Garth Brooks Talks About How Rock Band Kansas Changed His Life In Preview Of New Documentary

by (@BHSmithNYC)

On March 20th VH1 Classic and Palladia will air the new documentary Kansas: Miracles Out Of Nowhere, about the American progressive rock band which topped the charts in the 1970s. In this exclusive preview, find out how Kansas‘s blend of cutting edge musicianship and heartland appeal inspired country legend Garth Brooks to pursue a life in music. Read more…

2 Chainz Sparks Up An Insanely Expensive 24 Karat Gold Joint, And Nancy Grace Fires Some Shots

by (@JordanRuntagh)

The interwebz still hasn’t recovered from The Great Weed Debate, courtesy of 2 Chainz and Nancy Grace back in January. Although it was widely agreed that the rapper won the argument for weed legalization, Nancy can’t resist firing a few shots in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. She’s apparently horrified by Chainz recent appearance on GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit series, where he smoked up a gold-wrapped joint filled with marijuana valued at $800—an ounce!

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Chris Brown’s Baby Mama (And Learn The Child’s Name!)

by (@Bosnaud)

Didn’t see this coming — yesterday via Twitter Karrueche Tran publicly split from longtime boyfriend Chris Brown, after news broke of Brown fathering a nine-month old baby with a former model named Nia. Apparently, Karrueche had no idea Chris was a dad on the low, and was caught completely off-guard by the news.

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‘Rock Icons’ Talks Music And Politics With Controversial Rocker Ted Nugent Next Episode

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Ted Nugent.

Depending on your perspective, the name either conjures images of a loin cloth clad rocker ripping ferocious leads out of his hollow-body Gibson Byrdland or a conservative loudmouth taking no prisoners with his pointed political views. While it’s true, The Nuge can easily offend, you will also meet few people who talk as passionately about the trans-formative magic of rock n’ roll as the Motor City Madman. This week Rock Icons  profiles the man himself and explores his life in music and his commitment to making himself heard, whether with a wall of amps or as a television commentator. Read more…