Monday: Olsens Want Lots of Cash; Britney’s Trash Talk Caught on Tape


Olsens: Demanding Big Bucks for B-Day Pics

Mary Kate and Ashley are shopping around photos from their chill 21st birthday dinner for $300,000. It’s definitely worth that much dough to find out if these two actually eat. [NY Daily News]

Justin Kicks Lady Love Off Tour

Timberlake, off touring in Europe, has sent current arm candy Jessica Biel back to the States so he could focus on doing stellar shows. It’s got be distracting when your woman’s buffer than you! [TMZ]

Pics: Jen’s Shirtless Beau is All That
Aniston’s super-hot new man, model Paul Sculfor, appeared shirtless on her balcony, leaving the world to wonder, "Brad who?" [X17]

Vid: Brit Bashes K-Fed and LiLo
Britney is caught on tape spewin’ some strange valley girl trash talk about her ex-husband and former pal. [X17]

Hiltons: Father’s Day in the Clink
The rich ‘rents stopped by for a Sunday visit with their locked up daughter, and left with a "beautiful Father’s Day card" handcrafted by Paris. Jail’s not makin’ the heiress tough, she’s turned into someone who actually cares! [People]

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