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Couldn’t make it to South By Southwest? Not to worry — we’ve got reports from the frontlines of the year’s premiere music festival. Young Love’s singer Dan Keyes fills us in.

Talk about the frustration . . .

I don?t have a badge. I don?t have a bracelet. And I?m playing! It?s ridiculous. Last night, when I went to go see my friends play, I couldn?t even get in because I didn?t have a pass. So I was like, "All right, I?m going down to the east side." That?s where all the real parties are going down – in the warehouses and stuff.

What are real parties?

Hipster dance parties, you know, like how Steve Aoki does his thing out in L.A. These dance parties came [to Austin] a couple of years ago. Before that, South by Southwest was just music shows. Now there’s these dance parties east of I-35, and that?s where the real sh*t is going down. They’re dance parties, but they also have these really cool bands that you can dance to. You don?t need a badge or a bracelet to get in. You just need to know somebody.

Who’s made your ass shake so far?

Last night I saw this band lo-Fi Fnk at a warehouse party. They?re from Sweden. They were killing it. My mind was blown. I had to leave the place because I was so freaked out by how good this band was. I had to straight-up leave. I was like, "I?m going out front. I can?t take this!" I?m getting the record as soon as I can, man. It?s so cool – like Daft Punk with sweet, Swedish pop vocals on top of it. And the kids were young. I’m going to see them play again tonight.

Who else? Lay it on me.

I?m really excited to see Mew. You gotta check out their new record. It?s called And the Glass Handed Kites. Oh, man. It?s so good. I can?t remember where they?re from – Denmark or something. I?m tripping on that record right now. It?s really deep. Once it hits you, it hits you like a ton of bricks, man, and you?re like, "Wow!" I haven?t gotten into any American bands in so long, dude. That hit me yesterday when I was having drinks with some friends and we were talking about music. I was like, "You know what? I don?t even listen American music anymore!"

Man can’t live by music alone. You’ve got to eat sometime. What’s good?

Mainly I?ve been doing Mexican food. Growing up in L.A. and then Austin, I’ve gotten used to eating Mexican. Now that I live in New York, though, you can?t find the real deal. It doesn?t exist. And there’s great Mexican everywhere here. But my favorite barbecue joint here in Austin is Rudy?s. It’s a gas station, but it?s also got barbecue. And it?s awesome, dude.

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