Brit’s Battle: Over? Or Just Gettin’ Good?

by (@katespencer)

No one’s quite sure what’s goin’ on between Grandma Spears and her lil’ mama Brit.  Us Magazine’s most recent cover features an interview with Lynne about the pair’s attempt to mend their broken relationship. She dishes on her daughter’s mistakes, and gives the impression that the two are coming out of the darkness that is estrangement, buzz cuts and two day rehab stints. "Britney Jean Spears is the sweetest and the most sensitive and loving
of all my children," she tells the mag, "she’s just figuring
things out."

Find out who else Grandma Spears loves, after the jump!

My heart just grew ten sizes! Everything is peaches and pancakes for the sweet Spears clan! We can all just relax and – WAIT A SECOND.  Now we’re hearing that Lynne and Brit are not only still feuding, but that Grandma has sided… with K-Fed? Yup, according to this report,
Kev’s the only one that lets Brit’s mom see her grandkids, and she
returns the favor, siding with her ex-son in law when custody issues
come up. The story also alleges that Brit has cut all ties to her fam,
and reveals that her last words to her mom before she headed to rehab were,
"Say goodbye, mama, because this is the last time you?ll ever speak to

How are we supposed to feel?! What are we supposed to believe!? Stop
messing with us, you Spears sirens! One thing we know for sure: if
these two are still duking it out, they better mend stuff soon. Brit
told the paparazzi today
that she "feels old." They better get to it
before the pop princess becomes an ancient at 26. Grey extensions will
look hot!

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