Clive Hates Kelly Clarkson … Or Does He?


Clarkson News about American Idol wannabe Kelly Clarkson‘s feud with her label head, Clive Davis, continues to surface. The New York Post reports that the Grand Old Man of pop is furious that Clarkson isn’t listening to his suggestions about her music. We, on the other hand, have begun thinking that the lady doth protest too much. Frankly, if Clive Davis wanted to shut Kelly Clarkson down, he could. (To paraphrase Cliff Huxtable, he gave Kelly life . . . and he can take it away.) Since he hasn’t, we’re forced to assume that all this strife might all be a media stunt. In which case, it is you, dear public, who suffers.

- In unrelated news, the artist formerly known as Michael Jackson spent an evening sitting on the floor. What’s remarkable about this is that it occurred at the prince of Brunei’s 25th birthday party, which Jackson attended because he was being paid $10 million. That’s right: $10 million. In related news, you can hire any of us over at VH1 to sit on your floor for only $5 million. We’ll even hum "P.Y.T." while we do it, gratis.

- Tweaked director Tim Burton has announced that he’d love to create a film based on the life of Evan Rachel Wood-humper Marilyn Manson and the shock rocker’s ex-wife, Dita Von Teese (who is a rather hardcore "burlesque" dancer). As Rolling Stone points out, famed musical honcho Andrew Lloyd Webber (think: Cats) has announced how much he’d like to work with Eminem. And, finally, in related news, we’d like to announce how much we’d like to work with David Fincher. That’s all.

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