T-Pain on Britney: Snaps Up


TpainluvsbritThe always-fascinating junior-high dropout T-Pain recently worked with Britney Spears and characterizes the experience as "the most beautiful thing in the world." More beautiful than a stripper climbing a pole? For real?

In addition to gushing about their work together, T-Pain has some words regarding the media-bashing Brit has endured in recent months. Says T:

"You can’t hate Britney Spears because you know what, no matter what Britney Spears been doing, she’s still on TV."

See, I thought that her being on TV meant I could hate her blindly out of jealousy, without even thinking about it. Thanks for clearing that up, Teddy Penderazdoun! With this reveal of insight, T-Pain officially becomes a rapper ternt sanga ternt cultural critic. A natural progression, no doubt! [AP/Yahoo! Music / Image: Getty]

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