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Frequently Asked Questions about Artists:

  • Where can I get information about my favorite artists?
  • How do I search for information about albums, tour dates or news?
  • I know the song title, but not the artist. Can you help me?
  • Can I buy CDs and videos on


Q:  Where can I get information about my favorite artists?
A:  The Search feature, which appears at the top and the bottom of all VH1 pages, is the fastest way to find information about a specific artist - just type the artist's name in the Search box and click the "Go" button to see the Artist's Page. This is your one-stop source for artist biographies, albums, tour dates, related artists, appearances on VH1 and other TV channels. But that's just the start: you can also post on artist message boards, find VH1 radio stations featuring your artist, and click over to their web site. You'll also be the first to hear their new record with the "Hear Music First" feature.

You'll find all things related to today's artists on the Artists A-Z page. Artists A-Z keeps you up to date on all the coolest artists, with links to new music and tour schedules, not to mention late-breaking news.

If you're in a browsing mood, Artists A-Z's Browse feature allows you to look through VH1's extensive Artist catalog by name.

If you're a registered VH1 user, you can receive Artist Updates in your email whenever there's news about any of your favorite artists. Check out your My Account page to sign up for Artist Updates. If you're not registered with sign up now.

Q:  How do I search for information about albums, tour dates or news?
A:  VH1's Search feature, located at the top of every VH1 page, allows you search for all kinds of information: tour dates, albums, videos or news items. Start by typing what you're looking for in the Search field - artist or album name, for example; click open the pull-down Search menu and select the type of information you want to find, then click the "Go" button.

On the Tours page you can use the "Tour Finder" to search for tours by artist, date and venue - you'll never have to miss a show again!

Q:  I know the song title, but not the artist. Can you help me?
A:  For the moment, can search only for artist name, album title, news articles, and tour information. A song title search feature is on the way, so check back soon!

Q:  Can I buy CDs and videos on
A:  Sure you can. Featured CDs, DVDs and videos are currently available for purchase through our Web site - see the Shop page. VH1-branded merchandise such as Storytellers or Behind the Music can be found in the VH1 Shop.

The "Shop" pages are just the beginning, however - many, many more titles are available. Try the following:
  • To find all the albums by an artist, use the Search feature at the top and bottom of all VH1 pages. Enter the artist name in the Search field, and press "Go." When the Artist Page appears, click on the "Albums" link. A complete list of albums will appear. All the albums we have for sale will show an "Add To Cart" button next to their descriptions.
  • If you're looking for a specific album, enter the album name in the Search field, select "Albums" from the Search pull-down menu, and press "Go." The "Album Info" page will appear. If the album is available for sale, an "Add To Cart" button will appear in its description.


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