Yas Girl Of The Week: Kelly Clarkson


Kelly Clarkson

It may be hard to believe but Kelly Clarkson won American Idol thirteen years ago! And she’s as relevant and powerful as ever, with a new song and a strong sense of self to go along with it. Recently the notoriously controversial and negative, Katie Hopkins, had some disparaging remarks about Kelly’s figure and she came back with the most perfect responses.

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Dave Lombardo Discusses The Possibility Of A Reunion With Slayer Next ‘That Metal Show’

by (@BHSmithNYC)

This Saturday on That Metal Show, the boys welcome thrash metal drumming legend Dave Lombardo. In it Eddie Trunk asks if there’s any chance of him ever reuniting with his former band Slayer, and while there’s nothing in the works, he doesn’t rule out the possibility. “Let’s just say, If you ever see me on stage again with Slayer, you’ll know everything’s resolved.” In addition, he discusses his current project PHILM and his earliest drumming influences. Read more…

The Road To Grunge: 10 Albums That Paved The Way For Nirvana’s Breakthrough

by (@McBeardo)


Nevermind by Nirvana didn’t just come out of nowhere in September 1991.

Mainstream music may have seemed to be dominated by hair-metal, dance pop, and aging rock stars come the dawn of the ’90s, but big sounds bubbling up from the underground had been pounding serious cracks in the firmament throughout the previous decade.

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15 Classic Songs With Truly Tragic Backstories

by (@hernameislex)


Musicians are known for being a sad bunch. They often channel their feelings in a much more refined way than you or I am capable of — song, and we love them for it. Some artists in particular were affected by a tragedy in one way or another, and retold the story through song. Others produced songs that had tragic backstories. From James Taylor‘s “Fire And Rain” to Led Zeppelin‘s “All My Love,” here are 15 classic songs associated with real-life tragic tales.

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