“Madonna” Talks Kanye West, Katy Perry, & Julianne Moore In This Reunion Special


By Madonna.

“Living for Love”….

It isn’t over until the fat lady sings!!! But I watch my calorie intake so for now… it must be. Though my advice to you would be to never look back, I must say, reminiscing over this past season brought a tear to me eye. ENOUGH with the sentiment though, keep your tissues and a cocktail near you for this lovely Reunion Special. 

I really do want to thank you all for making #MadonnaDearest so epic!

Better not go too far because I’LL BE BACK… MUUHAHAHA! 

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Until next time…


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Metallica To Reissue Legendary ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’ Demo For The First Time Since 1982


Record Store Day will bring something extra special for metalheads and Metallica fans this year as the Holy Grail of all metal demos is set to be officially reissued for the first time since 1982. Recorded with their original lineup, which featured future Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney, the No Life ’til Leather demo made the band’s reputation in underground heavy metal tape trading circles and laid the foundation for the thrash uprising to follow. On April 18th, it will see release once again as a special limited edition replica of the original cassette, before being reissued on vinyl and CD this summer as part of an ambitious reissue program.

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Did Kanye West Take The Melody For “All Day” From A 45-Year-Old Paul McCartney Track?

by (@JordanRuntagh)


Yesterday we told you how Kanye West borrowed the So Help Me God album art from a 2010 heavy metal album. We’re not sure what significance it holds (illuminati?), but now it seems his new single also has an unusual genesis. “All Day” dropped yesterday afternoon and features not only Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom, but Paul McCartney on whistling duties. However, that’s not Macca’s only role in the song’s creation. The final minute of the rap track bears a striking resemblance to one of Sir Paul’s songs from 45 years ago.

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Nicki Minaj + Christina Milian Beefed Over “Pretty On Fleek” For A Hot Minute

by (@hernameislex)

Nicki Minaj is one boss ass bitch you don’t want on your bad side. She almost went in on Christina Milian this weekend when she caught wind of Milian advertising clothes that read “Pretty on Fleek,” the phrase Nicki coined in her track “Feelin’ Myself,” featuring Beyonce. Milian’s lack of Twitter know-how — and possibly her rumored relationship with Lil Wayne — saved things from getting nasty. Read more…

13 Rappers Whose Clothing Lines Flopped

by (@hernameislex)

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Don’t get it twisted: Launching a clothing line is no easy business. Many have tried, few have succeeded, and most have failed. If you think Kanye‘s Yeezys are whack, take a look at these rappers’ clothing lines that totally flopped.

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The 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Front-Women

by (@McBeardo)


In times past, heavy metal was often charged with being a “boy’s club” where women were not only unwelcome, but they wouldn’t want to be there in the first place what with all the music’s fire and blood and Satan and other stuff that’s supposed to make prissy girls say, “Yuck!”

What a load of hellacious hogwash. From the very earliest days of heavy metal, female vocalists and musicians have raised an unholy racket and propelled the form forward with beautifully brutal force.

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