.


She's redefined her careera hundred times

and that's whyshe remains in the power spot

that she is today.

I'm always usedto being the underdog

and I can't really saythat anymore.

(announcer)Coming up, the scoop on what'sinside Gwen Stefani's garage.

If you just look at someof the biggest car brandsin the luxury world,

she pretty muchhas one of each.

It is mind-blowing.


(announcer)Plus, diamonds are a girl'sbest friend.

When you proposeto a pop diva,

the standardsare very high.


(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas" continues.


Christina Aguileranot only has the talent,

she also has the big attitude.


(announcer)Whether it's onstageor on the red carpet,

this pop divawith the golden pipes

knows how to bring the bling.

Take these exquisite Swarovskicrystal-covered Louboutins

that cost nearly four grand.

Or the dazzling 300 caratsof Neil Lane jewels

Christina woreon the red carpet,

totaling 1.3 million bucks.


But her most jaw-droppingpiece of bling?

This engagement ring.

When you proposeto a pop diva,

the standardsare very high.

Christina Aguilera's fiancé,Matt Rutler,

spent monthsworking with a jeweler

on the ring he wouldultimately propose with.

(announcer)Christina'svintage-inspired bling

consists of one large diamond

with several accent diamondsunderneath,

and weighs inat an estimated 15 carats.


15 carats?

How do you walk aroundwith something that heavy?

When Christina Aguilera doessomething, she does it big.

It was amazing.

(announcer)Christina also does it big

when it comes to real estate.

She splashed out a cool 10 milfor her Los Angeles home

in a gated community.

Living in a gated communitymeans everything.

It means you have privacy.

And when you dowanna walk your dog

around the cul-de-sac,

you wanna make surethat you and Fido

are rubbing elbowswith the who's who.

(announcer)Her celebrity neighbors includeParis Hilton and Charlie Sheen.

Can you imagine knockingon Charlie Sheen's door

and asking him toborrow a cup of sugar?

(announcer)With 11,000 square feet,

six bedrooms,and eight bathrooms,

it's a mansion truly fitfor pop royalty.

It's crazy.

(announcer)And when it comes to travel,

this pop diva does itin style.

When the "Candyman"songstress had to get

from London to Wales in a jiffy

for a Michael Jacksontribute concert,

she took a commuter train.

But, of course,she was hardly slumming it.

She reportedly rented out

half of the first-classsection for ten grand

and made sure it was stockedwith top-shelf goodies.


(announcer)Those goodies reportedlyincluded top-shelf vodka,

chilled Pinot Grigio, importedbottled water, apples,

unsalted almonds,and a pot of pure honey.

All aboard.

Uh, yeah, the whole experiencewas, uh, pretty surreal.

(announcer)'Cause when you're a starwith the talent

and staying powerof Christina Aguilera,

you travel however the hellyou want.

Christina Aguilera's careerhas spanned over 15 years,

and she's soldover 50 million albums.

♪ What a girl wantswhat a girl needs... ♪

She is undeniably one of thebest singers of the century.

When we're looking back50 years from now,

I think we'restill gonna look at her

as being an incredible artist.

Every record that I put outdefinitely represents

the person that I amin that moment.

(man)Beautiful, beautiful!

(announcer)She was even namedone of "Time" magazine's

most influential people.

How come?

'Cause this pop diva is morethan just a pretty voice.

She's also a brand unto herself.

Christina Aguilera took hercareer to the next level

by becominga judge on "The Voice."

I'm a fighter.

(announcer)Christina reportedly rakes in

at least 12 million bucksper season of "The Voice."

After four seasons, that'sa whopping $48 million.

But that was just the beginning.

What's been smartabout her career

is that she has branched outinto other things.

She's making someserious, serious bank.

(announcer)With five different fragrancesand a partnership with Nintendo,

the beautiful singer is coveringall the angles.

(man)Christina, smile this way!

