Divorcing Bobby Brown



It’s a sad day for reality show enthusiasts and R&B lovers alike — Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown have made their divorce official. At a hearing in an Orange County, Calif., court on Wednesday attended by Whitney but not Bobby, a judge ruled that the divorce will become final April 24. It was also ruled that Whitney will get full custody of their sole child, Bobbi Kristina. During the hearing, a tearful Whitney testified that she and Bobbi Kris did not need any sort of support from Bobby. She also called her soon-to-be ex "unreliable."

No matter what you thought of their relationship, this is undeniably the end of an era. For 13 years, up until the announcement of their separation last fall, Bobby and Whitney were a seemingly invincible force, deflecting whatever bullets of speculation that were shot at them. Regardless of what went on behind closed doors, they survived in a public forum far longer than anyone expected. In their own bizarre, maybe cracked-out way, they were a source of hope. If Bob and Whit could make it, you could, too. Or so it seemed.

After the jump is a collage of stills from their 2005 Bravo show Being Bobby Brown. Think of it as a final tribute. [AP/Yahoo!]


Theirs was not a perfect love, but it sure as hell was fascinating.

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