‘That After Show’ With TMS Guests Mark Tremonti, Taylor Momsen + Twisted Sister

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This year on That Metal Show we’re doing things a little differently and thinking up exciting new ways to bring you the best coverage of all things heavy metal and hard rock. One of those things is That After Show, where we keep the cameras rolling after the regular broadcast is over and let the TMS boys and their guests talk about, well, whatever the f-ck they want to talk about. This week hear Mark Tremonti, Taylor Momsen and Twisted Sister sound off about their life in music.

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Nick Jonas Might Deliver Booze to Your Apartment

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Dreams were made today when Nick Jonas delivered alcohol to a bunch of unexpected strangers. The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Host teamed up with the alcohol delivery app Saucey in LA to not only bring booze to customers, but stayed to play them a few songs and have a drink or two. We hope he played his  Kanye West “Only One” cover.

This does seem to good to be true, but we are not making this up. The excited fans took to Instagram to share proof of the one-of-a-kind experience.

Speechless. Nick Jonas in our apartment, delivering me wine and singing me songs. My life has been made. A photo posted by Angela Mayhew (@angela_m26) on

#nbd @e_sump @cantpronouncemyname @mountainmanjoe @shannonmcnulty_ @mikeylange @adriennechildress

A photo posted by Chris Meeds (@chrismeeds) on

In case you decided against buying any adult beverages today this is what you missed out on.

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Top 20 Countdown: American Authors’ Zac Barnett Takes His Turn At The Guillotine

by (@hernameislex)

Zac Barnett of American Authors rings in the number one song on this week’s Top 20 Countdown, but first, a little magic. Watch Barnett do a guillotine magic trick at the Houdini Museum of New York before announcing Taylor Swift‘s “Style” as this week’s top single.

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The Most Iconic Hats In Hip-Hop + R&B

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Hip-hop and R&B embody their own styles as much as they do sounds, and hats play a part of the sartorial side to either genre. From Ne-Yo‘s fedoras to Busta Rhymes‘ Dr. Seuss hat, these are the hats that became like limbs to the hip-hop and R&B artists who wore them.

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Twisted Sister Pay Tribute To A.J. Pero In This Week’s ‘That Metal Show’

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This Saturday, That Metal Show is back on VH1 Classic with an episode you won’t want to miss. The gang is joined by Mark Tremonti of Creed and Alter Bridge, and Taylor Momsen, the Gossip Girl-turned cool rocker. Plus, the guys from Twisted Sister pay tribute to their late drummer, A.J. Pero.
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