She Lives: Courtney Love’s Return


Courtney Love will take the stage at the House of Blues on Los Angeles’ storied Sunset Strip tonight, premiering material from her upcoming album Nobody’s Daughter. In the rehearsal video here, she sounds about as good as she ever did, and she’s looking even better — svelte, confident and manically subversive. It’s a far cry from her 2004 self, the one we had the pleasure of witnessing at the start of her last tour for America’s Sweetheart. Over 24 hours in Manhattan in March of 2004, Courtney had a very public, very rock ‘n’ roll meltdown, the sort which puts any of the anorexic peccadilloes of today’s demi-celebrities to shame. In short order, Courtney Love committed the following transgressions: She flashed David Letterman; let a man suckle her breast outside Wendy’s while posing for a photograph; beaned a litigious journalist with a microphone stand at a secret club show; got arrested; serenaded the street outside her New York City apartment; got naked on stage; and wore a tank top that read, in big, black letters, "Eat My F*ck." Publicist’s nightmare or pop junkie’s dream? Either way, it was fascinating. We’re just happy she’s back — and healthy.

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