Britney Tells Us What We Already Knew


Brit_2_2 Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional pop star, Britney Spears, posted a heartfelt letter to her fans (and foes) on her personal website today. The divorced mother-of-two went off on just about everything and everyone – from her former manager, to her family, to the countless times she was taken out to dinners and events, only to find out after that it was paid for with her moola. Ouch! Talk about being used. 

By far, the most insightful moment of the lengthy piece is her revelation that recently she "truly hit rock bottom." Hmm. What could have possibly clued her in? The panty-less partying, the bathroom stall hook-ups, or the lip tattoo on her wrist? Perhaps it was that whole "shaved her head, attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella, and got shipped off to rehab" thing.

Whatever it was, we’re glad that she’s with her two sons and getting back to "normal," which for Britney probably involves barefoot bathroom breaks, Cheetos and 18-minute performances. Still, it’s a start. We just hope that the next time she blogs about her road to recovery, she uses spell check.

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