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Couldn?t make it to South by Southwest? Not to worry — we?ve got reports from the year?s premiere music festival. Menomena?s Brent Knopf fills us in.

What?s the inconvenient truth about South by Southwest?

This is the second time we?ve played the festival. Both times we?ve arrived in Austin there?s been these strange, End Times rainstorms. When we came in two years ago, all of a sudden the clouds unleashed their fury. There was flooding in the streets! We were only here for a couple of hours. This time we get to hang out and enjoy, but sure enough, when we arrived, there was massive flooding.

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It?s probably a sign.

Yeah. I?ll let you know when the other plagues start hitting – the frogs, the water turning to blood, you know.

How are the shows going?

They?ve been really fun. Last night we played the Barsuk showcase at Buffalo Billiards. We were supposed to play at 1 a.m., but the night ran late and all sorts of stuff went wrong with the sound system. We actually only got to play for 25, 30 minutes. But there was great energy in the room. The previous day we played at a venue called Beauty Bar, and that was for the Gen Art showcase. That was a day show, around 4:30 p.m. That was a lot of fun, too. Now we?re going to play a show at 3:30 at Emo?s. It?s a Pitchfork showcase.

That sounds like a lot.

Yeah. Four shows in four days is about all we can handle.

Is there anyone you?re dying to see?

There?s a band we?re friends with called 31Knots whose show I?m really looking forward to. And there?s a band called Illinois – they?re about to come out with an album on Ace Fu Records. They play rock with a banjo. It?s pop, it?s rock and it has a cool southern element to it. It?s like, ?Bau-bau-bau-bau.?

And who?s got everyone buzzing?

There?s a bit of buzz about the Stooges. And then there?s buzz about Blonde Redhead. But honestly, I?m not very good at schmoozing. So if there was buzz, I?d be the last person to know about it. I?m usually off in a corner reading my book or something.

What are you reading?

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I?m really enjoying it. Everyone?s supposed to read it in high school, but I never did. I?m loving it.

Sounds like it would go well with some barbecue.

I hear that the barbecues happen, but I haven?t been invited to any yet. I?m sure I?ll be invited if I can pull myself away from my book!

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Photos: SXSW ’07 
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