Daddy-Lo Dishes On Lindsay’s Fave Drug


Michael Lohan, a recovering addict
who’s training to be a drug counselor, is blabbing that his baby girl
is trying to kick not just alcohol and blow, but OxyContin. Takes one
to know one, I guess. Hey, Daddy-Lo, didn’t you hear your kid’s
tear-filled jam "Confessions Of A Broken Heart"? She’s still mad about
that whole "screwed your family, got sent to jail" thing and wants you
to leave her alone! Unless, of course, you know where she could get
some of that prescription drug deliciousness. Then you should
definitely give her a call.

And Linds isn’t alone in her crisis. Famous pals have got her back. Find out who after the jump!

LiLo’s friends are convinced that she’s doing well and in the right place (You mean, all night coke parties and booze-filled night clubs aren’t the right place for twenty year-olds?). "She’s happy where she is and is just taking time to herself to learn and be okay," says a stylist pal.

Even her work mates are backing the notorious on-set drama queen. Producers have rearranged the schedule of her new flick Poor Things
so that Lohan can shoot her scenes once she’s done with treatment, and
geezer co-star Shirley MacLaine wished her "love and the blending of
mind, body, and spirit."

Amen to that.

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