LCD Soundsystem Attacks Backlash



On Friday, LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy held a press conference to address "the backlash" — the inevitable response tastemakers will have to the success of their latest The Sound of Silver on the charts (currently Number 46 on Billboard). After quickly dispensing with how he’s planned for the backlash ("I’ve been saving up canned food, I’ve put aside some money, and I’ve kept my tastes small"), Murphy shared some of his wit and wisdom. Check out the video of a power-tied Murphy below. After the jump, a quick compendium of the quotable James Murphy.

On how he plans on squelching the backlash:
We’ve compiled a list of people who are potential backlashers and we’ve been gathering information. As people begin [to backlash], we fire off a couple of missives with things we know about them — early high school bands that made seven-inches that weren’t very good, or really glowing articles on terrible music. That usually establishes a sort of ‘it’s best for everybody’ kind of quiet, and that has sustained us since 2002.

On his penchant for ultimate fighting:
I like fighting. I always have. I don’t like fighting people in the street. Because I’m old and I could get myself hurt.

On the effect Murphy’s dog is having on the band:
I don’t know that she’s breaking up the vibe of the band, though [drummer] Pat [Mahoney] has complained that I do stay home more. But I have to walk the dog. I think it’s a matter of months before we implode.

On reaction to single "North American Scum":
I love living here, and I think this has been a really rewarding song. I was dreading it because I’d take a lot of heat. [But] Americans and Canadians get it, to a person.

On his campaign to make his record number 1 on the Billboard charts:
I was [actually] looking for number 2. I’d just like to be top 40. because I think it would be funny to say, "I’m a top-40 artist." Especially when people don’t know who I am — "Well, I’m a Grammy-nominated top-40 artist." It’s also what you can use when later on, when your career falls apart. You can be a Grammy-nominated top-40 artist. I can’t say that now. Until then, it’s sadder. Multi-platinum. That’s another one. They say that when they haven’t heard of the person.

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