The cash registeris always ringing

when it comesto Christina Aguilera.

(announcer)How much cashare we talking about?

Xtina's estimated net worth

is a stunning 95 millionbig ones.

Oh, my goodness!

(announcer)Coming up, Gwen Stefani isway more than a pop princess.

Gwen Stefanias a fashionista

is actually bigger thanGwen Stefani as a singer.

(announcer)And find out how muchshe's raking in.

It's been really a crazybuild-up lead-up to this point.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas" returns.

(man)Gwen, Gwen, smile once more!

This way, please!

When it comes to pop divas,

Gwen Stefani isa seasoned pro

and she's alsothe ultimate style icon.

Ever since she burston the scene

with her group No Doubt,

girls have wanted to looklike her from head to toe.

It hasn't really hit me,I don't think, you know?

It's just all too bizarre.

(announcer)Gwen Stefani's name has becomesynonymous with style.

Whether she's struttingthe streets

wearing $1,550 Givenchy booties,

or sparklingon the red carpet

with 1 .7 million worth ofNeil Lane diamonds,

there's no doubtshe'll be looking fabulous.

Have you ever seen a photoof her without makeup?

She's completely done up

whether she's droppingthe kids off at schoolor on the red carpet,

she always lookshead-to-toe perfect.

It's unbelievable.

(announcer)But it's not enough to just looklike the ultimate pop diva.

Gwen lives like one, too.

Gwen Stefani's marriedto British rockerGavin Rossdale.

And the best part, she getsto have a mansion here

as well as across the pond.

(man)Welcome back to England.

(announcer)Her $5.5 million London home

is located in the poshPrimrose Hill neighborhood.

This is truly one ofthe swankiest neighborhoodsin London.

Jude Law lives there.

James Bond himself,Daniel Craig lives there

with his wife,Rachel Weisz.

It's totally weird.

(announcer)But it's her tonyBeverly Hills manse

that really takes the cake.

The four-bedroom, seven-bathroompad boasts 10,000 square feet.


Gwen Stefani lives in a gatedcommunity in Beverly Hills.

You don't wantany Tom, Dick and Harry

as your next-door neighbor.

You wanna make surethat you have privacy.

So that was really cool.

(announcer)Also cool,Gwen's fleet of sweet rides.

When you're a pop diva,

you are rollingin style as well.

Gwen Stefani, if you justlook at some of the biggest

car brandsin the luxury world,

she pretty muchhas one of each.

None of her cars costless than $100,000.

She's got a Porsche,a Maserati,

a Mercedes G-Wagen,

and a Rolls-Royce Wraithwhich start at about $285,000.

(announcer)That's a totalof nearly $700,000

parked in Gwen's garage.

It's mind-blowing.

(announcer)How about somethingtruly mind-blowing?

Check out this 377-foot yacht.

When you're Gwen Stefani,

you're not goingon a Disney cruise.

You are going on vacationon a billionaire's yacht.

(announcer)Owned by Russian billionaireRoman Abramovich,

the "Luna" boastsa swimming pool, hot tub, spa,

two helipads, and a crew of 40.


Gwen Stefani and her familyhave actually

vacationedon this yacht twice,

once in St. Barts

and then another timein the French Riviera.

I mean, it was a little bitridiculous.

(announcer)But it's not all fun in the sunfor the Stefani-Rossdales.

They're also known to enjoythe occasional ski va-cay.

In 2013,the family spent the holidays

at the premier Juniper SpringsResort in California.

We have a lot of celebritiesthat come and say with us.

The access, the mountain,the terrain

makes it a great experiencefor them to come up and visit.

(announcer)When Gwen and company va-cayat Mammoth Mountain,

they stay in one of the resort'suber-exclusive townhouses.

The privacy that you enjoyis that you can come

straight to your room,straight out to the slopes.

The condos and the townhouses

can go upwardsof $1,300 a night.

