Monday: Jessica Flubs Lyrics; Eva’s $2 Million Richer


Britney: Slacks Off on Secret Show
The washed up starlet is scheduled to surprise fans with a performance at Cyndi Lauper’s June 30th "True Colors" tour, but she was a no show at her dancer auditions. Too busy buying birds, perhaps? [People]

Diaz P*sses Off Entire Country
Peruvians are outraged at the Shrek star for wearing a bag while visiting the country that featured a famous slogan by notorious Communist leader Mao, who inspired guerrilla warfare in Peru that killed thousands. [MSNBC]

Jessica Effs Up Dolly Song – Again
After flubbing the lyrics at a December benefit, Simpson tried once again to rock out Dolly Parton’s hit "Nine to Five", but she messed up second time. Apparently numbers and words really throw the blond beauty off. [NY Daily News]

Eva Rakes in $2 Million for Pix
OK! Magazine has apparently won a bidding war for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding pics, settling the deal for a cool $2 million. Someone sounds desperate for cash! [NY Post]

Pam Anderson: Strip Club Connoisseur?
The Baywatch babe wrote on her website that she is looking to open a chain of strip clubs which she’ll call "LapLand." [Us Magazine]

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