Dear Bjork: Make Your Own Video

by (@katespencer)



We?ve recently noticed that many rock stars are calling for new levels of audience participation. Used to be that they?d pull you out of the crowd if you were female (a la Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox); now they want you to direct their videos. Just this week, Bjork announced a contest for a fan to direct a clip for ?Innocence? from her forthcoming disc, Volta. Now we?re as invested in the Interweb as the next media organization, and we?re big fans of feedback (comments, please!). But we?re drawing the line here, because when Bjork, or Buckcherry, or Modest Mouse, or whoever else starts asking fans to make videos for them, it smacks of laziness.

Their videos are supposed to inspire us (like many of Bjork?s videos past; see directors Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry for reference). When an artist starts buying into the concept of a ?dialogue? between themselves and their audience — something that used to be accomplished by a fan club — that artist is letting the market research dictate their ideas. Well, we’ve had enough. Be creative, people! Put some elbow grease into it! Sure, it?s a lot of work . . . but isn?t that the point?

Either way, see the below for ideas:

Bjork’s "All Is Love," directed by Chris Cunningham:

Bjork’s "Human Behaviour," directed by Michel Gondry:

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