Five Things – Ciara “Like a Boy”



Five things I learned from Ciara’s new "Like a Boy" video that I kinda already knew (click for screen shots):

- Symbolism isn’t dead. A throne = patriarchy, an open-legged slouch = masculinity and a wifebeater = well, a wife beater, probably.

- If you want to be like a boy, start grabbing your crotch a lot.

- ?Or, you could just wear a suit and braid your hair in rows that evoke Queen Latifah’s character in Set It Off. Butch chic lives!

- Ladies: mount up. There’s strength in numbers. In a group, every time you move, you make a women’s movement.

- Ciara’s stylist deserves an award. For a girl whose resemblance to Wanda Sykes repeatedly has been pointed out by one of the most perceptive bloggers on the planet, she’s been looking smoking lately. That’s the biggest thing to take away from this video. If that seems to go against the song’s anti-sexist stance, blame Ciara’s bangin’ bod, not me.

["Like a Boy" video was first spotted here.]

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