Tour Survival Guide: Hinder



Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here’s Hinder’s Cody Hanson on what keeps them running: booze, porn stars and the fans.

Diet of Champions
We took most of the food off [our rider] because you can only get so much [alcohol], and if you have food on there, it’s taking up your alcohol money. Now we get a loaf of bread, and peanut butter and jelly. I’ve been on a cottage cheese kick lately. It’s amazing what you’ll eat at the end of the night when you’re all f*cked up.

They can Time Travel to 1986
Ron Jeremy
came to Oklahoma City and introduced us — we had two hometown shows back-to-back. One night was Ron Jeremy and the other night was Jesse Jane. So we had two different porn stars introduce us two different nights. That was the second time we’d met Ron Jeremy. He’d introduced us in L.A. We were doing an Eddie Money cover and we invited [Eddie Money] to come sing with us on stage. And Ron Jeremy called up the club and asked if he could introduce us — he’s a big fan. Then we all went out and got sh*t-faced at the Rainbow.

Planes, Trains and Jagermeister Machines
[We love] our Jagermeister machine. It’s a machine and you have three bottles of Jager that sit in it, upside down and it chills it. It’s got a spout that comes out the front, and you just push a button. 

It’s All About the Fans (And Partying)
[The best part of touring is] getting to party with people. Meeting new people every day, and getting to see the fans that go crazy, and that will do anything for you. That’s an amazing feeling. And getting a chance to meet those fans and tell them thanks.

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