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[Wait for It is our regular roundup of things to look forward to in pop culture. Everyone needs something to keep them going, you know?]



Just thinking about the upcoming Todd Haynes-directed Dylan
biopic, I’m Not There, is exciting beyond belief. The singular take on
portraying Dylan through various actors is refreshing: Christian Bale as
Dylan, Heath Ledger as Dylan, even Cate Blanchett as Dylan. As
for the soundtrack, it only follows that the veritable pantheon of indie rock
will contribute, including former Pavement frontman and current Jick
Stephen Malkmus (“Ballad
of a Thin Man” and “Maggie’s Farm”); the Hold Steady (“Can
You Please Crawl Out Your Window?”); and Calexico (“Senor [Tales
of Yankee Power]?). [Pitchfork]


Janet_wait_1With two failed albums in a row, it’s seemed lately like Janet Jackson can’t catch a break. But maybe that’s about to change. The fallen star has been cast as the lead in Tyler Perry’s upcoming stage-to-film adaptation, Why Did I Get Married. Yes, Perry’s sense of humor runs from lame to so-unfunny-it’s-hilarious and he relishes playing to the lowest common denominator. But maybe Janet needs a safe bet to get her vocational wheel going again ? post Nipplegate. Putting together the words “Janet Jackson” and “underachiever” would have been unthinkable four years ago. A hit could restore some order to the universe. [Variety.com]

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