50 Says Free Ride Is Over


50centIf you thought the key to easy street lay with recording a record for G-Unit or maybe inventing a new flavor of Vitamin Water, think again. 50 Cent, budding mogul and onetime golem of Dr. Dre and Eminem, has said enough is enough. Speaking to White Rapper‘s Sacha Jenkins, 50 explained how his artists and their entourages have lightened his wallet by about $8.5 million, give or take. He also said that if his people were looking for a little walking-around money, he was the go-to guy: "Whether I got to give them $500,000 or $300,000 … Just ’cause they want $300,000 more to make what they [are] doing at the time comfortable. Like, ‘yo, I want to get this new place over here.’" Clearly 50’s ideas about friendship differ from most people’s: His ideas about friendship overlap with his ideas about branding and sponsorship. Consider this problem: "I looked around the room, and I was the only person with G-Unit sneakers on. But they were being paid," he adds. "It had become the norm for the check to come, but they were no longer wearing the clothes." Yikes. Those must be some ugly sneakers to risk losing a $500,000 pay day, you know, whenever you feel like it.

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