Britney Brings Back Self, Not Sexy


Brit_comeback_2 As expected, Britney Spears played a show at San Diego’s House of Blues on Tuesday night. The show was supposed to be a secret (she was billed as the M+Ms, which is at least classier than heading a pack of Cheetos), but everyone knew about it last week. It was foolish to think that any public outing of Brit’s could be kept a secret — especially when every quip she makes is fodder for a media frenzy. Remember: "Like, America believe everything you read. Because, like, you’re smart and I’m stupid." For real!

But maybe that’s the point — even without large-scale promotion, even with ticket sales soaring to $125 (for a club show!), even after playing a 20-minute, 5-song, lip-synced set, Britney has the Internet going nuts over her music. She didn’t even say anything and people are freaking out! Did anyone really think that was possible, that she could get people talking about her day job? Did anyone remember that she had a day job in the first place?

People has the clearest shot of Britney at the gig (at 25, she looks like Liza Minnelli at 40) and the video footage is appended to this post thanks to YouTube. (Warning: the quality is crappy; but hey, that only seems appropriate given the level of Britney’s performance.) She’s set to play Anaheim tonight, Los Angeles tomorrow and Las Vegas on Sunday. Don’t be surprised if it’s the same exact show and it elicits the same exact fevered response. If there was any question about Britney’s level of fame, it’s been answered by a resounding, "MASSIVE." Right now, you really couldn’t point to someone who can do so little and get such big feedback. Not even Paris! For better or worse, this proves that Britney Spears, however unwittingly, rules our world. Sobering, right?

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