(announcer)And if you're a Stefani,

you're not about to wait in linefor anything.

Gwen and her familywere able to enjoy

our Mammoth Black Passfor exclusive guests

which allows youaccess to chair lifts

bypassing any lines,

private dinnersat our exclusiveParallax restaurant.

The membership forthe Black Pass is $10,000.

(announcer)Gwen and her clan spentan estimated 20 grand

on their swanky weeklongwinter retreat.

Not every skier is as lucky asGwen Stefani and her family.

So far, so good.

(announcer)As both a full-timepop diva and mom,

you might think there isn't roomfor anything else, right?


Because Gwen Stefani is alsoa mogul in the fashion industry.

There's a lotof celebrities who starttheir own fashion lines.

There's not a lot of themwho can actually do it

and have real credibilitywithin the fashion world.

(announcer)Gwen started her line in 2004.

And its estimated annual salesare 90 million bucks.

Add to thather Harajuku Lovers line

and her 2014 launchof Design with Purpose.

A lot of people would argue

that Gwen Stefanias a fashionista

is actually bigger thanGwen Stefani as a singer.

It's been really a crazybuild-up lead-up to this point.

♪ It's my life... ♪

(announcer)But underneath it all,

it's Gwen Stefani's careeras a musician

for nearly two decades

that trulystands out.

With more than 30 millionalbums sold,

her judging role on "The Voice,"

and an estimated net worthof 80 million bucks,

this pop diva superstaris much more than "Just a Girl."

You guys don't understand!


(announcer)Coming up, how the reigningqueens of pop give back...

My true passion is activism.


(announcer) a big way.

It makes me feel like, uh,a life worth living.

(announcer)When "The Fabulous Lifeof Pop Divas" returns.

(announcer)Katy, Gaga, Pink, Gwen,and Christina

have all proven to be pop-divaforces of nature.

For me, this is like, um,a total dream come true.

(announcer)Yet with all of their success,

these queen bees still know

it's much better to givethan receive.

What's the sense inearning all this money

if you can't help others?

In 2011, when Japanwas struck by a tsunami,

Gwen Stefani opened upher heart

by writing a checkfor $1 million

for tsunami relief.

Gwen grew up in Orange County,so she held an auction

of her boys' gentlyused clothing and toys,

and all the proceeds went tobenefit people in the O.C.

It was justan amazing experience.

(announcer)For Lady Gaga, giving backis a real calling.

My true passionis spreading love.

Gaga even starteda "Born This Way" foundation

which helps to supportacceptance, gay rights,

and toleranceamong young people.

(announcer)And when Hurricane Sandy struckher hometown of NYC,

super Gaga sprang into action,

donating $1 millionto the American Red Cross.

Ask yourself,how can I do more?

(announcer)Katy Perry can addUNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

to her roaring listof achievements.

It makes me feel like, uh,a life worth living.

(announcer)But that's not all.

The "Dark Horse" singer alsoorganized a concert in 2013

for victims of breast cancer.

She even made plaster castsof her breasts for charity.

A little bit provocativebut still cute.

Christina Aguilera not onlygives money to charities,

but she gives of her time.

She's traveled to places likeHaiti, Rwanda, Guatemala.

(announcer)As an ambassador against hungerfor the World Food Program,

she helped raise $37 millionin 2013 alone.

It has been life-changing.

(announcer)Pink has found several waysto help causes

that are close to her heart.

Because her dad was a veteran,she was a grand marshal

at a motorcycle trek thatbenefitted wounded veterans.

When Pink's daughterwas born,

she did a photo shootwith "People" magazine.

But instead ofpocketing the money,

she actually contributed itall to charity.

I like to sayI'm a work in progress

when it comes to how to beas good as possible.

(announcer)Being good comes naturallyto these pop divas,

whether we're talking talentor generosity.

What could bemore fabulous than that?

Thank you all so much.

(Katy Perry)I'm so excited!