Where There’s Smoke . . . There’s Foxy?

by (@katespencer)

Foxy Foxy Brown is denying being victimized in a recent altercation, but the NYPD claims it’s true. Oh, who to believe? According to the boys in blue, the rapstress was assaulted by four women early Saturday morning in an incident so bizarre it makes all of Brown’s previous nail-salon cage-matches seem tame by comparison. Apparently Brown was trying to dump her boyfriend after finding out he was a pimp with a criminal record, so the man in question called four of his whores. They came over and beat the hell out of Foxy — tearing out her weave, ripping off her hearing aid and stealing her purse (and $500). That, however, didn’t stop her from telling The New York Post: "I have friends all over Brooklyn but I was not there last night. I just got back this morning from Miami… a lot of the time people mistake me for someone else or people always call in these false tips. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just part of being a celebrity." Brown was initially cooperating with police, but has allegedly stopped doing so since. Who do you believe?

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