Claymates Be Crazy!

by (@katespencer)

Things got so heated on the message board of Clay Aiken‘s fan-made web presence,, that the discussion area has been shut down. Apparently the seven-year old girls and lonely middle-aged women who frequent the site started throwing virtual punches in an argument debating their Idol’s sexual orientation. A source says, "The war is between the batty members that are still clinging to their
heterosexual fantasies of him and others that don’t harbor such

This sounds better than The Sopranos finale – I can see the virtual blood splatters now!

It’s amazing that these Claymates are savvy enough to navigate
online chat, but they’ve yet to stumble upon all those internet stories
about Clay’s alleged online affair with a (male) Green Beret. Do your research, Claynation!

Besides, who really cares which way he swings his bat.
As long as he keeps churning out sexy, heterosexual hits like "Measure
of a Man" and "Lover All Alone," his female fans will be swooning. And
though they might kick my ass online for saying this, I’d guess that
even if Clay does like the ladies, chances are he ain’t going on to find a date.

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