Austin Translation: Mutemath @ SXSW


Couldn?t make it to South by Southwest? Not to worry — we?ve got reports from the frontlines of the year?s premiere music festival. Mute Math’s Paul Meany fills us in.


Caution: Rocking is Hazardous to Your Health
They need to start doing some sort of first aid tent. I’m hobbling right now. Of course a Mutemath show is a finely tuned ballet and I pride myself on that, but every now and then something goes wrong, and my God did I smash into something last night. Both my feet are throbbing. The roofs of my feet are killing me.

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Photos: SXSW ’07

Too Many Bands, Not Enough Time
We got to see one artist last night by the name of Jeremy Larson, an up-and-comer. Ambient sort of soundscape, like a Cars-Sigur Ros mix. There’s a whole list of people I want to see, but it’s been really difficult to try to get to them. Whenever we get a chance to look up at the schedule we’ll catch something. We’re living on the edge.

Best Barbecue in Town?
The fragrances of barbecue and grilled meat are lighting me up right now. Stubb’s is the classic. And I will wind up there, we’ve eaten there before. I was going to try to see if there was anything new, but Stubb’s it is.

SXSW: Making You Think Twice About Cloning
There’s so much great stuff going on at any given minute, and I can’t embrace it for all it is. I wish there were a few of me — I don’t even believe in cloning, but being here is making me reconsider my stance. I’m on the fence now.

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Photos: SXSW ’07 
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